Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Shouldering Change

I'm currently learning to use my mouse left-handedly due to a painful right shoulder and arm - probably been overdoing the net surfing lately. I wonder if there's an ailment called "net-surfer's shoulder"? It's slowing me down and my Aries Moon is seriously irritated! Typing's not affected as much as use of the mouse - maybe I'm not seated in an ergonomically correct position. I shall try a change of seat height too. For today, until I get my mousing skills up to scratch I'm posting a re-run, chosen more or less at random from the archive, December 2006:

How To Live With An Astro-agnostic

Question: How does a woman who lives and breathes astrology (or her version of it) cope when married to an astro-agnostic ?

Answer: She develops a thick skin, and finds every available opportunity to point out astrological "coincidences" to her beloved. She takes advice from Ovid: Gutta cavat lapidem - Dripping water hollows out a stone.

She: "Look, dear - he won the race just as Jupiter was passing over his Mars!"
He: "Huh??"

She: "Did you realise that when your daughter broke her foot Saturn was exactly conjunct her ascendant?"
He: "No!" (worried expression)

She: "Have you noticed that I often become temperamental when the Moon is full ?"
He: " that No."

She: The TV started acting up AGAIN when Mercury was retrograde, do you find that significant?
He: "Mercury was WHAT??"

She: Look at this chart luv, your North Node is exactly joined to my Venus. Isn't that nice ?
He: (Looking sheepish) Sounds delightful!

I think my ploy is working, but slowly. Last week, when out to dinner with family, someone was telling my husband about the doings of an acquaintance, and happened to mention that they had the same birthday as my husband: "He was born on the same day as you, but 10 years earlier". "What time?" said my husband... a reflex action ! After all, he's heard me ask the same question so many times ! Gutta cavat lapidem ? Or did I catch a wickedly teasing gleam in the beloved's eye ?


Wisewebwoman said...

Oh poor you, T. I hope it heals soon!
Time to tighten up the writing skills and write a short story (astro?) in 6 words a la Hemingway.
Please don’t hate me for tagging you…..

Twilight said...

Thank you WWW.

Hmmmm - that's a tag that'll need a little thought. Posts for tomorrow & Friday are already cookin', so by Saturday I hope I'll have been able to come up with something tag-wise. :-)

kaleymorris said...

So, it was Saturn and not the sidewalk? I wish I'd known that then. It was embarrassing to have to say the injury occurred while doing nothing more strenuous than walking.

Twilight said...

Hi kaleymorris

But it would have been even more embarrassing to have said
"It was Saturn wot did it Doctor!"


anthonynorth said...

I have a lot of hand problems using the mouse. Quite painful at times, but it's worth it!
Now, you know my ideas on Astrology - its suggestability leading to the outcome. This may apply to your Hubby. A negative attitude to Astrology could cause everything predicted to be the opposite, thus confirming lack of belief. But it is the process behind it that caused this to happen :-)

Twilight said...

It is worth a little discomfort - and I sympathise with your own AN

I sincerely respect your views on every topic you write of, even astrology. Nobody really knows the hows and whys of it - not even the most knowledgeable and experienced astrologer on the planet.

I can see an argument for your theory, but still I keep going back to the one point which convinces me that "something is going on" with regard to the planets and Earth. Astrologers have to use an ephemeris - the movement of celestial bodies is the key to everything - if it's all in the mind, why are positions of the planets key to it all?
I don't think it sinks in completely until you (impersonal) actually get down to looking at lots of charts and absorbing information from them - seeing coincidences, similarities.

I do think that a lot of the peripheral stuff some astrologers use is superflous, and only helpful to each on a personal basis. I don't see value in everything in the text books either, but down at the core of it all - I'm convinced that there IS something, some proof still to be discovered!! :-)