Thursday, July 31, 2008

Floating Bits and Pieces

“Creativity is a lot like looking at the world through a kaleidoscope. You look at a set of elements, the same ones everyone else sees, but then reassemble those floating bits and pieces into an enticing new possibility." So said Rosabeth Moss Kanter, an American social scientist and business expert.

I'm not feeling particularly creative these days, there's an uncomfortable feel to things in general, I find. "Enticing new possibilities", especially in politics, are thin on the ground, unless you are a fanatical Obama supporter. Still... I'll try looking at those "floating bits and pieces", otherwise known as celestial bodies in our solar system, the seven planets the ancients traditionally used in their astrology, and see what they seem to be representing, to me, at this point :

Sun, now residing in kingly Leo brings thoughts and predictions on who is likely to be the next president of the USA. Predictions vary - a lot! The only common factor I can detect is that astrologers foresee trouble brewing at the Democratic Conference at the end of August, and/or later, after the General Election in November.

Moon - representing the public: a public sharply divided (and sub-divided) in the USA in opinion of presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama, and presumptive Republican nominee John McCain

Mercury represents all forms of communication. It seems to me that the blogosphere and the internet in general is fast overtaking traditional media, and in particular is making itself strongly felt during this election season. An astrological communications matter which has surfaced, or rather sunk, in the past week or so is the blog link-up "Astrology News" with its widget, which used to appear in my sidebar. It was a really useful grouping and quick reference place for daily links to a large number of astrology blogs. I miss its convenience, as I'm sure do many others. I hope it will return soon. Elsa, of Elsa Elsa Blog , who ran the Astrology News facility gives an udate on the situation HERE .

Venus the love planet brings to mind two items: First, the recently publicised alleged infidelity of John Edwards. If true this is very, very sad for his wife and family. Love and its partner lust are strange and powerful, it often seems that those who hanker for power also possess an overload of hankering on this other front........Second, because Venus is ruler of Libra and 7th house matters - partnerships etc. I'm thinking about the announcement of running mates by the two presumptive candidates, which must surely be imminent. From what I've been able to glean on-line, it seems my tarot deck's answer (here) seems unlikely to be accurate in the case of Obama's pick, unless perhaps he chooses Joe Biden, or Bill Richardson who would loosely fit the description, as both were defeated in the primaries.

Mars represents energy, some aggression and at present I see these in the clear determination of PUMA and other groups who are opposing an Obama presidency. Aggression and determination flow in the opposite direction too, towards these groups - often in far more vitriolic style.

Jupiter, planet of travel, publication, and exaggeration calls to mind Obama's recent "World Tour" which covers all three Jupiter matters, as well as touching on Jupiter's other domain, religion.

Saturn, planet of laws, restrictions, authority, for me brings to mind two matters: (1) the quest of Larry Sinclair to have his allegations against Senator Obama officially investigated. He has been hounded, his life threatened, his family threatened, at least two of his blogs closed down, and he has been generally dismissed as a fraud. InformationHERE. I don't necessarily believe that everything Sinclair alleges is true, but his story ought to be properly investigated by the authorities, and soon.

(2) The matter of Barack Obama's eligibility to hold the position of President of the USA. There has been much written in blogs recently about his birth certificate. Another issue has now been raised by an historian, Judah Benjamin in a two-part article HERE and HERE. There is a question as to whether Senator Obama has ever held dual-nationality, and if so, would this disqualify him under the US Constitution from holding the country's highest office? Again, something which needs to be properly investigated by consitutional lawyers, the results to be made public. A further article by the historian appeared yesterday (HERE). Judah Benjamin's articles are painstakingly researched and scholarly, and perhaps too detailed for passing readers here, if so, blogger Texas Darlin' has a handy summary: - "Birth Certificate: Obama, Soetoro or Dunham?"


Wisewebwoman said...

What are the signs for October, T?
I keep hearing about "October Surprise" and election suspension and president-for-life.

Twilight said...


Astrologically, I'm not sure about October. I think there are too many different strands involved here for astrology to get anywhere near to being accurate on such issues.

Personally, I feel certain that the Republicans are waiting in the wings with a portfolio of surprises for Obama. These could include the Sinclair stuff, the eligibility question, about which it's said they have done extensive research, and perhaps other stuff which hasn't surfaced at all yet.
They are keeping quiet-ish now because they WANT Obama as opponent, and want him officially nominated before they begin their onslaught.

I suspect that it will turn out that just one clear issue will be capable of finishing Obama's chances, though there are many which ought to!

The election suspension thing has been tossed around for a long time, before the primaries started even, based on the idea that GWB and Co. will manipulate a situation within which martial law could be declared = no election this year. That's the wild card, I guess.

"Interesting" times. Probably what WILL happen is something nobody has yet thought of - because Uranus is involved and 'The Unexpected' is Uranus' trademark. :-(

citizenwells said...

Do you see the influence of Aquarius or an Aquarian in all of this?

Twilight said...

Hello CitizenWells ~~~ nice to see you ! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I do admire the way you're standing by Mr. Sinclair, in spite of the drawbacks, threats etc.

There is a definite feel of Aquarius and the sign's ruler Uranus in all that is happening just now, I think. There's rebellion on several different fronts, involving people realising they are NOT powerless - thanks in a great part to the internet, whose technology is pure Uranus/Aquarius.

Whether an Aquarian is involved ?
I wouldn't be a bit surprised to find Mr. Sinclair with a good helping of Aquarius in his natal chart - or in your own for that matter! Aquarius is a Fixed sign, stubborn and very loyal, unlikely to give up on any issue, ideal or or individual dear to their heart. :-)

anthonynorth said...

The ability to mix those bits 'n' pieces around is both the stuff of inspiration and art, and our worst desires towards fanaticism.
The good and the bad are often two sides of the same coin. But I think a static reality, where everyone thought the same, would be far worse.

Twilight said...

Yes, AN - they say that variety is the spice of life. It's true.
Without the dynamic of opposition we'd lose almost all incentive, and become a world of beings not much more than vegetables. :-)