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Online astrologers have recently been regaling us with theories of how Jupiter's recent move, from Leo into Virgo, will "affect", or be reflected in, both mundane and personal ways.

Jupiter takes around a year to travel through a zodiac sign. To find out whether Jupiter's previous transit through Virgo brought anything of note into one's personal world or into the world at large, there's a list of Jupiter transits through signs at Dr.Standley.com, here:

The last Jup/Virg meetup was during late August 2003 to late September 2004. Well now...during that time (in August '03) I was involved in sorting out a "doable" visa/ route for me to emigrate UK to USA, were anyjazz and I to decide to marry; then (September '04) having got me a visa and married Himself, we were embroiled in selling the house in the UK where I then lived, and getting rid of most of my "stuff". I don't think Jupiter in Virgo had much to do with any of that, to be honest, but who knows? It's coincidental though.

By Sun Sign, several astrologers have predictions for us all. Not to be self-indulgent, but simply as a guinea pig test, here's a sample of mine - Aquarius Sun:
Aquarius: (at astrostyle.com)
Under the radar? While Aquarians aren’t exactly the hermit type, Jupiter’s move into your intense and intimate eighth house could find you consumed by research or a new obsessive interest. This could be a bountiful year for joint ventures, investments, real estate, spirituality, sex and marriage (yes, the eighth house rules all of these things). Is it time to make things official? You could make a large sum of money through a smart investment, a sale of assets, an inheritance, a divorce settlement or royalties. Think: passive income.

Aquarius (at harpersbazaar.com - by Jennifer Angel)
You connect with people who have expertise of business and monetary matters, people who can help you build security through clever financial knowhow. Business partnerships are favored. This placement of Jupiter in your chart can also indicate an inheritance or lucky windfall, but above all, it implies support, or benefit from other peoples' resources. Your life can become richer with a greater understanding of life itself. During this transit, relationships can be physically rewarding with a sensual chemistry connection.
Hmmm - notice the word "inheritance" in both. Interesting! Regular readers will know why.

Virgo in my natal chart, by the way, contains only Neptune at 23*, in 4th house, probably. Neptune is in trine to Mercury in Capricorn and (rather widely) to Uranus in Taurus. My natal Jupiter is at 6* Pisces in exact semi-sextile to Aquarius Sun.

The Oxford Astrologer wrote:
• Jupiter in detriment in Virgo opposes Neptune empowered in Pisces, and that aspect is functioning right now. It’s a fascinating one because Jupiter and Neptune are both rulers of Pisces, and here they are pulling opposite directions on the wheel of the Zodiac, with one side much stronger than the other. The last time this aspect happened was 27 Aug 1849: it’s rare.
Look at the axis of Pisces-Virgo in your chart and planets around 8° Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius. The aspect becomes exact in mid-September and carries on until early October. There is only one hit, so pay attention around September 17.

Anyone else have Jupiter in Virgo stories or "great expectations"?


mike said...

2003 through 2004 was a different world! Astrologically, Pluto was in Sagittarius squaring Jupiter in Virgo...Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius, so an enhanced difficult aspect. Uranus opposed Jupiter in very late Aquarius-Leo and continued into the early degrees of Pisces-Virgo, but in separation. Uranus in Pisces was in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius at the time, too, and Neptune was inconjunct Jupiter. The Nodes were in Taurus-Scorpio then.

North Node will enter Virgo in two months and conjunct Jupiter next June. Pluto will be trine Jupiter. Neptune opposes Jupiter and Uranus is inconjunct this time. Saturn will be squaring Jupiter from Sagittarius.

Comparing the 2003-2004 Jupiter aspects to the current 2015-2016, it seems that there is finish work from twelve years ago. A repeating of the same sign aspects, but with different outer planets in play this time around.

All of this is moving us toward the inevitable meeting of Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto in late Capricorn and very early Aquarius in 2020, Jupiter-Saturn conjunction exact at 0* Aquarius, December 21, 2020. Jupiter and Saturn will both be forward, retrograde, then forward, conjunct Pluto throughout most of 2020. What does it mean?!

Astrologer Michael Lutin has stated that some individuals correspond more to their natal chart, while others correspond to their solar chart. I always blend the two for my purveyance of the planets. The very same planetary positions and aspects will be in effect for either chart type, but the houses will vary. Pick and choose...LOL.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Different world 2003-4? - It sure was, in so many ways! Your point about different positions of outer planets now, in 2015-16, is key to making any sense of this. The Sun sign predictions for Jupiter in Virgo will signify only a fairly broad "flavour" of related experiences/events.

