Monday, December 07, 2015

Music Monday ~ Sinatra Centenary This Week

12 December 2015 will be the 100th anniversary of the birth, in 1915,
of Francis Albert Sinatra. As stated in my post about Sinatra in 2011, I have idolised him since the 1960s. Appreciation of his singing was possibly the only thing I took from my first short and disastrous marriage to an Italian guy. Fortunately, both of my subsequent long-term partners have shared my love of Sinatra's music. It wasn't a prerequisite, it just seemed to happen that way - and it worked out well both times!

More from the 2011 post:

Sinatra turns every song he performs into a work of art. I use the present tense advisedly. For me, he will never die. The wonderful lyrics of Sammy Cahn, Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter and their ilk come instantly to life sung by Sinatra. His magic embellishes less classic offerings with a quality they perhaps do not deserve. He is able to take modern classics by Lennon and McCartney, George Harrison, Neil Diamond, Kris Kristofferson, etc. and turn them golden in a different way.

Frank Sinatra, in my eyes, could do no wrong. I am not interested in the scandals. What he did and does for his audience, while singing or acting (he was no slouch as an actor too, by the way) is all that matters.

"That old black magic" has me in its spell again and again whenever I watch a DVD of his shows or listen to one of his albums.

I have a theory that people are attracted to entertainers, writers, musicians, actors, well-known figures whose charts contain some correlation with their own. By some peculiar means we are able to "sense" the connection, even via screen, audio, or literature. I've found in my own experience that the clearest and longest lasting attractions involve the closest astrological connections.

Note: when commenter mike recently alerted me to the fact that there were several links between my own natal chart and that of Frank Sinatra, I'd forgotten that I'd been aware of these, or some of them, when writing the 2011 post.

My theory holds good in Sinatra's case. His Sun was at 19.13* Sagittarius conjoins my Venus at 19.59* Sagittarius ! His Mercury is at 17* Sagittarius too. His Moon at 5.07 Pisces conjoins my natal Jupiter at 6.03 Pisces.

"It's such an ancient pitch, But one I wouldn't switch, 'Cos there's no nicer witch than.........."

Commenter Gian Paul, back in 2011 observed that
"Neptune conjunct his MC early in Leo certainly must have "had a word" in him becoming a singer (instead of maybe a trumpetist). No doubt the songs he left us with (and especially the more sensitive women in this world) were engulfing. And they were not just "illusion" (Neptune). His unfortunate Saturn in 69, opposing his natal Venus, but trine Jupiter in Pisces, give him that heartfelt quality which pardons all the "Frankie he was".
The videos I posted back in 2011 have now all gone dark, possibly due to more stringent copyright purges since then. A few replacements - not yer usual Sinatra numbers, but some I especially like which may be generally less well-known:

The Song of the Sabia

I first heard this on a set of 3 cassette tapes I had, back in the UK, but lost them in our Great Fire of 1996. I never did find an exact replacement. This song remained in my memory; I was so happy to find it again on YouTube:
"All the plans I made to deceive myself, all the roads I made just to lose myself, all the love I made to forget myself, those mistakes I made just to find myself..."


Astrology buffs know a thing or two about these!

A lovely song featured on one of his later CDs

You Will Be My Music

Music was Sinatra's highlight, movies were but a side-light for him, and they weren't all glitz and fizz. He starred in some darn good films, think From Here to Eternity, The Manchurian Candidate, The Man with the Golden Arm, The Joker is Wild, None but the Brave.....


Sonny G said...

aaaaa Frankie..

my mother didn't like him, so score one for the fact I spent a lot of time with my Aunt:)
see there's a silver lining to every cloud.. the reasons I was with my Aunt weren't good but oh how she loved me and shared her love of museums, music, open mindedness and spirituality.
With her I was free to be my authentic self,, the child who KNEW THINGS. Not only didn't she chastise me for it- she encouraged it.. There never was and still isn't a way to thank her for that gift..

She saw Frankie many times when he sang in Hoboken NJ in the '40s and would tell me stories about him.
She'd married a man named Rocco Florio which is why I spent so much of my young years with Italians. I learned their old country ways and cooking methods- recipes and just to look at the world as an amazing opportunity.
Frankie an his music was a part of that.. Dean too:) I can close my eyes and be right back in her kitchen , the scents of the food, the conversations and the Music..

thank you for this wonderful stroll down memory lane, Annie.

Sonny G said...


Annie or Mike

what's the best astro program I can purchase that would do synestry charts?

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Ooooh- the scents, and taste of proper Italian food - that's something I'll never forget (proper Italian though -not yer average Italian restaurant food in these parts!)

How wonderful to have known someone who had actually seen Sinatra!

Re best astro programme for synastry charts/reports - I've only ever owned Matrix Winstar. The full software did have synastry charts available, though I never did use them. Most full astro software (can be very expensive) will have them available, but I don't know about quality. There's a free prog online here if you'd like just to try one or two:

mike said...

