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TRANSITORY ADVENTURES with Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Saturn.

There's a story I told back in 2007 which I reckon is worth repeating. If I ever have fleeting doubts about the validity of basic astrological principles I only have to recall these events to dispel such qualms. My (true) story describes the way transits of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, along with a Saturn Return, directly affected my life. Re-reading this, for editing purposes, I experienced a weird feeling that it's not about me, but about somebody else. It was definitely me though - me pre-transitory evolution!

Background: My natal Sun is at 6.46 Aquarius, natal Jupiter at 6.03 Pisces. Uranus transited Aquarius from mid-1995 to late 2003. Uranus' transit of Pisces commenced March 2003. I received a very identifiable "multiple-whammy" from these transits. My second Saturn return happened within that time span, as well as a transit of Pluto to natal Venus, and Neptune's transit of natal Sun. At the time of consequent adventures I was unaware of any planetary transits. With hindsight, I'm glad of that ignorance.

The story begins on 21 April 1996,on a Sunday evening around 9.20 pm, in a big city in the north of England. Uranus on this date was a little past 4* Aquarius, 2* from my natal Sun. Another astrological ingredient not yet mentioned: a partial solar eclipse had occured on 17/18 April at, I think, 28 Aries. My natal Moon is at 24.40 Aries. Transiting Mars was at 21 Aries.

My long-time partner watched TV in the living room as I prepared to take a bath. A fire, which had started, unknown to us, in an adjoining empty building spread close to our second floor apartment. I heard a strange crackling noise, went to the kitchen to investigate. Flames licked the window. We realised what had happened, grabbed coats (I was only semi-clad), thankfully I grabbed my handbag (purse) as well. We hurried down two flights of stairs, as fire engines drew up outside. As we reached the ground an explosion occurred above, probably from gas boilers in the building. We stood with two other tenants, all thankful to be alive, and watched everything we owned, in our home for the past 23 years, disappear in an horrendous fire. The whole block of buildings later had to be demolished. We still had our car, parked in a nearby garage, the few clothes on our backs and my handbag containing credit card and a little cash.

That was the start of a difficult phase. Three days later my partner, probably still affected by shock, fell in the street and damaged his hand so badly that he needed plastic surgery and was admitted to hospital. I remained in a bed and breakfast place.

My workfriends and my mother were a great help to us, both with contributions, and moral support. Our insurance helped a lot too, as did the result of legal proceedings against the owner of the adjoining building - but not until some years later.

Within a month or so we found another apartment, which proved not ideal. We had one break-in during the year we lived there (those burglars were unlucky, we owned next to nothing!) Then, early spring 1997, as Uranus exactly conjoined my natal Sun, we moved into a rented house in a nice area. The whole episode had come to seem like a nightmare turned adventure.

More changes were to come, however. That summer of 1997, Uranus started its retrograde movement. My mother was diagnosed with terminal illness. This happened very rapidly and unexpectedly, and affected me deeply. My second Saturn return was exact in April 1997. Mum seemed fine when she visited us at Easter, by mid-August she died. She left me a bungalow on the coast where she and my Dad had spent a good part of their retirement. On the day Mum died retrograde Uranus, was at 5.59 Aquarius, one degree from my natal Sun, 8th house.

I was nearing retirement. We didn't want to live on the coast, but after trying unsuccessfully to sell the bungalow, we decided we'd have to move there after all. In March 1999 we moved home, as Mars hovered at 13 Scorpio, Moon's North node in my chart opposing natal Uranus conjunct South node. Transiting Uranus had moved on now and lay 7* away from natal Sun, but Neptune was inching slowly towards it.

Next stage: Uranus into Pisces, Neptune into Aquarius, Pluto in the wings.

Soon after moving to the bungalow on the coast, my partner's health began to fail, both mentally and physically. He was much older than me, we'd been together for more than 30 years. From 2000, until he died in the first weeks of 2003, I looked after him, heart breaking, knowing that I'd lose him painfully and slowly. Throughout this time, transiting Pluto was approaching my natal Venus at 19.59 Sagittarius, 6th house.

To help things along (or not) Neptune conjoined my natal Sun exactly from September to December 2001, and wasn't far away for months after that. Looking back, I can see that Neptune acted somewhat like an anaesthetic, or a kind of drug which, along with the computer I'd just bought helped me through what was, without doubt, the worst period of my life. I'm pretty sure that from time to time I acted as if I were under some kind of intoxication - which I see now purely astrological.

That first home computer of mine arrived along with Neptune in Aquarius. Because I was tied to the house, caring for my partner and unable to go very far for very long, the computer became something of a life-raft. I made a few on-line friends via message boards, and instant message programs. Bless and double-bless 'em, for along with Neptune's intoxication, they kept me afloat through those bad times. I doubt that I could have coped and retained sanity without the computer.

Uranus didn't leave Aquarius until late 2003 and before Pluto left its conjunction with my natal Venus another adventure awaited me.

Still reeling from the loss of my partner, I met my (now) husband. At first he was an e-mail penfriend, then we met in person during my short holiday in the USA. He later came over to the UK, spent time there, and we eventually married. I sold the bungalow, went through the rigmarole of visa and immigration hoop-la, arrived in Oklahoma, USA late in 2004. Events seem rapid with hindsight, but at the time it didn't feel that way. Life seemed to be proceeding in slow motion.

Uranus conjoined my natal Jupiter at 6.03 Pisces in February 2005, around the time we bought a house in Oklahoma, having moved from my husband's previous home here. With a new computer, some astrology software and a boxful of secondhand astrology text books, much study and experimenting ensued.

