Friday, July 11, 2008

Obama's VP

Barack Obama said some time ago that he would announce his Vice Presidential pick in July. It has been announced, too, that he plans to visit Europe and the Middle East in the near future. Exact dates are not discussed, probably for security reasons, "this summer", "soon" and "before the election" are the only clues we have. Will he go before August? If so, announcement of a running mate must be imminent.

It seems unlikely, though, that he'll buzz off before the Democratic Convention at the end of August, because until then he's not officially the nominee - it would seem like jumping the gun. So he has another three weeks in which to name a name.

Astrologers haven't been able to glean much on this topic. It isn't known who was on Obama's shortlist. In any case it would be an almost impossible task to look at four or five charts and be able to tell which would be the most likely choice. Each individual has so much going on in their life, it would be difficult to disentangle the threads to identify one as a "positive VP thread".

The shortlist could easily include Al Gore, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, Joe Biden, and of course Hillary Clinton, as well as other names, not well known in national politics, for example Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas. Some, whose names might have been expected to be under consideration, such as Jim Webb, have openly stated that they will not consider being VP under any circumstances.

In the spirit of an exercise and experiment, once again I've consulted my tarot deck this week, and asked "What do I need to know about the person to be chosen as Obama's Vice President?" I drew:

5 of Swords
3 of Wands/Rods
10 of Coins/Pentacles

Without a second thought, or having to refer to a source I thought: This is someone who has suffered defeat in the past, is about to move forward to a fresh start, will achieve some of their dearest wishes, and a big material gain (possibly, but not necessarily related to a kind of inheritance from family).

Tarot readers say that it's always the first impression which counts. That was my own. Checking with tarot websites later I confirmed that it does fit with traditional interpretations of the three cards.

Does that tarot portrait fit any of those named above? It fits Al Gore, who was defeated in 2000 (allegedly!) It fits Hillary Clinton - very obviously. It could also fit Edwards, Dodd, Biden or Richardson - all were defeated in the primaries.

I'm no nearer to a precise prediction.

The 10 of Coins/Pentacles is possibly the key card to the identity of the VP. All the 10s, in every suit, represent culmination of one cycle and beginning of another. This particular ten relates to earthy matters, houses (painted white?), homes and matters of wealth. Aleister Crowley in his "Book of Thoth" defines this card astrologically as Mecury in Virgo and says (he refers to Coins or Pentacles as "Disks") -

"The Ten of Disks is called Wealth. Here again is written this constantly recurring doctrine, that as soon as one gets to the bottom one finds oneself at the top; and Wealth is given to Mercury in Virgo. When wealth accumulates beyond a certain point, it must either become completely inert and cease to be wealth, or call in the aid of intelligence to use it rightly. This must necessarily happen in spheres which have nothing whatever to do with material possessions, as such. In this way, Carnegie establishes a Library, Rockefeller endows Research, simply because there is nothing else to do.
But all this doctrine lies behind the card; it is the inner meaning of the card.
There is another view to consider, that this is the last of all the cards, and therefore represents the sum total of all the work that has been done from the beginning.

(Here) .

I can see Al Gore in that description. He has accumulated a great amount of wealth, whereas Hillary Clinton is in debt after her primary run. "There is nothing else to do" in Al Gore's case, in aid of his dearest wish to address climate change, but to be in a position of power.

That is what tarot tells me. What my own gut feeling tells me is that Al Gore wouldn't want to be Obama's VP. He has said that politics is toxic. So, although Hillary Clinton is currently in debt, rising to the position of VP might ensure that her debts would be paid off, a new cycle could begin.

Wishful thinking? I guess so. I think Obama needs Clinton, but doubt he'd ever admit it. His Leo pride could mean he won't offer her the opportunity.

The 10 of Coins doesn't fit the other potential VPs nearly as well as Gore or Clinton. We shall see, soon.


R J Adams said...

Or, you could just select a list of names, then use a pin. ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh I think a foggy nominee will pick a foggy veepee.
(Ha! Poetry!)
Who's the foggiest of them all? ;^)

Twilight said...

RJ - Indeed! And maybe that's what he'll do, 'cos if it's neither Gore nor Clinton, the rest of 'em are much of a muchness.

Twilight said...


Mirror mirror on the wall.....LOL!

I think there's only one fogbound character in the game, WWW, and that's the picker.