I'm not too keen to speculate on what the 2020 configuration could signify - for obvious reasons - the stars might be showing me the Exit door! LOL! But in mundane matters that's when a real revolution of some kind would be most likely, whether forced by environmental issues, or by We The People, worldwide, eventually finding their voices and demanding change.

Rash said...

Being a virgo i am reading so much stuff everywhere regarding the growth and expansion of virgos and larger than life moments and opportunities going to fall in all sectors specially money, relationships and career of virgos as jupiter entered virgo and other planets are also moving.

But i haven't experienced a single step of positive change in any area of life. Rather i am on a roller coaster ride since june july. I am wondering its with all virgos or only with me.??

I am just waiting desperately for a change and losing my all hope and faith. I am having my ascendant in leo and sun, venus and mars in virgo and jupiter Rx at 12 Pis 04' 22" and my neptune falls in 7Sag 00' 00". I am confused that If my jupiter is retrogade in my natal chart , will I not be benefited with the present transit of jupiter in virgo??? Is this the reason that inspite of changing position of planets my life is still stuck?

Kindly throw some light to help me to understand the real picture as per my position of planets.
I Don't know how to filter those too good to believe huge promising words of expectations and what to believe among loads of articles given on jupiter in virgo on internet. Looking forward for your great insight.

Twilight said...

Rash ~ Hello! Regular commenter mike is more experienced than I am in astrological matters, so if he comes by again today he might offer some suggestions. I'll say this though: The type of predictions presented by online astrologers, about such planetary moves as Jupiter into Virgo, have to be looked at as very broad brush strokes in a painting. Detail will not be apparent by staring closely at just this one position in your natal chart. It becomes just one part of (another metaphor) an orchestra of planetary music. I think you do appreciate this though.

I'm sorry you feel your circumstances are stagnating right now - you didn't mention where Saturn falls in your chart - that could be holding up any movement or development (it is in mine!) Also, don't forget that Jupiter has only been in Virgo for a very short time - there's almost a year yet to go for this transit. Watch for anything of note when Jupiter conjoins any of your Virgo planets.

LB said...

It's been said Jupiter expands whatever and wherever it touches. Sometimes Jupiter transits are 'lucky', sometimes they're hard and sometimes they're BOTH, though they always bring MORE of something. If Jupiter involves higher learning (and faith), then it makes sense since most of us learn more from our tough experiences than we do from the easy ones.

Jupiter transits can gift us with an extra dose of faith, optimism or (inner or outer) resources ~ either because we genuinely need more or because we only THINK we need more. With Jupiter in Virgo it can be about practical necessities, frugality, discernment, health issues, attention to details, service to others, etc. During Jupiter's last transit through Virgo, I took on additional family responsibilities and handled lots of details (natal Jupiter in the 3rd and ruler of my natal 4th house cusp and Saturn).

Tomorrow's Jupiter-Sun conjunction is conjunct my natal 12H Pluto and I'm already feeling it. I agree with mike that this latest transit of Jupiter in Virgo is connected to the last one. Also, how as Jupiter and other points form different aspects, its lessons will be a bit different this time around.

Anonymous said...

Kindly throw some light to help me to understand the real picture as per my position of planets.
I Don't know how to filter those too good to believe huge promising words of expectations and what to believe among loads of articles given on jupiter in virgo on internet. http://kquotes.com/

Twilight said...

LB ~ thanks for your observations on this. :-)

It can be tricky to sort out one transit from another, if more than one is affecting our natal charts. I'd say jupiter transits aren't "A" list matters - I'd put Pluto, Uranus and Saturn in that category - Neptune too I guess, but he's so foggy it's hard to tell. When one of those planets settles on a natal planet it'll be there for a long while, maybe even transiting back and forth making the transit and the stuff it brings seem never-ending. I've experienced a Pluto on Venus, and Uranus on Sun, and simply longed and longed for those transits to be over. Saturn transits can be frustrating but easier, for me anyway. Jupiter's transit, though a year in total, closely conjoins natal planets for a few weeks only - that's why I don't consider it as significant or difficult - or wonderful if in positive guise. Still interesting to watch what happens though.

Twilight said...

Soniya Khan ~ Hi there! Honestly - I think it's best to expect nothing, in advance, but wait and watch. Make notes of anything out of the ordinary. After Jupiter's current transit is over (or perhaps even sooner) you'll be able to see whether it had any reflection in your experiences. Maybe there'll be nothing of note, depending on how your chart is configured.

If you're old enough to have experienced the 2003/4 transit of Jupiter through Virgo, think back and try to recall anything significant from that 12 month period. As mike and LB have said, there could be some kind of link to those events during this current transit.

LB said...

