Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Fixed Stars in Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Nearing the turn of the year now, and we've moved into zodiac sign Capricorn - a look at Fixed Stars within this sign. Data comes from Astroweb (HERE), showing star positions in 1900 in the left-hand column and in 2000 on the right.

Astrological interpretations for some of those stars, if found to be tightly conjunct a natal personal planet, or important point, are available online. A good, all-encompassing website to investigate for this is
Constellation of Words.

Once again the question of constellations vs tropical zodiac signs arises. Many of the fixed stars within the segment of the ecliptic we call zodiac sign Capricorn are actually part of the constellation Sagittarius (see Skyscript here), others are part of constellations which are not what we might term "zodiac constellations", yet they are within the span of a given tropical zodiac sign. In this case constellations such as Lyra (The Lyre) and Cygnus (The Swan), Pavo (The Peacock), and Aquila (The Eagle) are involved.

Area involved is  very roughly indicated - within the red lines

First star in the list, Spiculum, also Polis, lie on the bow of Sagittarius. Nunki lies on the vane of the Archer's arrow. Sham lies on the shaft of the arrow. The Kaus stars are in the bow area too. Rukbat lies on the horse's front knee, the two Arkabs in the area of the horse's front hoof. Manubrium is close to the Archer's right ear. Albaldah is on the back of the Archer's head. Ascella is found near the Archer's armpit.

Vega(aka Wega) (a Behenian Star), Sheliak and Sulaphat are part of The Lyre constellation.

Tarazed lies on the back of the Eagle of constellation Aquila, Dheneb is on the Eagle's tail.

Last star in the above list, Albireo is situated on the beak of Cygnus the Swan.

 Hat-tip here

Peacock (conjunct my own natal Mercury) is part of constellation Pavo in the Peacock's tail.

Influences: Pavo is said to give vanity and love of display, together with a long life and sometimes fame. [Robson*, p.55.] Well alright - I'll cop to some of that. I've been know to be a tad vain in my time! No fame though, and how long will be my life is yet to be determined.

A further look at Vega. I noted its inclusion in the natal chart of Neil Diamond some years ago when I wrote about him.
Venus, planet of music lay conjunct fortunate Fixed Star Vega as Neil Diamond was born. This star was said by ancient astrologers to bestow artistic talent.

It's worth noting that the planets involved with Vega are Venus and Mercury, and the star is conjunct Venus in Neil's chart. While the Behenian Stars were used in magical applications rather than interpretation of a natal chart, it's not too big a stretch to consider that there could be an interesting connection to Neil's artistic talent as both songwriter and performer.

Fixed star Vega, and others mentioned in this post, figured in the natal chart of famous poet Percy Bysshe Shelley (there's a relevant piece at Skyscript)
Ascella (nature: Mercury & Jupiter), then at 10° Capricorn 38, was close by longitude and latitude, promising good fortune and success in literary pursuits. The benefic Mercury/Venus star Vega, from the artistic constellation Lyra, was closely conjunct his Midheaven at 12° Capricorn 25, bringing refinement, hope and idealism into his work. The closest star by longitude and latitude was Manubrium from the constellation Sagittarius, at 1 2° Capricorn 06. Its influence combines the nature of the Sun and Mars, giving a dynamic flair to Shelley's writing that made it compelling and controversial at the same time. Several of his best works are satirical and critical in stance and, true to his Sun / Uranus conjunction, he was never prepared to bow to convention.

A fun section at the website
has this:
Vegans Roll 'n' Rock
In the sci-fi novel and film Contact by Dr Carl Sagan, the extra-terrestrial message received by Earth hails from the Lyra constellation, specifically the Vegan stellar system. The heroine of the story, Dr Ellie Arroway travels to some distant galaxy via an intergalactic wormhole routing station of sorts near Vega.

Chevrolet launched a 'Vega' model in 1971, but the star had an earlier car named after it, one of the most beautiful of the classic cars, the Facel Vega from the 1950s.

In the Star Trek universe there are many mentions of a human settlement cohabiting with native Vegans.

There is a Russian counter-terrorism unit called Vympel (Vega Group).

