Thursday, February 05, 2009

Aquarian Neil Diamond To Be Honored

Something else I heard on the car radio while travelling back from San Antonio sparked my interest: Neil Diamond is to be honored at the Grammy Awards, this weekend.
"Diamond is being honored as the MusiCares Person of the Year in recognition of his exceptional artistic achievements as well as his philanthropic work, which has included many generous charitable donations over the years. Most recently, Diamond has been donating 100 percent of merchandise sales from his October concerts in Houston, Dallas and Oklahoma City to the hurricane relief efforts in Texas for areas ravaged by Hurricane Ike."(Here)

I've written about Neil's natal chart before, in 2007, so these few lines are by way of an update.

Neil is benefitting just now from Jupiter transiting very close to his natal Sun. The lucky planet will move on to transit his natal Mercury next month. Generous Jupiter had conjoined his natal Venus in Capricorn last October, during the concert tour mentioned in the extract above. The recent solar eclipse occurred within a couple of degrees of his natal Sun; whether we shall be aware of any changes Neil experiences, which could be related to this, remains to be seen.

One more tidbit I now notice in addition to what was posted in 2007: Venus, planet of music lay conjunct fortunate Fixed Star Vega as Neil was born. This star was said by ancient astrologers to bestow artistic talent. Vega is also a Behenian Star -
"The Behenian fixed stars are a selection of fifteen stars considered especially useful for magical applications in the medieval astrology of Europe and the Arab world. Their name derives from Arabic bahman, "root," as each was considered a source of astrological power for one or more planets." (See here).

It's worth noting that the planets involved with Vega are Venus and Mercury, and the star is conjunct Venus in Neil's chart. While the Behenian Stars were used in magical applications rather than interpretation of a natal chart, it's not too big a stretch to consider that there could be an interesting connection to Neil's artistic talent as both songwriter and performer.

Neil sings "Play Me" in the video below - what else on an astrology blog?
You are the Sun
I am the Moon
You are the words
I am the tune

Elsewhere in the lyrics is a line which causes the husband to tear out some of his remaining hair - "Song she brang to me".
"He can't say "brang" - not even with poetic licence", says he.
"Yes he can", says I, "Neil Diamond can do no wrong!"

He can still curl my toes!


Unknown said...

Interesting comment on the Behenian Stars, though I would like to ask something.

On AN's blog yesterday you said in your comment that you don't believe astrology is the occult and yet the Wikipedia entry refers to the occult and magical associations with these stars. Am I missing something here?

Surely in the ancient traditions astrology, alchemy, occult and other practices overlapped, went hand in hand?

Apart from Algol, I have Vega on my Ascendant. I like Neil Diamond's music though I wouldn't describe myself as a fan. I don't have any CDs but will sing along to his songs if they come up on the radio.

Twilight said...

Rossa~~~ I was going to go back to AN's blog and comment again, but decided against it.

Hmmm - let's see - personally I see astrology as quite different from all occult stuff. Occult means "hidden" - astrology isn't hidden - it's there for anyone to use if they spend time learning the basic principles.

We don't know how it works, but it works a lot of the time, and one day, I'm confident that the reason will become clear.

Astrology arose originally from astronomy - which is definitely not part of the occult. Astronomers were often also astrologers in the distant past - maybe not all that distant, come to think of it.

When astrologers interpret or predict they need an ephemeris to calculate positions of the planets (or nowadays astrology software).
It's not an intuitive thing like reading palms or phrenology or reading the future from tea leaves, or from the entrails of a goat, or like obtaining messages via an ouija board.

What astrologers are able to say about a person or a situation is guided solely by the movement and cycles of the planets. They can use intuition to put their comments into context for a client, but planetary positions have "given" meanings within fairly tight parameters. If a planet isn't in a certain position, the astrologer cannot make up something to fit the situation...or intuit something more suitable.

The magical connection, I think, is something which occultists, wiccans etc used/use to help their work - if they cast a "spell" they wanted to do it in the right kind of atmosphere for it to be successful. They'd use information available from astrology, just as they might use information available from a weather forecast to make sure their bonfire wouldn't be put out by rain.

Alchemists attributed metals to planets, so in that way it was associated with astrology, and astrologers might well have practiced alchemy in the distant past. In those days there were very few highly educated individuals around, and those who had education and knowledge tended to dabble in everything available to them, I guess.

I don't know whether I'm making sense's not easy to explain and I can see why many people do connect astrology to the occult. But to me it's as clear as crystal that astrology is something quite different.

Skeptics/sceptics like to lump astrology in with other stuff they delight in discrediting, without spending time and effort to do a little research on the subject.

I'm confident that the bare bones of astrology will one day be validated (not all of what astrologers do, but the basic principle). That's via my own intuition or instinct....or something! :-)

anthonynorth said...

I like Diamond, but was a bit disappointed with him at last year's Glastonbury Festival. I was looking forward to all his old hits - he was booked in the 'nostalgia' slot - and most of his stuff was from his new album. A shame.
I won't join the 'astrology as ocuult or not' debate here, as I can see it is down to various interpretations. Maybe a better term for all these disciplines would be 'esoteric sciences or arts'.

Twilight said...

Hi AN! ~~~ Hmmmm - I'd have been disappointed too. I suppose Neil was using the engagement to sell his wares, as they do on TV chat shows nowadays. He has written so many superb songs. I don't think he gets suficient credit - probably because he wasn't one of the gang who ripped up hotel rooms,needed rehab-ing, etc. Not cool enough for some perhaps, but fine for me! :-)

Re astrology/occult/esoteric - we shall have to agree to disagree, for I don't even class it as esoteric. There's no secrecy about it, it's not for the chosen few - if I can do it anybody can do it. I taught myself. It's as open as the sky. It's a part of nature and nature is neither occult nor esoteric. This just is my opinion, and I do respect your views AN. :-)

anthonynorth said...

That's what debate is all about / Disagreeing without falling out / Having our own specific views / That way, knowledge we infuse

Sorry about that. Blame Twitter. I'm getting addicted to short poetry :-)

Twilight said...

AN ~~~ Short verse/Is no worse/Than long/Song. ;-)

Agreed - there's no concrete answer to the topic under consideration, it's all a matter of personal perception. :-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for such a comprehensive answer, Twilight. I agree with what you have said and it does make sense (maybe an Aquarian

By the way there is always the