Twilight ~ Maybe this week's Full Moon at 6 degrees Pisces will reveal more for you about the significance of Jupiter's transit. It falls along the axis of your natal 3rd/9th, is that right?

Your description of what began in your in your life during Jupiter's 2003-2004 transit through Virgo fits really well I think, especially considering Jupiter rules your natal Venus.

Twilight said...

LB ~ My natal Jupiter is at 6.03 Pisces (9th house) and Full Moon on 29 August is at 6.06 Pisces - I hadn't noticed that one coming up - thanks for mentioning it! :-)
I hope it might bring a response from the lawyers dealing with cousin Stephen's estate - I asked for details of circumstances of his death and a photograph of him if poss. + some financial queries some 10 days ago - no reply yet. If still non by Friday morning they'll get a curt reminder from yours truly.

The 2003/4 Jup/Virgo transit healed and tied up what had gone on before for a few years previously, as Pluto conjoined natal Venus, and my then long-time partner's health, mental and physical deteriorated slowly before my eyes. Awful, sad memories. Can't talk about it even now. The 2003/4 period involved money in and money out, which is probably the link to this current transit Jupiter/Virgo.

LB said...

Twilight ~ I hope the New Moon brings good news.:)

LB said...

Oops, meant to type Full Moon.:0

mike (again) said...

Rash - You don't provide enough information, but from what you've provided, the following is your basic chart, less houses (DOB Sept 11, 1974):

I suspect the issues you describe as occurring in June-July actually have their roots in March, 2015:

March 5th, full Moon with Sun on your Jupiter, Moon on your Sun
Saturn at 5* is 2* from your Neptune, but will turn retrograde in two weeks
Saturn square your Venus
Neptune square your Neptune
Pluto within 1* opposition to your Saturn (Moon, too?), but will turn retrograde in a month

March 20, 2015 New Moon at 29* Pisces in opposition to your Mars

June was probably rough due to annual transits through Gemini making squares and oppositions to your planets in Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This will occur EVERY year of your life in late May and the first three weeks of June.

With your Saturn at 16* Cancer and (Moon somewhere near?) and your planets in Libra, you have been involved in the multi-year Uranus-Pluto square, giving you a T-square effect and grand square with transits to these points from Libra. Pluto will directly oppose your Saturn February 23, 2016. July would have been difficult, due to transits of Sun, Moon, Venus, through Cancer conjunct your Saturn-Moon, square your planets in Libra, and aspecting the transiting Uranus-Pluto square.

There will be a new Moon eclipse 1* from your Sun September 12, which may help direct you. A new Moon eclipse will occur March 8, 2016, directly opposed your Sun, with transiting Jupiter directly on your Sun...an interesting turn of events in your favor.

2003-2004 had these same signs active, but with the outer planets in different signs than now. You had a Saturn return at that time complicating the picture. There will be similarities between then and now for you. You made it through the 2003-2004 period with a Saturn return thrown-in, so I'm sure you'll do fine this time around.

All creatures on Earth will be experiencing the Jupiter transit of Virgo, with transiting Saturn squaring Jupiter, and transiting Neptune in Pisces opposing Jupiter. You have natal planets in all three signs, so this will be an important duration in your life, particularly if you go with the flow. There are no good or bad aspects in astrology, Rash...it's energy for you to express the best way you can. I recommend that you hire a professional astrologer to help you make the most of the next two or three years!

Maybe LB will pony-up some advice, too.

Anonymous said...

- ^ Or September 12th 1974 01:30ish Europe ...

- Change occurs constantly ...
- If it rains, then turns sunny ... That could be viewed as a positive change
- It depends upon how you frame it.
- You have a Sun/Saturn Sextile ... that's a great aspect ...
- Be patient ... and change yourself slowly over time.


Hmm ... Jupiter in Virgo ... ehh? ... let me calculate my stuff ...

The 1st time I flew to my Uncle's ... on a plane that would have a fatal accident a year later.
The Family picked me up, but a mechanical failure nearly forced the car off the road on the way back.

Did lots of Astrology, played lots of Gigs, learned NLP and some Physics
... and once again had some behind the scenes protection.

On an Urban task force to improve transportation. Ported some computer programs.
Got a new computer. Group Volunteerism with friends.

I agree with Twilight-Annie ... this one sucked .. I don't often think about it.
Then again ... my distance vision improved. Got another computer.

Cosmology ... so far ...


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ Oh my - your memory is good! I can't recall much of significance for me in those earlier Jup. in Virgo times - earlier than 2003/4 I mean. In fact, the years seem to fall between some significant events/changes for me. Anything related must have been fairly fleeting and not major.

