Thursday, July 17, 2008

Computer Confusion /Dennis Dream

Mars and Saturn in Virgo inconjunct my Aquarius Sun didn't help much yesterday as I struggled to adjust to my new (refurbished) computer box. It seems to be working well in general, but my astrology software wasn't sitting quite right, it wouldn't access the atlas - which really is key to the whole caboodle.

I enlisted the help of my more technologically savvy better half, which led to a few hard words along the way. Mars and Saturn were working well, Moon almost full too, I should have had a health warning printed across my forehead - I realise as much now, typing this.

Eventually we decided, after some, erm - to put it politely - debate, to re-install the software, but put it loose, floating in C drive rather than in the program file, where, logically it ought to be installed. When this was tried, all was well, the atlas opened! Now, apart from deleting the version which didn't work, and re-setting all optional choices (which I've forgotten how to do), it should be full steam ahead. Searching for the manual is the next step.

All seems both familiar yet strange, using my old monitor, keyboard and mouse with the new box - which had Windows XP Professional installed, rather than the Home version I'd used previously. It's a bit like "wearing in" a new pair of shoes, while wearing old socks, which is why today's post may be a bit of a ragbag.

I had meant to write about Dennis Kucinich. I dreamed about him, Tuesday night, a really clear dream that he came up to me put his hands on my shoulders, arms outstretched, no intimacy, looked right into my eyes and was about to tell me something when the dream changed and I was running through heavy rain and woke up!

Kucinich's natal Sun in Libra, with Mars, Jupiter, Mercury in Scorpio and Aries rising has afforded him energy and determination enough to stick to his political guns yet again. This week he tried once more to get Congress to take some action on his repeated calls to impeach the President and/or Vice President. See here.

"The House on Tuesday voted 238-180 to send his article of impeachment - for Bush’s reasoning for taking the country to war in Iraq - to the Judiciary Committee, which buried Kucinich’s previous effort.....This time, the panel will open hearings. But House Democratic leaders emphatically said the proceedings will not be about Bush’s impeachment, a first step in the Constitution’s process of a removing a president from office..........But this time, Pelosi said with a conspicuous lack of enthusiasm, that it would see some committee action......."

It was when I attempted to create a chart for Dennis Kucinich on my newly hooked up refurbished computer that I discovered my astrology software wasn't working.

This plot thickens. Don't they always? Especially in the USA at election time! Just before posting this blog entry I noticed that Joseph Cannon at Cannonfire reveals a mysterious development regarding Kucinich and his impeachment proposal - "Impeachment: Surprise Witness?" (Post and comments dated 16 July). In one of the comments it's surmised that George Galloway, a UK Member of Parliament might, be the "surprise". What a treat that would be! He's a true firebrand. He would certainly wake up a few of those sleepy congressional Democrats, and he wouldn't be nearly as polite as dear Dennis!


Michelle said...

Ok, so what is retrograde at the moment? my computer has gone nuts, my one friend just had his laptop crash and burn... it's like a global epidemic!

Twilight said...

Hi Michelle

I consulted the ephemeris - it seems that Jupiter is retrograde,
and the three outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), though they don't move very far very fast are all retro, or about to be.

Jupiter connects to publishing, the internet - computers are connected with making stuff public - so I'd guess Jupiter retro is the culprit! It'll be mid-September before old Jupe appears to resume direct motion.