Tuesday, July 15, 2008

David Icke

Astrologer Molly Hall at Molly's Astrology blog, last week wrote about David Icke -"David Icke and Heart Intelligence".

It's been a while since I've seen Icke's name mentioned. He used to be a soccer star in the UK, then a TV commentator, then, all of a sudden (or so it seemed to onlookers like myself) he "flipped his lid" and started writing books about a global elite, a reptilian bloodline of world leaders, and various conspiracy theories. This started in the early 1990s, in Britain, where his books and theories were met with almost universal derision. (See Wikipedia entry)

Molly Hall linked to a Sky TV video of David Icke speaking at a meeting in Yorkshire, UK, last week. He ran as a candidate in a by-election for the constituency's Member of Parliament. According to Wikipedia he lost his deposit (which means he was forced to withdraw because he garnered only 110 votes.)

After watching most of the almost 3 hour long video presentation linked on Molly's blog, I was pleasantly surprised that Icke has toned down his early outlandish approach. He now displays a distinctly more down to earth attitude, without, however, reversing his views about a global elite. Now, some ten to fifteen years after his initial propositions, his theories do not seem nearly as unacceptable as they used to back then.

His natal chart: born 29 April 1952 in Leicester, UK. Time of birth, according to the link below, was 7.15pm.

A basic rundown of planetary placements and their interpretation can be seen HERE .

I have looked specifically for something to explain his New Age-type mysticism and outlandish theories. I didn't have to search very hard. Moon conjunct Uranus in Cancer in 9th house, probably says most of it, Neptune and Saturn opposing Mercury adds more to the mix.

Moon represents the inner self, and conjunct weirdo planet Uranus (representing the unexpected and oft before-its-time stuff) becomes the undoubted key here. In the water sign of Cancer, home sign of the Moon there's additonal strength in this conjunction, and, when placed in 9th house which represents religious and philosophical matters the picture starts to form. Neptune/Mercury and Saturn/Mercury oppositions indicate an imaginative, creative mind, often with unrealistic aspirations, perhaps some self delusion too(Neptune), and plenty of traditionalist opposition (Saturn).

Icke's North Node of the Moon at 27 Aquarius (a sensitive point in his chart) will coincide with transiting Neptune in 2010, it'll be interesting to watch what he's doing around that time.

With regard to his global elite theory and any attached conspiracy theories, the jury is out, for me. I do believe David's heart is in the right place - he pursues what he feels the need to pursue, and for the best possible reasons. For that alone I give him a lot of credit. I'm more inclined to give him a fair hearing now, which is all he asks of his audience and readership.


Molly Hall said...

Thank you for the link Twilight and your open mind.
If you 'follow the money,' you'll see that a global elite is not so far-fetched that leads back to the same folks. And stuff that seemed not connected -- verifiable facts -- fall into place.
My sense is that Pluto in Cap will reveal this shadow govt that Bill Clinton and others have mentioned. And unfortunately, it is very powerful at this point.
I find it interesting that David Icke had his mystical breakthrough while traveling (Sagittarius) on the eve of Pluto in Sadge, and now his work is getting out there in a different way.

Melody said...

Since David Icke is one of my favourite people on the planet, I can’t help but comment. I immediately looked up his chart upon reading my first book by him, which was probably about 11 years ago, and was instantly very wary and cautious when I saw that Neptune in the 12th opposite Mercury. As you mentioned Twilight, this might include illusion and self-delusion, as well as I might add, the potential for both brainwashing and outright lying. Big proceed with caution!!

In Evolutionary Astrology ala Jeffrey Wolf Green (a strong mentor of mine), both the lunar nodes and Pluto in the 4th / 10 house cusps is potential for a recent gender switch from a past life perspective. This axis (Cancer / Capricorn) also has a strong element of the “process of maturation” involved, and one could surmise that a deeper soul lesson with David Icke might include learning how to take the strong feminine energy and bring it into this lifetime with the intention of integrating the masculine energy in a way that works within the social structure of this time. Perhaps he had to take on a male body to make the public inroads needed, but there may be karmic blocks (at least initially) from a carry over of being a bit too individualistic and personal last time around, possibly with the repercussion of "being burned at the stake" if you will and therefore in a very defensive space when entering into this experience.

