Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Roswell Incident

We visited Roswell, New Mexico in 2006, the UFO Museum and Research Center was then situated in the main street, in what appeared to be an old movie theater. A new center for the museum was under construction further down the road.

We read many of the numerous exhibits: newspaper articles, sworn affidavits and other printed material displayed around the walls. The main part of the museum deals, unsurprisingly, with the reported UFO crash near Roswell in 1947. There are, among many other things, reports and signed statements from witnesses who saw evidence of the crash and collected wreckage. Evidence of a request for "child size coffins". In several of the statements, witnesses reported seeing purple colored symbols, heiroglyphic-like, on a strip among the wreckage. There's a statement by a woman medical officer, detailed to take notes at an autopsy of bodies following the crash. She was later sent to England, and subsequently is said to have disappeared - or has not been heard from again.

Who can say how genuine any of the material is, after 60 years have passed? And yet, why would ordinary, everyday people have fabricated such a story, back in 1947 on a summer evening just before midnight, without reason? In those days there were few, if any TV programmes about extra-terrestrial phenomena to ignite the imagination. There were few sci-fi movies. What else but "a happening" could have sparked reports of such a bizarre occurence as this?

I've drawn up a chart for 4 July at 11.30pm. which seems to be the most popularly reported time and date for the actual incident:

Is this the kind of astrological atmosphere which could reflect something unusual and unexpected? The unusual and unexpected relate to Uranus, which was close (2 degrees) to Venus in Gemini at that time and in the 3rd house - house of communication. Neptune was strong - smack dab on the descendant in fact, which seems eerily appropriate for the descent to Earth of an alien (?) craft - Neptune relates to illusion, imagination, and mystical matters. The Moon in Aquarius, Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Libra formed a Grand Trine in Air signs- again, eerily approriate for anything pertaining to a flying craft. Sun in Cancer, close to the nadir at 11.30pm, trined Jupiter in Scorpio - Jupiter can relate to publication, expansion, exaggeration. So.... we could spin this either way. Neptune on the descendant may indicate illusion on the part of the observers of the incident, OR a later deception of the public by the authorities. Jupiter trining Sun may indicate exaggeration on the part of witnesses. I suspect Neptune is the key here, but the question remains - does it indicate illusion or deception in this case?

My husband and I discussed our feelings about the whole Roswell story later, after our museum visit. We came to the conclusion that "something" did happen on that night in 1947. The "something" was covered up by lies from those in authority at the time. Lies from government downward are not unknown, even in current history, which fact inclined us to believe at least some of the stories told by witnesses.

Another photo from the husband's camera: of one of the documents displayed (click on it for a larger, legible view) "The initial cover-up makes sense, but why continue it into the modern era?" That's a very good question!

More food for thought:
Interesting report of a deathbed revelation here.

Details of the full incident by a researcher here.


Wisewebwoman said...

My thoughts on Roswell, T, for what they're worth, are that it was a coverup - not of aliens but of some illicit spying activities.
As to UFOs themselves, many of my friends (myself included) have had weird unexplained experiences. Media tends to give aliens humanoid capabilites and even appearances and intelligence, and never accord them as possibly inhabiting a dimension beyond our own limited understanding with occasional flashes of visibility to use mere mortals.
As you can probably tell, it is a subject that never ceases to fascinate me but I believe our thinking and speculation has to jump outside our ill-conceived and limiting boxes.

Twilight said...

Roswell is a mystery never likely to be solved, I guess. It's possible to spin the story in many directions - and that's probably what the government wanted all along, to muddy the waters.

It's an intriguing subject - as to whether aliens would have developed in any way similar to humans. I recall seeing a TV presentation on the subject a long time ago, by a biologist or scientist of some ilk. He put forward a good case for the legs, arms, mouth etc development in any life form (or life as we know it, Jim). Can't remember what was said about intelligence capabilities. It's probably beyond our own, human, capabilities to even usefully surmise on this topic.....life might be a totally different bag of tricks in an alien world.
It's a good topic for daydreaming though!

Molly Hall said...

Timely article, Twilight, because did anyone see Larry King last night?! There were about four Air Force guys talking about how ufo's have been disabling nuclear missiles for decades. We were transfixed watching this, and there was footage of orbs and an energy beam to go with it. The beam disabled the weapon. But this a.m., the footage is not on CNN...
My husband and I are tuned into this, and watch the skies, have experiences and see things. I don't want the MIB to come after me, so I'll stop there.
But I've not given much thought to extra-terrestrials until recently. Melody made the prediction that Pluto in Sadge could reveal their presence to the wider public. I tend to agree.

Twilight said...

Hi Molly ~~

No I didn't see Larry King's programme - sorry to have missed that! We watched "Christopher Columbus - The Discovery". The nearest we got to talking about UFOs was me saying - that it must feel to astronauts who will go beyond what's mapped in space, rather like those seamen felt sailing with Columbus. :-)

It's an endlessly fascinating subject - glad Larry King brought it to the surface once again, and interesting that CNN ignores it.

Molly Hall said...

Hi, T, I just looked up the link and here it is on Google Video in several parts.


New worlds, just like Columbus' discovery, with the potential to change how we view history, science and everything.

Twilight said...

Oh, great - thanks, Molly!

I've found it and saved it to Favourites - have to go out in a few, but will look forward to seeing it later. :-)

Molly Hall said...

Yes, here is the direct link:


very interesting, eh?

Twilight said...

I just had time to watch - thanks for the direct link, Molly.

VERY interesting - and I can't disbelieve those guys.

I hope others watch the link - this is something which could change us.

What if.....those UFOs re us from the future coming back to try to stop us destroying ourselves??

Twilight said...

-should read "are us"

Nina Gryphon said...


Whatever happened was not good for anyone involved. Note the Moon in Aquarius applying to Mars and then a very malefic Saturn. Saturn rules the 10th house of the government and also the 12th of generally evil and nasty beings.


Molly Hall said...

I'm on your page with that, and hope that it is not turned into an issue of us vs. them, national security type thing. They could very well be 'us' from the future, or another dimension, allies that don't want to see earth or the area of space disturbed by nuclear power. I'm wary of all info coming from media, esp. cnn, but they did seem like credible witnesses to me.

Twilight said...

Hi Nina - Hmmm - thanks for pointing out those aspects. I notice Moon squaring Chiron too - exact but for 1 minute - another scratchy aspect, but not sure how it might be interpreted here.

Twilight said...

Molly - Yes, I wish the whole subject could be taken more seriously.

I'm wary of authors or lecturers on this subject who have a lot to gain, but those guys on Larry King didn't seem to be in that category, nor did they seem the excitable type or prone to over-dramatize stuff.

Wisewebwoman said...

If you're into this kind of stuff, T, I am reading Robert Sawyer's "Iterations" at the moment. He is a really good sci-fi writer. One of his books, for instance, was "Calculating God". He brings a fine brain to some of this stuff.
Can't download the Youtube, darn....

Twilight said...

I hadn't heard of him, WWW, but shall pass the word on to himself who is a big sci-fi book fan. I've become lazy about book-reading, the computer screen is too much of a draw for me - but I used to be a fan too.

By the way - he enjoyed the first novel of that female author you recommended a while ago (can't remember her name now), and has passed the book on to his daughter, another big reader.
Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...


another revelation from Edgar Mitchell, Apollo astronaut!

Twilight said...

Wow! That's amazing, Molly - thanks for the link!

I loved the incredulity of the interviewer - lol!

We are about to witness some interesting times, on several fronts. :-)