Thursday, April 03, 2008

John Adams & Hillary Clinton

We're watching the HBO series "John Adams". The subject matter didn't appeal initially, but as I need to learn a little American history for my upcoming citizenship interview and civics test I decided that watching this drama could be helpful. Amazingly I'm completely hooked, after three or four episodes. I'm not sure whether it's down to the excellent production, the feel of authenticity, brilliant portrayals by talented actors, or just the truly fascinating story of the birth of the USA.

John Adams was the second president of the USA, coming after George Washington.

After peeking at the natal charts of John Adams and his wife, Abigail. Something clicked! Surely Hillary Clinton's chart contains some similarities to one of these, I thought.

John Adams born 30 October 1735, Quincy, Massachusetts (12 noon -unknown birthtime)

Hillary Clinton born 26 October 1947, Chicago, Illinois (8.02 am)

Closer inspection reveals interesting similarities:

Hillary Clinton's natal Sun is at 2 Scorpio, John Adams' at 6 Scorpio
Venus is at 16 Scorpio in both cases
Hillary Clinton's Mercury is at 28 Scorpio, John Adams' at 21 Scorpio

Those positions, of three of the most personal of planets, Sun/Mercury/Venus are so similar ! I'm not suggesting that this is an omen - I wouldn't dare bring down the wrath of Obamaphiles upon my blog! (Wink) I do like finding stuff like this though, and these charts are 212 years apart ! It keeps on underlining the fact that "something is happening here, but I don't know what it is" (do I, Mr. Jones?)

There are clear differences too, of course. The Moon's position is an important one. John Adams' birth time isn't known. If here were born before 10pm his natal moon would have been in Aries, after 10pm, in Taurus. Hillary Clinton's Moon, if her time of birth is correct, is in Pisces. From the portrayal of John Adams on screen I'd find it difficult to choose between Aries and Taurus Moon. On balance Taurus well suits his dogged determination, and his down to earth-ness. Hillary Clinton's Pisces Moon remains fairly well hidden from her public, but the fact that it's there indicates a deep compassion and sensitivity, far removed from the hard-nosed image she has gained in some quarters.

John and Abigail Adams (Abigail born 11 November 1744, Weymouth Massachusetts) both had heavy Scorpio influence in their charts, but John's matches Hillary's more closely. Abigail's Scorpio Sun was exactly conjunct Scorpio's ruler, Pluto - no wonder she seemed to have such power, even in those days, long before female emancipation!

Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney play the parts of John and Abigail in the HBO series.

Trailer for the TV series:


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Wisewebwoman said...

Who knows, T?
With the primaries still in turmoil and just about changing daily, HRC's astrological advantages may count for something.
BTW it looks like a really good series.

Twilight said...

We can only hope, WWW.

Yes, highly recommended in DVD form, as and when!

R J Adams said...

Now then, if you're invoking astrology to help Hillary win, I really must call in the Wiccans!


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Know where I can get an eye of newt and tongue of frog then, RJ?