Monday, August 31, 2015

Music Monday ~ Hugo Montenegro - "The Quadfather"

Hugo Montegro, described (HERE) as "One of the great chameleons of space-age pop, Montenegro could be wild, innovative, swinging, sedate, tame, or mundane, depending on what the contract called for. ......"

He was born on 2 September 1925, in New York City; died in early 1981.

Most will know Montenegro best from his 1968 recording of Ennio Morricone's theme from the classical Sergio Leone spaghetti Western, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, featuring whistling by Muzzy Marcellino. It was an international hit.

He rose to recognition through his work as a film and television composer and introduced the use of synthesizers to movie and television soundtracks. In the early 1970s Montenegro became known in some circles as "The Quadfather", due to his pioneering work in quadrasonic recording. He began to do research into psychoacoustics. He had realized the potential of quadrasonic sound, and believed he could use the technique to create a complete circle of sound, motion in every direction, as well as a feeling of spaciousness. Having discovered the tricks and techniques to composing music for quadrasonic sound he produced the first ever four-channel pop album, Love Theme from the Godfather, hence his nickname "The Quadfather."
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I'll not dive into his natal chart too far - but will just note a sextile chain linking
Jupiter to Saturn to Sun/Mars to Pluto. I'm not sure what such chains indicate, other than some kind of natural coordination in the native. Perhaps in Montenegro's case, an inbuilt sense of rhythm?

If only Uranus (new ideas) and Jupiter (expansion) were a little closer - close enough to be in sextile, there'd be a nice Yod with its apex at Neptune/Mercury (imagination, creativity, communication). Maybe Moon forms a sextile with Jupiter instead though - not as good but it'd still produce a nice Yod. Without time of birth this remains unknown.


mike said...

You had a previous post regarding the positives of semi-sextiles, to which I commented that semi-sextiles are prone to aberrant behavior either through natal and-or transiting aspects [ ]. When one planet in a semi-sextile is favorably aspected, the other is often negatively aspected. Montenegro's sextiles are interspersed with semi-sextiles of Venus to Mars and Saturn, and Uranus to Chiron. Notice that Venus forms a T-square with Jupiter and Pluto, which greatly affects the entirety of the semi-sextiles and sextiles of his natal chart. Montenegro's natal chart indicates that he was very susceptible to transiting planets forming yods, one after the other from Capricorn through Aries. His monthly lunar cycles must have been interesting...LOL. Much of his music has a strange nervousness quality and some have instruments that almost "talk" and vocals that sound like instruments, such as "The Elephant Walk" [ ].

Twilight said...

mike ~ Hmmm - thanks for reminding me of that post from last year - I liked the snips in it from astrologers, and the comments from you and LB. :-)

Matthew Currie had a nice post on sextiles not long ago -

Interesting points you've made about potentialities of sextiles and semis.

"Splash" charts are prone to having sextiles and semi-sextiles present, I guess - and lots of inter-related aspects. Sometimes sextiles link up to form what my software calls a "seer" formation. I thought I'd written about that somewhere in the past, can find it mentioned only in this post:

Also, isn't that formation they called "harmonic convergence" made up basically of a ring of sextiles? Or am I off mark - haven't finished my coffee #1 yet!

I agree that Montenegro's music is often other-worldly, very clever stuff though!