In the Foundation universe created by Isaac Asimov, one of the planets is called Vega.

Places which took its name are: Vega in Bulgaria; Vega in Norway; Vega in Sweden and Vega in Texas.


Sonny G said...

Just popping in to say Hi.

everything Christmas decor related is down except for the tree with lights. when they get turned off on dec. 31 when I go to bed, it'll be put away shortly after I wake and have my coffee.
In the mean time , drapes n pillows to be made and decor changed out for the winter season.

I'll be watching for all the interesting comments your post gets.
have a great day

mike said...

I'm devoid of Capricorn planets, so not much to say here in terms of personal, natal, fixed star influences.

Polis, Nunki & Ascella, and Sheliak are conjunct your Sun, Venus, and Mercury, respectively, Sonny. Can you feel the star power?!

The Facel Vega automobiles were quite a head-turner back in my younger days...many movie stars and the elite were so often photographed in their Facel. Ringo had one and I believe it's shown on one of the Beatles' album covers.

mike (again) said...

I perused Beatles' album covers, but no Facel Vega. I did find this article about Ringo's, which sold for a staggering amount:

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Goodness me - you're quick off the mark on the de-Christmasing front! :-)
I've put a few items away today, just to tidy up a little, the rest will disappear at the weekend, leaving only the odd greetings card and some seasonal stems until Twelfth Night (for luck).

Sonny G said...

somethings going on and I am in HIGH GEAR:) mentally and physically.. I woke straight up at 4:03 as in my dreams I saw how my rooms should look thru winter and by 5:02 ::both (7) moments, which are special for me:: I began... at 8:35 the phone rang, it was a new doll customer- who got my number from a previous client and ordered the doll she wanted- very precise about its details. I'll begin it tommorrow morning..
the art is changed out- new drapes are made and hung- coffee table decor is at 70% completed, kitchen is cleaned and the pork roast is cooked and resting in the cock pot on low..
PLUS, I have a FEELING like something really good is about to happen- though it will require some sort of change on my part.. if I accept the change willingly, the outcome will be good. just not sure what it is or what the change is yet:) My FEELINGS always come to pass, I'm just never privy in advance as to WHAT anything might be..

is any of that what you meant about feeling the planetary energies?

Sonny G said...

the twinkle lights will stay on till the night of Jan. 5th.. so yes, I too follow the 12th Night theory. One of my Auntie's is Greek Orthodox for the Epiphany is very important, as she taught me.
I am wishing all of us the most wonderful year ever in 2016. we deserve it~!! giggle

Twilight said...

mike ~ I'd never heard of the Facel Vega car, but looked at photos online just now - yes, very fancy - for its day. Asked husband about a Beatles album cover as he's well versed in Beatles stuff, but he'd never heard of the Facel Vega, and couldn't think of any of their album covers with a prominent car picture on it. Maybe the car appears on some album cover of some other group and the legend has become muddled over time.

We stayed in a motel in Vega, Texas once, years ago, on the way west. It's a tiny town about half an hour west of Amarillo. It was a Saturday night, I recall, and on Sunday morning we looked to find a gas station in Vega before heading out, but the only one in the tiny town was closed. Ever since, when travelling in that direction, we've made a point of driving on a bit further, to Tucumcari NM, before an overnight stop.

Sonny G said...

oh yea, Mike.. I followed that link you added about the vega and on the side column of that page it had another post:most Hideous Cars ever made.. well , of course, I had one of them lol.. The Pacer- different year than the model they showed up still- oh yea babe- Pacer:) I always called it my Adam Ant car. I do remember loving the fact that the windows were large and it was so easy to see out of all the way around.

mike (again) said...

I re-packed my singular Xmas light the day kind of putting away the decorations...easy-peasy!

I'd never heard of Vega, TX, until today's post, Twilight, but TX is full of obscure, small towns with peculiar names. Got me thinking about Las Vegas, which in Spanish translates to meadows, low lands, fertile, and flat, according to several online sources...vega is one meadow, vegas is more than one.

