Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bill Maher's Message to Astrologers

Bill Maher had a message for astrologers on Real Time (HBO), in his "New Rules" segment on Friday, 11 April.

The second "Rule" is the one - any takers?

His chart and some comments from 2005/6 can be viewed at Astrodatabank HERE

Some of those comments are hardly obsequious - Bill may never have read them!

I'm pretty sure that a predisposition towards sexism and misogyny will be hiding in his natal chart somewhere, probably involved with that Grand Cross involving Sun, Moon, Uranus and Neptune.

Bill's recent shows have disappointed me a lot, he seems to have joined the rest of mainstream media and is guilty being obsequious himself - in the direction of Barack Obama, whilst never failing to make overtly sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton. You've let yourself down badly, Bill, and I guess you've lost some fans recently - myself included.


Anonymous said...

I've got to say I consistently love your blogs--please keep writing!

Wisewebwoman said...

Just catching up on blogs, T. was away for a few days.
Obsequious is the word I would apply to the graduates of the Ed McMahon School of Sychophancy arranged around Bill Maher.
And I was pretty gobsmacked, I have to say, when he joined the Olbermann cult of Obamabots.

Wisewebwoman said...

Oh and T:
So sorry to hear of your treatment by citizenship - I'm sure they could have fitted you in after all the effort but the red-tape and silly rules bunch never seem to bring humanity and compassion into their dealings. And you have to suck it up in fear of jeopardizing your case.
I think I'd hold the letter until AFTERWARDS?

Twilight said...

Hello juliedembiski !
It's kind of you to say so - thank you. The feeling is mutual! I've come near to deciding to stop blogging recently, but to be honest, I enjoy it too much, and it does keep me off the streets ;-)


Yes, Bill Maher's Real Time had been almost like a lifebelt to me from the time I discovered it, soon after arriving in the USA. It's so disappointing to find one's idols have feet of clay.

And thank you for the sympathy re my non-interview. I still can hardly believe it happened - I was truly shocked. I guess I'd got my self so psyched up after waiting so long, I was excited and fairly confident - then Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!

I'm sending the letter today - it's not rude. I have a right to some consideration, I reckon, on a couple of counts. If I get the brush-off I'm going to write to two members of the Judiciary Committee who oversee DHS and who have been pushing USCIS to get their act together recently.
I will not let this go meekly. I bet the Founding Fathers would agree with me!