Friday, December 18, 2015

Seasonal Arty Farty-ish Friday - at Home

Our usual Christmas bits and pieces, all but one bought from thrift or junk/vintage stores over the years. The red piece on the mantle shelf came from Hobby Lobby's sale years ago, before I fell out with them. (No lights.)
Living room (part of) - Random collection of "stuff" annually stuffed into my tall golden vase which houses anything seasonal I can get hold of.

After that photo was taken a little dream catcher has been added:

A pretty silver ornamental pretend tree which once upon a day lit up - I rescued it in a junk store for $4 - it no longer lights but I think it feels grateful to be off a dusty top shelf in a junk store.

My "Black Magic Woman" gets to hold some faux greenery and berries:

Not quite le tout ensemble - can't fit the rest in:

Outside - on front porch a home-made wreath and a Santa who wobbles merrily on his spring; an old wooden Santa hangs on a side wall - he always looks rather surprised at being woken from his 11 month sleep.


Sonny G said...

all that gold and glitter.. yep, thats Christmas your way and it looks very festive.

anyjazz said...

You have a real flair for that sort of thing. You can remember the decorations that you have from year to year and know where to put them around the room to make the best effect.

mike said...

Very nice! I mentioned previously that I have one fluorescent Xmas tree (15 watt, about six inches tall, four inches wide) in my upstairs, bathroom radiates a lot of light and can be seen for a distance. That's it for me. I have decorations, but the desire is lacking, more specifically, the nagging effort to remove them come January out-weighs the effort to install them...LOL. Several of my neighbors are over-the-top Xmas decorators, with fully decorated trees in virtually every room and window, with many stand-alone accessory scenes like you have, plus fully loaded, outside displays. Two neighbors have so many Xmas decorations that they have rooms dedicated to storage of those items.

As I mentioned in your post yesterday, I had a childhood replete in glitz, glamour, flashy, brilliant, Xmas displays. I stopped purchasing once-living, real Xmas trees years ago in favor of a potted Norfolk pine, which I decorated year after year. Then one year, a deep freeze killed it and I've forgone the Xmas tree ever since, except for my first year here in TX when I decorated several dead tree branches, which turned-out spectacular.

I think decorating, somewhat like making whole meals every night, is more desirable when living with another person(s) or having company for the holiday. I can justify not decorating (or cooking), because I don't care and it's only myself...too much effort. I do enjoy other people's splendor of lights and ornaments.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - What's the story behind the gold, spiral vase? I like it. It's unusual.

Sonny G said...

mike , annie and anyjazz

ya'll are welcome to come here and enjoy all the lights and decorations, good food and lively chatter.. then ya'll can go home with a smile and I'll happily clean it all up, and store the rest away....

Sonny G said...

yea.. Annie,
I'd like to know more about the Magic Woman?

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Thank you kindly - and for the sweet invitation. If you were nearer we'd be there for sure! :-)

Re my "Black Magic Woman" - I bought her years ago in an antique store where she was sitting, dirty and dusty. The store owner said she used to belong to his wife who used to deck her with hats and stuff (TSK!!) There are a few old posts mentioning her, because several people in the past let me know, via comments, that they also had a Black Magic Woman. I'll leave the links here. She's a piece from a company called "Austin Productions" mine's dated 1972, and by "Morfy". Others are slightly different. I've received comments and queries about her from time to time since the first post mentioning her in 2008.

Twilight said...

Anyjazz ~ Thanks - I like to mark the changing seasons somehow. :-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thank you! I do understand what you mean about seasonal decorating or making other efforts when living alone. These bits and pieces of ours are just a minimalist nod to the season really, compared to full-on Christmas decor - outside lights etc.

Re the gold vase - I bought it in an antique/vintage store somewhere (don't recall exactly where) on our travels some years ago. Loved it on first sight. It's nice and tall - which is needed in our living room due to the (ahem) what realtors call "cathedral ceiling" (LOL!!) Normal sized stuff seems to disappear. I keep it there all year with something vaguely appropriate to the time of year stuffed into it. When I bought it, it had tall red twigs in it which the storekeeper gave me as a bonus, and are still in there somewhere :-)