Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Planet Home

April 22 each year marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.

The chart below is calculated for 12 noon today, Earth Day 2008, in Wichita, Kansas (a city located near the centre of the USA). Planetary positions will be the same anywhere in the world, but angles, house positions/clock times will differ.

There are two Grand Trines in the chart, one in Earth signs and one in Water signs. That seems very appropriate for Earth Day - harmonious blends of earth and water. These are harmonious configurations which seem to be saying that, just for a little while today, Earth Day, "the Universe is unfolding as it should" -words borrowed from "Desiderata". It's a day when groups of people around the globe celebrate and appreciate our beautiful planet.
The Grand Trines are formed by: Sun at 2 Taurus/Saturn at 1 Virgo/Pluto at 1 Capricorn - the Earth GT. Uranus at 21 Pisces/Mars at 21 Cancer and Moon at 28 Scorpio - the Water GT.

Since 1970 not enough has been done to protect this precious planet home of ours. In the past couple of years Al Gore has helped raise awareness of the serious problems which might face Earth's population in years to come due to climate change. Still, governments drag their feet or propose solutions which seem far too timid for the scale of potential problems.

Pluto hasn't yet fully established its Earthy Capricorn transit, but after the retrograde period, this planet of transformation will come firmly into its Earthiness. Whether this might indicate changes and transformations made voluntarily by the people and their governments, or changes forced upon us by events, remains to be seen.

"As we watch the sun go down, evening after evening, through the smog across the poisoned waters of our native earth, we must ask ourselves seriously whether we really wish some future universal historian on another planet to say about us: "With all their genius and with all their skill, they ran out of foresight and air and food and water and ideas," or, "They went on playing politics until their world collapsed around them." ~U Thant, 3rd Secretary General of the United Nations, in a speech, 1970

This is my own Earth Flag, it flies today and every day.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say Thanks for adding me--I've put you in my links, too!


Twilight said...

Many thanks Julie :-)

R J Adams said...

Why, oh why, do we as a species when faced with imminent catastrophe, label annual days to remember these things? We have 'refugee days', and 'help the homeless' days, and lord knows how many others, even though these problems are endemic and with us constantly. Unless every day is an "Earth Day", we may as well do the lemming thing and jump off a cliff en masse. I've said it till I'm blue in the face, until we force the corporates to spend money and update their plants to prevent their filthy pollution poisoning us and the planet, we haven't a snowball's chance in Hell of combating global warming.

Twilight said...

We agree on this subject, at least RJ! ;-)

I suppose when Earth Day was first named back in 1970 it was in the hope of keeping an awareness of future dangers in the public eye.
The saddest part, to me, is that it's almost almost 40 years on now and so little has been done.