Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taurus Dominant

We're moving through the zodiac sign of (tropical) Taurus now. I've followed my habit of recent months and consulted Astrotheme's lists of dominant signs and planets in the natal charts of well-known people, in the hope of identifying a typically Taurean pattern.

My computer is functioning "on a wing and a prayer" these days. A shiny new box awaits unpacking, then there'll be the hassle of transferring my "stuff". So, instead of the risky business of compiling a video of photographs, a hand-picked selection of notable names from the lists will suffice this time around.

First, a few keywords to give an overall flavour of Taurus, second sign of the zodiac, and ruled by Venus: amorous, artistic, gentle, loyal, domestic, proud, quick-tempered, self-indulgent, sensual, patient, persistent, steadfast, conservative, retentive stubborn, materialistic.
The individuals named below aren't just people with Taurus as their "star sign"/ Sun sign. Some were born with Sun in Taurus, others could have Taurus rising or Moon in Taurus, or a cluster of planets in this sign. Some of these people also have Venus as dominant planet in their natal charts - a "V" after their name indicates this.

I think this list provides a better representation of real Taureans than do straightforward Sun sign lists.

Venus, ruler of Taurus is planet of the arts. It was therefore no surprise to see a good number of musicians and singers here. Star of early British rock scene, Eric Burdon (The Animals) is top of my list with 62.37% Taurus, and Venus as dominant planet. Irving Berlin, Glen Campbell, Joe Cocker, Les Paul, Bobby Darin(V), Perry Como, Willie Nelson(V), Janet Jackson, Kelly Clarkson are all high on the list of those with Taurus dominating their natal charts.

Actors include Ann-Margaret at 60.68%, Billy Crystal(V), Nick Nolte (a surprise as he has Aquarius Sun - Taurus 44.67%, Aquarius 20.17%), Ryan O'Neal, Glen Ford, Albert Finney, Gary Cooper(V).

From the world of comedy: Graham Chapman (Monty Python), Stephen Colbert, George Carlin.

From politics(ish) - Kofi Annan (former Secreatry General of UN), Nancy Pelosi, Che Guevara, Louis Farrakhan (in the news right now, for those watching progress of Senator Obama's candidacy for predient of the USA).

has only Maritha Pottenger in the top section of the Taurus lists, but Marjorie Orr , Evangeline Adams and Julia Parker appear in the list of those with Venus dominant.

After scooting through dozens of YouTube presentations featuring musical Taureans, I settled on this double-whammy to represent Taurus: Willie Nelson (Taurus & Venus dominant) sings "Blue Skies" written by Irving Berlin (Taurus dominant) with accompanying film of scenic Nevada - also apt because Taurus is Fixed Earth.


Wisewebwoman said...

Not a fan of ol' Willie, T, but I absolutely love this song and he doesn't do a half-bad job....
One of those songs that makes the boo-boo all better, right? ;^)
Ah Taurus, I don't seem to get along with it, something about my Leo crushing heads...

Twilight said...

Willie N's singing is definitely an acquired taste isn't it, WWW ?
I can take him in small doses, and in certain songs, that's all.

I understand your feelings re Taurus - Leo and Taurus aren't the best of mates, Sun-signwise, nor are Taurus and Aquarius, but see my Sunday blog - it often doesn't turn out that way. :-)