Sonny - You must drink lots of sound like energy plus. Not to make fun at your expense, but I enjoyed your COCK pot've mentioned your feminist tendencies prior, but this is taking it over the border...LOL. No implication on my "star power" remark other than the correlation of your planets conjunct fixed stars. However, the last full Moon touched your planets and the new Moon on January 9th will, too. Transiting Mars has just crossed your ascendant and is now in your first house, which makes you a dynamo...enjoy the added energy. Venus is fresh into your second house, making extra income possible. Transiting Sun just opposed your natal Uranus, providing flashes of insight...Sun will conjunct you Venus and oppose your Moon in four days, so you will be feeling creative, yet require some TLC at that time. Transiting Mercury will retrograde right on your fourth house cusp and retrograde over your Mercury, then forward over your Mercury again...all in the third house ruled by Mercury, so be careful with contracts, words, siblings, neighbors...things may be on hold until mid-February.

mike (again) said...

Peruvian shaman 2016 predictions (it's in your language, Twilight):

Sonny G said...

thanks for letting me know all that Mike. I've been concerned for about a week that maybe my meds had stopped working and I was going back into manic mood..

umm about that cock pot- omg lol lol this is what happens when I dont read my comment before I hit- POST:)
I signed up for the 5 star report from Cainer last week, very interesting but of course its nothing like when you tell about things.

Just want to say ,Mike I really appreciate your sharing information about my chart. I will watch what I say and to whom I say it..

Sonny G said...

ok sheesh- I meant-- Manic Mode... I'll hush now:)

Sonny G said...

I listened to the Shaman link, Mike.. yeaaaaaaaaaaaa he said TrumpetMouth WON"T be president.. now thats what I call, GREAT NEWS~!

Twilight said...

mike (+ Sonny) ~ Along with Sonny's accidental "cock-pot", the Shaman's dubbed South African accent in that video sounded, at one point, as though he'd said "wrongful and unnecessary dicks" LOL!

Hope he's right about The Big D. El Cruz would be just as bad though, if not worse!

There are some bits and piece of predictions for 2016 from Mountain Astrologer: - some mention Capricorn in particular, Sonny.

Sonny G said...

that Mountain Astrologer link was great fun as he had so many other links to follow also.

I'll have to admit listening to the pod cast made me a bit nervous but I'll just pray for the best and prepare for what might not be lol..

as for Cruz:( grrrrrrrrrrr he sets me teeth on edge just to look at him. I never trust anyone who's nose almost hits their top lip. Not sure what the face reading experts would say about it but for me its a sign of ewwwwwwwwwwwww and nothing good.

mike (again) said...

LOL, Twilight! "Wrongful and unnecessary dicks" would make a good acronym for texting: WUD...many possible uses. Very apropos in describing The Donald and so many of the alpha males in politics that have corporations as their dominatrix.

I hadn't seen the "Mountain Astrologer" 2016 article, so thanks for that. I read the page and now I'll follow some of the links provided.

I recently looked at Election Day and Inauguration Day. Election Day, Nov 8, 2016, will find Neptune conjunct the S Node and Saturn will be at the nodal midpoint (responsibility and-or structure at a crossroad). Voters will be drawn to the Neptune-S Node implication of the past. Interestingly, Uranus-Pluto will achieve 9* of separation from square in July, 2016, but Inauguration Day will find Uranus-Pluto 3* from square, due to Uranus' retrograde in the last months of 2016. That will be the last time Uranus-Pluto are that close, as the aspect fades very rapidly into late spring, 2017. The Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune T-sq will be strong at that time, too. The electorate will not be at peace. I thought the quotation from Lorna Bevin [didn't know of her CIA site...I know her from her "Hare in the Moon" site] was interesting...that we are in cosmic flux in 2016...feels that way to me right now. Election Day Inauguration Day

Twilight said...

Sonny & mike~ Whichever way the primaries and the General election go, some people are going to be really, really, really annoyed - possibly even more so than usual at such times.

I'm convinced that the outcome of whether there'll be more terrorist attacks either in the US or Europe between now and either election will feed in strongly to how people will vote - even if they think they know, now, how they will be voting.

Yes, not only cosmic flux but Earthly, human flux too!