I never fully embraced Frank as a singer, though I did enjoy some of the films he was in, usually with fellow rat-packers. He always had the cloud of controversy about him, which I'll assume is Neptune on the midheaven, particularly with that Neptune at the midpoint of Mars-Pluto sextile. Fame and fortune through Neptune, but tainted with the Scorpionic Mar-Pluto rulers (underground = mafia). His Uranus is one final dispositor and stands alone in the 4th house...Jupiter in Pisces 5th house of creativity disposits all of his other planets, including his MC Neptune, modern Pisces ruler, accentuating his wide appeal in music and film by virtue of his talents (5th house). His fourth house Uranus is interesting, as it would have made his personal affairs extremely private and controversial, with many surprises and eruptions. A quality of the 4th house is to conceal and protect privacy and family, yet with Uranus' presence, it would be difficult at best.

We've discussed the semi-sextile aspect in several posts of yours, Twilight. You have a couple that bring you solace. I have a string of 'em that provide consternation from transiting aspects that set them off in various resonances. Frankie has them, too, which would have provided a bit of a balancing act for him, specially since one group is 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th houses...the other group is 9th and 10th houses.


Sonny - has exceptional software, but you'll pay a high price ($360) for it and it has many advanced features that you'll probably never use. It does allow one to copy and paste all of their reports...their interpretations for all chart types and aspects is very good. Cheaper software usually will not allow reports to be copied, should you wish to email to someone, and the interpretations are lacking substance. Why are you ignoring the FREE synastry features of and I tried downloading several shareware (free) software online, but none were compatible with my upgraded Windows10.

Synastry is simply looking at the aspects between the planetary positions of two charts. That's the easy part. Interpreting the aspects is more difficult. There is SO much information online that is free, whether a simple planetary aspect in one chart, or the synastry aspects between charts. It takes a little work doing the searching and reading, but it's FREE.

You seem resistant to learning astrology, Sonny, but it truly isn't that difficult and it allows you to fully understand the intricacies. Casting a chart is as simple as entering birth information on the computer. When I started learning astrology 50 years ago, casting a chart required calculations and special books (ephemeris for the birth year and a book of houses), and was tedious from start to finish. So easy now!

Sonny G said...

thanks Annie.. I followed the link and got just what I wanted-- thats great.. ~!! I saved it to my favs bar..

Sonny G said...

I don't believe I'm resistant at all. I have looked all over the net and I do look things up as best I know how.. I , of course, don't have decades of experience in this subject but I am trying to learn. I hoped with some software I could do exactly what I did with the link Annie sent me.. However , my transits or others , would likely be somewhere else- or on software that I could use whenever I wanted..

sommetimes I feel it would be best not to ask any astro questions here as both you and Annie are so advanced and trying to deal with a beginner is no doubt annoying.

I have much to add in my comments to Annie's post without getting into the astrological aspects of it.. I think thats what I'll do , henseforth.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for the additional astrological input. Sinatra had an amazingly amorous and adventurous life - did it "His Way", and succeeded. As I've said, for me he could do no wrong, but I do realise his style was not for everyone. :-)

His chart is a loose see-saw pattern isn't it - just noticed that. Difficult planets at the top balanced by all others below. I'd translate that as him having a strong underpinning which helped in dealing with the many difficulties and frustrations he'd be bound to encounter in a long and successful show-biz life in the spotlight.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Glad it worked! No, Sonny, I'm nowhere near advanced in astrology.
I mainly have taught myself what I know, with the addition of a short course purchased online (just a set of lessons to read and do question and answer stuff). After that I read regularly, and contributed occasionally to astrology message boards and forums for some years.

I have (what I see as) a healthy disregard for some astrological lore, and follow only what feels right to me. I dislike those print-outs that come with some astrology software - if you ever consider buying astro software I'd give those interpretation print-outs a miss.

To be honest, I don't think software would help right now. A little more general astro knowledge first, get to feeling comfortable with the glyphs and general chart layout at least. I'd go for information in books initially, and reading online, until you feel a wee bit more "into it" - after feeling comfortably familiar with the chart, glyphs etc, software can help.

Sonny G said...

ok Annie..

you are right:-) I've made it this far with no major errors so likely I can keep doing so with the intuition I was born with, coupled now with many years of life experience.

I'll look around more at the free sites you and Mike have mentioned .. Might be all I need to know in those..

thank you

ps= wow, that was quick. My Love Cards and Destiny Cards books arrived this morning. They are in excellent condition.. I'll delve into those..

mike (again) said...

Sonny - It appears that I've offended you, which I didn't intend. Something to notice with astrology is that each individual has their own assessment-interpretation of a natal chart and associated aspects. My interpretation may not be Twilight's and yours could be entirely different from either of ours. There is a risk involved when astrologically advising another individual, so I'm always a bit reflexive when doing so. It's always fun to throw-in my two-cents when discussing someone like Sinatra, as it makes no difference to his outcome (too late, RIP!). It's different when the person is breathing...LOL. I typically prefer to be taken seriously when it comes to my personal thought processes, but astrology is one area that I know from experience can have multiple interpretations and outcomes, with all, none, or something in between being correct. As Twilight and I have both acknowledged, astrology is a valuable tool, but only in retrospect can the energies be truly evaluated. I enjoy dabbling in astrology and I long ago decided to not become anything more than a novice, as there is a lot of inherent responsibility when advising others.

Sonny G said...

thank you Mike..

I'll go to the sites you mentioned and look for my transits. I have 2 particular times that were life changing and I'd just like to see where things we're as to my chart and read the interprations. I have wondered about this for many many years. of course, also wondering if another such moment might be in my future.. so I shall seek and hopefully find the answers.