Monday, April 21, 2008


Much has been written about the year 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends. From what I've read recently, the year 2010 ought to be more of a cause for concern than 2012.

I'm not doom-mongering today, but underlining for myself, and any passing readers, the weightiness of choices made in upcoming elections in the USA. Elections are always important, but this year's could prove to be outstandingly significant, in view of what might occur in the first years of the new presidency. Let's hope passionately that someone of the right calibre is elected!

Astrologer Philip Brown wrote about 2010 in August 2006: "Astrology of the Middle East."
He linked there to the article which had started me thinking about this: a piece by Bill Street, from 2004 "The Astrology of 2010. Personal and Generational Implications".

Mr. Street offered a graphic image of the times in question:

".....occurring in 2010 is a T-Square alignment involving Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto—a rare alignment and a profound symbol connoting societal and socio-economic transformation.
Although the full explication of this alignment has been addressed in the previous two essays, I will borrow an iconographic image from popular culture to help to better understand the meaning behind the planetary symbolism. One of the most popular scenes in the original Star Wars involves the rebel forces caught within a trash compactor. Trying to elude oncoming storm troopers, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and other members of the rebel alliance find themselves trapped within a garbage processing machine. With the walls of the trash compactor closing in on the heroes swiftly, time is of the essence and a creative solution is absolutely imperative. This famous scene captures so many of the potentials and meanings of the 2010 alignment involving Saturn, Pluto, and Uranus: constrictive forces creating crisis; garbage, waste, and unprocessed filth; rebels and revolutionaries; rebirth from the darkness into a new case scenario; and elemental intensity that demands awareness and creative solutions. "

Here's a representation of that T-square on a chart for Washington DC at 12 noon on 2nd August 2010. I've marked the T-square, which falls in three cardinal signs, Aries, Libra and Capricorn, making the configuration potentially stronger. It's made up of an opposition (180*) and two squares (90*). (Click to enlarge)

E. Alan Meece's views on 2010 can be found in his book "Astrology for the New Millennium", published 1996.

"Dodging an Apocalypse: A Titanic T-Square
2010 looks like a year of sudden, cataclysmic changes and drastic forced new beginnings..........This titanic, historic T-square involves the same four planets as the T-square which coincided with the Great Depression. The solar eclipse in July could trigger a major world-wide financial collapse. Pluto in Capricorn suggests not only that many corporations will go bankrupt, but that economic troubles will bring down many governments with dizzying speed as revolutions sweep the globe. But as we mentioned in Chapter 13, in 2010 the lunar cycles in the Progressed Horoscope of Modern Humanity indicate that the common people may be in retreat. This could mean people will be easy prey to xenophobia and fear of "radicals" as in the 1920s, '50s, and '80s. This was just how Hitler eventually rose to power during the previous Great Depression, On the other hand, altruistic compassion will still permeate the period as Neptune in Aquarius helps moderate the fears among the people, and may indicate that "enlightened" authorities will make constructive, revolutionary changes on behalf of the people and the planet.

The crisis of 2010 will result from the various religious conflicts around the world, magnified by serious shortages and famines; and above all, I believe, by ecological disasters................A major war may break out in August 2010. If this happens refugee problems will be even worse. Central Asia is the most likely battle scene, but America's involvement there would be only economic. The worst war clouds will pass as the T-square dissolves...........

There is no doubt in my mind that the years 2010 and 2011 will be the most difficult of any we face in the next half-century. If we survive them in reasonably good shape we will have dodged the worst bullet in our future."

There may well be predictions similar to these by other astrologers. The planetary configuration described doesn't bring forth visions of hearts and flowers. Events could, of course, turn out to be a fairly muted version of the troubles predicted, rather than a full-on wham-bammer. I've noticed something about predicitons, over the years: although the overall flavour might be correct, the scale or perspective often proves to be well-skewed. I'm not faulting astrologers, psychics or seers,they are very brave to hazard any kind of prediction at all. Even identifying the flavour speaks volumes to me. Bearing in mind the potential though, it becomes very clear that the next president of the USA will have plenty to face, even after he/she has dealt with some of the garbage left over from the previous administration. That's something voters would be wise to bear in mind.


Jacqueline Bigar said...

I have thought a lot about the Mayan calendar ending in 2012.

What is shocking me as an US citizen with this election is that no one is dealing with the biggest threat facing our universe, and the extintion of the human race as a result. Global warming.

Gore and others with similiar awareness are now saying global warming will be irreversible in the year 2014. We must act on this problem now, not us, but everyone, the world. This date has been moved down over the years.

Am I surprised that this event coincides with the ending of the Mayan calendar? Hardly...I am sorry to say.

Twilight said...

I've just been writing tomorrow's blog along those very lines, Jaqueline.

Re the election -I've been assuming that the candidates are staying low-key about global warming because many people would oppose stringent measures it would take to effect a real solution - thus votes would be lost.

Maybe it's that, or maybe candidates just don't believe the threat is imminent.

I've thought for a long time that it'll take a real calamity to get everyone behind strong but painful strategies to at least slow down the damage being caused.

2010, 2012, or 2014 - the difficult days will come, I feel sure of it.

Thank you for your visit and comment :-)

Jacqueline Bigar said...

I really enjoy your blog and read it often. I am talking about the English in mine today. LOL. Well...sort of.

I think that so many people in this country do not belive in Global Warming that it is a bad issue to rally around. I do not understand how they cannot grasp the implications. Many think Global warming is not in Arizona, our summers have been hotter and hotter.

I know, I say this with a sense of humor, with this election, I am for a military take over and Gore installed as President, tyrant, whatever as he leads us out of this mess. I believe he is the only man in this country that can do it. Isn't the real issue the continuance of civilization? Is that not more important?

I have had unusally strong feelings about this election...

Twilight said...

Thank you kindly Jaqueline!

Oh yes! I'm for Al Gore if he could manage a coup d'etat. I was bitterly disappointed that he didn't run - it would have saved much of the nonsense we're seeing now - and the oscene amounts of money going down the drain.

My feelings are strong on this topic too. I often ask myself why, but come up with nothing more than gut feelings.

I've visited and linked - it's good to see you back!