I shall investigate your YouTube links tomorrow morn with my coffee. :-)

Rash said...

Twilight & LB ~ Hello guys!! Thanks a ton for your lightening fast response. Really  appreciate your kind gesture. Liked your approach of cosmic perspectives and considerations.

Regarding my query you have suggested me to check my natal transits and conjuctions of other planets to get a more accurate predictions. Frankly speaking I am not an astrology student nor a person having appropriate knowledge to analyse the transits and conjuctions in own chart.  I just happened to learn little bit here in order to know about my relationship turmoils, detoriating health & financial pressure which are going more worse since last November. Never experienced such a worst period in my life ever before.

Even in 2003 -2004 i faced some health, career and bit of relationship issues too but not so burdensome. Though healthwise gone through a trauma for nearly 5-6 months. But financially had some good progress. Shifted to my own new house & bought a new car too. So that period brought both good and bad. I am not able to relate it with the present scenerio of my planetry transitions.

Just posting the planetry positions of my natal chart here incase if you guys can help me to know if there is any hope for improvement in any of the areas of my life. Or any major change or progress to be seen in my nearby future. 

Sun       18°50' Virgo
Moon 21°06' Cancer
Mercury 8°51'    Libra
Venus   4°22'    Virgo
Mars   29°28' Virgo
Jupiter 12°04' Я Pisces
Saturn 16°44'   Cancer
Uranus   25°45'    Libra
Neptune 7°00'    Sagittarius
Pluto     6°00'      Libra
Chiron 23°39' Я Aries
Ceres    5°47' Я Pisces
Pallas    22°37' Я Capricorn
Juno   10°36' Я Pisces
Vesta   10°47'      Scorpio
Node   14°32' Я Sagittarius
Lilith      6°05' Я Pisces
Fortune 26°52'    Libra
AS      29°08'     Leo
MC    26°35'        Taurus

Planets in Houses*
Sun House 1
Moon House 11
Mercury House 2
Venus House 1
Mars House 2
Jupiter House 7
Saturn House 11
Uranus House 3
Neptune House 4
Pluto House 2
Chiron House 9
Ceres House 7
Pallas House 5
Juno House 7
Vesta House 3
Node House 4
Lilith House 7
Fortune House 3
* In keeping with the common practice, we consider that a planet posited within 1 degré of the next house belongs to that house. We allow an orb of 2 degrés for the ASC and the MC.

Positions of Houses
House 1 29°08' Leo
House 2 24°40'   Virgo
House 3 24°14'   Libra
House 4 26°35'   Scorpio
House 5 29°14'   Sagittarius
House 6 0°17'     Aquarius
House 7 29°08'   Aquarius
House 8 24°40'   Pisces
House 9 24°14'   Aries
House 10 26°35' Taurus
House 11 29°14' Gemini
House 12 0°17' Leo

List of Aspects
Mercury Conjunction Pluto Orb 2°51'
Moon Conjunction Saturn Orb 4°21'
Venus Conjunction AS Orb 5°14'
Mars Conjunction Pluto Orb 6°32'
Mercury Conjunction Mars Orb 9°23'
Sun Conjunction Mars Orb 10°38
Sun Opposite Jupiter Orb 6°45'
Venus Opposite Jupiter Orb 7°42'
Venus Square Neptune Orb 2°37'
Moon Square Uranus Orb 4°39'
Jupiter Square Neptune Orb 5°04'
Venus Square MC Orb 7°46'
Mars Trine MC Orb 2°52'
Jupiter Trine Saturn Orb 4°39'
Sun Trine MC Orb 7°45'
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 1°00'
Mercury Sextile Neptune Orb 1°51'
Sun Sextile Saturn Orb 2°05'
Sun Sextile Moon Orb 2°16'
Uranus Sextile AS Orb 3°22'
Moon Sextile MC Orb 5°29'
Uranus Inconjunction MC Orb 0°49'
Moon SemiSquare Venus Orb 1°43'
Moon SesquiQuadrate Neptune Orb 0°54'
Jupiter SesquiQuadrate Uranus Orb 1°18'
Mars Quintile Saturn Orb 0°43'
Mars SemiSextile AS Orb 0°20'

I think sending my natal chart through email would be a better option rather than posting here in comment section . Kindly delete my comment if it seems an inappropriate approach.

Your valuable comments would be a great help to me to survive. Thanks. .!!

Rash said...

Mike~ Hi there!  Thanks a lot for your profound predictions about my natal chart.

My birthday is 12sep 1974, 4.45am , Bhatinda (india)(+5.30GMT).
Your calculations are very near to exact degree of planetary positions in my natal chart.