With reference to this blog, around the time that Jupiter (publishing planet) danced around the vertex in my chart (my natal Mars conjoins this sensitive point), other astrology bloggers were kind enough to notice me; later Elsa added this blog to Astrology News (now Astro Dispatch).

Summing up: the transit of Uranus through Aquarius was a little like a tornado passing through a small town. When that planet first entered Aquarius I had a Mother, a long-standing partner, a home of many years, and a job. When Uranus left, none of those remained. Amidst the chaos, Uranus, ruler of technology, deposited something for me to hold on to: the computer, which became my life raft, eventually guiding me across the Atlantic to a new way of being - and accidentally, or incidentally, to blogging.

What shouts "astrology at work" to me in all of this is the timing, and the way events dovetail with transits. Skeptics might respond that there are "ordinary" reasons for these events. Maybe so, but there are no ordinary reasons for such exact timing.
I feel that I must add, in case a passing reader feels nervous about an impending transit, that I'm pretty sure Uranus transits to natal Sun do not usually result in the amount of havoc I experienced. These adventures were the result of multiple astrological events affecting my own individual chart and personal circumstances, in a way peculiar to me. It has been my experience that astrology never acts in exactly the same way twice.


Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for sharing this story, T, how harrowing it all was but with such a happy ending!
The astral path is most interesting, the upheaval is certainly evidenced!
You are living to tell the tale and tell it well!

Gian Paul said...

As per Wisewebwoman's remarks (even wiser than usual) with this post, T, you turned yourself into a "dramatis personae of astrology"...

Imagine all the trouble someone "up-there" took to lead you all the way!

PS. You may not like my way of seeing things of that order, but as you know, I am a declared romantic.

PPS. Looking at your map (with the exact positions you gave, easy to construct), it's by far not over: Just wait for Neptune to transit your Jupiter in Pisces. But that one will be a beauty!

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Thanks - All was well that ended well - but I would not care to live through it all again!

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Hee hee -
"dramatis personae of astrology"...

"Somebody up there likes me" Brando once said when playing his part. It's a hard job but somebody has to do it. ;-)

Oh dear - Neptune transiting natal Jupiter. Let's see....maybe I'll get all metaphysical take myself off to the hills and spout philosophy from on high.

R J Adams said...

"Life? Don't talk to me about life!" ~ Marvin, the Paranoid Android, HGTTG.

Twilight said...

Edit to reply to Gian Paul-----

It was Paul Newman, not Brando who said "Somebody up there likes me".

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~~ LOL!!

"You live and learn. At any rate, you live."
(Douglas Adams)

James Higham said...

There are other reasons too. There is a life force to consider which is very real and does alter events. Happens all the time to me and can be empirically checked.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~~~ I'd agree if it were not for the timing and coordination of these events in my life and events experienced by others. Whatever is behind them all, they happen in concert with the cycles of celestial bodies.

Everyone has their own favourite explanation for these things, one which satisfies them - which is as it should be. And maybe they are all correct!


James Higham said...

I don't want you to get the idea, Twilight, that I'm negative on the astrology - far from it. Too many predictions are too accurate. I'm just saying [which admittedly I didn't make clear before] that there are some metaphysical things swirling around too.

Twilight said...

James ~~~ Glad to hear it! :-)

Yes, there's more than we know, or can imagine. I have no idea what it is though - just "something".
I'm turned off by the theosophists and metaphysicians who pretend to know wha it is. They don't.

Gian Paul said...

If I may add:

Suppose there exist additional dimensions, metaphysical = beyond our known dimensions. Astrology the way it is commonly practiced is simply 3-dimensional, or all is reduced to that for common users to understand.

Having had personal "metaphysical" experiences which go far beyond what's rational - and so do many others, but may miss some of the significance because of say "lack of belief, acceptance of the irrational" - I can only encourage who happens to have some special openings to "carefully tend that little plant of theirs"!

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Now you tease our interest with hints of your experiences. Are they such that you would be willing to write about them for us? Or too private perhaps?

I do agree, that if one has any kind of out-of-the-norm experience it ought to be taken very seriously and lead to an effort of finding more information about such things.

I do worry about some of the blatantly silly stuff that's written online though.

Caveat emptor (don't know the Latin for reader or searcher, so buyer will have to do).

Wizron said...

Great article and personal story. Aquarians have a natural ability at astrology, and I think that you are a better astrologer than you lead the general public to believe. Astrological awareness is a wonderful thing, and (planetary) energy can be shaped and channelled to a large extent into desirable outcomes once we understand how to do this.

Twilight said...

Wizron ~~~ Hi there! You're very kind - and thank you!

At the time of the events in my post I wasn't aware of the fine detail (or of any of the early transits nor what was to come).
I did what came naturally throughout, and the amazing thing has been to track back and see how things fell into line with transits.

That's an even better test of astrology - I didn't "force" or "colour" or "use" events or the way they turned out by having prior knowledge.

Gian Paul said...

Regarding my "metaphysical experiences" I had been thinking of explaining a few things on your blog, T. But came to the conclusion that for that it's not the right vehicle.

Will though continue "insinuating" as the occasion arises.

Being like the proverbial peasant keeping his treasure "close to his chest"...

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ I understand. :-)

Anonymous said...

Twi, thank you for sharing. This is an amazing life progression--and you're amazing in the way you handled it all! Thanks for reminding how powerfully astrology can illustrate real life. jd

Twilight said...

Anonymous (Julie) ~~~ Thank you!
Well - I simply did what I had to do, I guess, and was fortunate that things worked out in the end.