Monday, November 19, 2018

Music Monday ~ The Third Eye

For the past two Music Mondays 'eye' songs were featured, reflecting my husband's cataract surgery on each of those days. All done now. According to the surgeon, and the optician, very successfully. According to my husband, well...the ol' peepers are still feeling scratchy at times, as though he has eyelash(es) in his eye(s). His distance vision is better though, no longer needs spectacles to watch TV or to drive. Reading glasses are still required, and will be part of a new prescription, but he has to wait for 4 weeks before that can happen, to allow full healing time.

There's an old saying that "things come in threes", so a third 'eye' song today: Cotton Eyed Joe performed here by Asleep at the Wheel. We saw this band some years ago at our local theatre. I still remember, with a chuckle, a joke told by the band's vocalist, Ray Benson. He told the audience that, during the band's tour of Texas, they had stopped in a tiny town with an odd name...I think it was Quitaque, Texas. They visited the town's Dairy Queen restaurant for snacks. While ordering, Ray asked the server, "By the way, how do you pronounce the name of this place?" The answer:

There's some good fiddle playing here!


Wisewebwoman said...

Good joke. Great band, I can hear the Irish influence in the music.


Twilight said...

Wisewebwoman ~ Yes, it comes through loud and clear ! :)