This theme is underscored with the Moon (past and lineage) in Cancer conjunct Uranus ruler of the North Node) as well as Venus in Aries.

As you said, he follows his heart, sincerely, but is obviously very stubborn with all of the fixed energy and very emotional with his Moon and 4th/10th house axis. His research and message is the same it has always been, and those who have followed his work over the years have done so because he is such a detailed researcher, going to great pains to back up his theories. In my mind, the issue was primarily his stubborn streak coupled with emotional volatility (underscored with Mars in Scorpio in the 1st) and just basically coming on way to strong and with passion, becoming personally incensed when treated rudely etc., which he often was. He spent years with people laughing at him publicly, and his kids having to come home from school after similar taunts.

This relates to his south Node in Leo, Pluto in the 10th idea of having to take the emotion, passion and heart and learning to both detach from taking it so personally (North Node in Aquarius), a dose of emotional maturation (which has coincided with his spiritual growth and orientation which I’ve mention in comment’s over at DR’s) which has allowed him to take a step back and figure out how to present his material in a way that might both be heard, but gives him a valid place within the social structure. Of course, on a personal level his spiritual journeys have taken his soul (4th house) to dimensions beyond the ego (Leo).

Wisewebwoman said...

One of my favourite topics, T. I wonder did you ever read Taylor Caldwell, she was very popular in the seventies and her books addressed the theme of shadows running the world. David Icke has followed on this path and much of what was derided from him has now been validated. Same with Caldwell.
Banks, big corp, etc. We only have to look at agri-business and the takeover of water by the Cocas and Pepsis.
I was appalled today at how our PM Stephen Harper is ignoring the torturing of a Canadian CHILD at Gitmo and it begs the same questions again, is there a link to shadow puppeteers.
Fascinating topic.

Twilight said...

Molly - hello!
Thanks for re-introducing me to David Icke, I shall keep a eye on what he has to say from now on, especially as Pluto moves on into Capricorn. :-)

Twilight said...

Melody - Hello there!

Wow - many thanks for all that extra information. I'll study it carefully.

I do feel a strong feminine side in Mr. Icke. What draws me to him more than anything is his obvious sincerity and integrity. Some who dislike and deride David's views would look askance at that remark, I guess, but integrity is sorely lacking today, wherever one looks.
It's good to sense it in someone every once in a while.

Twilight said...


No, I haven't read any of Caldwell's books. I'll watch for any when trawling 2nd hand stores!

I've been quite wary of David Icke until now - though hadn't thought about him much for years until last week.

It'll be interesting to see how things develop. I'm seeing more validity in his views nowadays, I hope he continues with this more down to earth approach.

R J Adams said...

There's an old saying, "Beware false prophets...." and, in my opinion, David Icke is exactly that. His 'ideas' are not his, apart from reptilian shape-shifters inhabiting the planet in the guise of the wealthy and powerful, and even those he stole from mythology. I was once attacked for criticizing Icke without reading any of his books. In fact, I'd read two of his books, and done a great deal of research on Icke from other sources over a number of years.
I wrote the article in question back in August 2007. Here's the link. Judge for yourself:

Twilight said...

Hello RJ~~ Thanks for the link to your own post about Icke and related matters. It does put the other side of opinion on this topic very clearly, so it's a welcome additon.

Back in the 1990s I assumed he'd had some kind of breakdown or mental illness, so outlandish were his propositions.

I'm not accepting everything he says now, but I do think he's become a lot more reasonable in the way he presents his ideas, which, as you say, are not new, but that doesn't mean there is no truth at all in any of it.

As you pointed out in your blog, elements of his theory have come to pass in the USA, possibly in the UK too. Perhaps his original insight was a little skewed and too colourful by half, but there are parts of it which are undeniably clearer to see in action now than in the 1990s.

As I said, for me, the jury is out on it all, but I won't close down on him this time, as I did in the past.

Michelle said...

I did his chart once using my Roscrucian book, which is less flattering than "modern" astrology. It pointed out that he has a leaning towards being power-hungry and a bit ruthless in the pursuit of his goals.

Personally, I'm wary of him.

Twilight said...

Michelle - hi!

Well, he's certainly determined and single-minded in getting his views across. I think "ruthless" is a bit too extreme a description though. As I see it, his goal is to inform people, rather than to pursue power for himself.

I don't blame you for being wary though - he's a strange character - that's for sure.