Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Wandering Around the Cyber Cemetery

I enjoyed the cartoon below. It's by John Atkinson at Wrong Hands. - I left a contribution in his tip jar, so that I could feel comfortable using his work here.

In the 16 or so years I've been wandering around cyberland myself, there have been many casualties, and many more are still to come, of this we may be certain. Blogger will, one day, be a casualty too - along with personal blogs in general - we're on virtual 'life support' as it is! I shall plod on my rather lonely pathway for a little longer, until forced into using Windows 10 in place of my trusty Windows 7. That is likely to be until late 2019/early 2020, if Microsoft keeps its promise to support Win.7 until January 2020.

Surveying the grave-stones below brings back a few personal internet memories! AOL was my own initial portal to the internet. What I now remember best about AOL is contributing to a communal continuing story concocted by AOL-ers, in a forum situation. I elected to became a character in their ongoing saga. It was sometimes a silly story, sometimes very silly indeed - or sometimes reflected current events, sometimes it became a wee bit naughty too, as I recall. I was "Dimsie Wilcox", married to an upper-class curmudgeon known as "Old Wilcox". Anyway... survey the illustration below, it might bring back memories for you, too.


Wisewebwoman said...

It's all about the bottom line, though isn't it? Censoring has already started on Twitter, dissident voices not allowed.

If it's not monetized successfully than kaboom.

The internet started out being such a great idea - free exchange of information and ideas and then.....it goes the way of water, education, drugs, name it.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Yes, I've read about certain censoring practices having emerged during past year or so. I seldom visit Twitter these days - never did really get into it. They haven't started censoring personal blogs yet, as far as I know, but it is said that Google searches are being messed with, so as to put websites with certain points of view to the back of the queue in searches. naked capitalism, for instance, is said to be one of these due to its criticisms of establishment Democrats.

The net can be a very good thing indeed, while at the same time having potential to be a very bad thing.