Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bill Engvall: Standard-bearer for Leo

As we slide smoothly from sensitive, shy Cancer into brightly ebullient Leo, I've been trying to decide who should be standard bearer for Leo on this blog. I browsed Astrotheme's list of well known folk who have Leo dominant in their natal charts, and the first name I recognised, from the top: Bill Engvall, American comedian. Bill is a good choice. Astrotheme calculates that he's 67% Leo. They don't have a birth time for him though, so that's not an exact calculation.

Born 27 July 1957 in Galveston, Texas.

I first encountered Bill in DVDs of the TV "Blue Collar" comedy shows in which he starred with Jeff Foxworthy and others. He comes over as a very likeable guy, his humour has a universal flavour, yet retains a heavy hint of the Texan drollness, which I've come to really appreciate.

Wow! 6 planets in Leo. (Even though we have no time of birth, it's certain that the Moon would have been somewhere in Leo). That's a lot of Leo. Bill has to be a good advert for the sign. To use his own famous catchphrase:
Bill,"Here's your sign!"

Leo loves the limelight, a natural on stage, warm hearted, exudes the warmth of its planetary ruler, the Sun, unless afflicted by harsh aspects from colder planets. Leo is a fixed sign, so on the plus side there's loyalty, on the downside, stubbornness. Usually outgoing, even over-exuberant at times, again, unless afflicted by hard aspects. Likes to be boss. (Don't we all? No.) Leo really likes to be boss, if not of others, then of his/her own future, prefers to steer his/her own ship, and has the creativity and sufficient self-confidence to do so.

I can't find much personal detail about Bill Engvall. He's married with two children, started working as a DJ before finding his niche in comedy. He has acted in movies and TV sitcoms, presented TV shows in addition to his stand-up comedy and work with the Blue Collar gang.

Bill's natal Saturn in Sagittarius trines his Leo Sun/Uranus conjunction. That's a nice mini outline of his work - Leo the stage, mixed with Uranus the humour, trined with Saturn, the hard work and business sense.

Here's Bill with some examples of his best known catch phrase
"Here's your sign"

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