As i have posted my detailed position and aspects of my natal chart in my previous comment, kindly oblige me once again by going through it too. Incase there are some differences in your previous predictions due to lack of exact details of my birthday timings & place.

You have mentioned about multi-year Uranus-Pluto square effect in june july. Truly june - july were extremely rough with  special emphasis on my communication sector. My iPhone, laptop and other smartphones got crashed unexpectedly. Suddenly my car got badly strucked by someone, all that along with some other unexpected expenses put me into loads of overburdened financial imbalance. In relationships too people took advantage of my innocence and I have been used, & cheated by the ones I love.

Could you please let me know that when will I be out of these T-square and grand square effects and their  transits?

You also stated about new Moon eclipse 1* from my Sun on September 12. Will my long term dream projects will be launched on or after 12sep? ? I want to start my own NGO for welfare services and also travel services since long but nothing is working out.  Will my career prospects gonna progress between the period from12sep 2015 to new Moon eclipse on March 8, 2016 (ie directly opposed to my Sun, with transiting Jupiter directly on my Sun)?

Would love to have your little more advice.
May be LB will like to say something too.

Following your advice I am trying my best to go with the flow but sometimes a little hope from someone creates wonders to keep the ball rolling. .!!

Rash said...

Thanks dude! You are right.. that's 12 sep 1974, Asia.
Thanks a ton for the hopeful words of motivation.
Its been long in rains.. just waiting for the sunny days ..fingers crossed :-)
Trying to be more patient thinking higher love and better days will come soon.. :-)

mike (again) said...

Rash - The planetwatcher.com link I provided is only off a tad (about 15 minutes?)...it is calculated for my USA Central Time Zone...look on the outer wheel and you'll find "11 Sept 1974 23:00 UTC", or 4:30 AM, Sept 12th your time/place of birth.

The additional information that I'll provide is to say that when transiting Saturn was in the sign of Virgo, late 2007 to mid-2010, and actually when Saturn transited over your ascendant in Leo and all the way through Libra (through mid-2012), your responsibilities changed, hopefully more maturity was instilled into your routines, and you were perhaps forced to resolve problematic issues in your life. The coming two and a half years will test some of the initiatives you implemented during 2007-2010, as transiting Saturn in Sagittarius squares the previous Saturn in Virgo time period. Be open to changing what isn't working currently, be responsible for your actions, and stand on your own feet...don't depend on others. With your natal Neptune in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter in Pisces) and Jupiter in Pisces, you should avoid escapism, whatever that may mean to you...don't consume excess alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescription psychotropic medications beyond several months. Jupiter in Pisces is probably in your 8th house, so be discriminant with your sexual activities and don't utilize sex as a means of escape or currency. Don't be a victim or a martyr. Your natal Jupiter and Neptune placements-aspects will enforce a need for you to be very objective in your assessments...be very attentive to facts and surface appearances, not the subjective observations you may prefer to indulge.

LB mentioned in a comment that the full Moon August 29th will be at 6* Virgo-Pisces. This activates your Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune (a modest push on your Pluto, too), perhaps giving some clarity-recognition-closure to a current dilemma. Work with it.

I think that if you view the history of your life, you will find repeating patterns that, if you assess them objectively, will give you clues to handling your current situation(s). I suspect you know the appropriate method(s) required of your current situation(s), but you prefer to assert a different substantiation.

lora said...

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Twilight said...

A couple of comments (one from Rash and one from mike) had landed in the spam folder - I've rescued them and they are in place now, above.

LB said...

Rash ~ Sorry for what you're going through, though I'm hesitant to say too much. I did notice a couple of things . . . maybe mike has already talked about them, I don't know.

In mid June (one of the months you mentioned as being when your latest round of troubles began), retrograde Saturn re-entered Scorpio and formed a very close square with your Leo Ascendant and Aquarius Descendant. Moving through your natal 3rd house (communications, neighbors, siblings, youth, short-trips, thinking, learning, autos), and *especially* with transiting Saturn being so close to your natal Uranus in the late degrees of Scorpio, this combination is likely contributing to some of the roller-coaster issues you've mentioned related to your electronics, auto, health, outlook and trust within intimate relationships.

Saturn in Scorpio is transiting through my 3rd house too. Also like you, I'm having a Uranus aspect. Both have deepened my awareness and way of thinking, speaking and being in the world. Nothing looks the same as it did before, as I've seen beneath the layers. It's a good time to face the deeper, darker truths most of us would rather avoid, not just about the world around us, but within ourselves. With Uranus in Scorpio, you may wish to avoid all this by keeping things at a more comfortable intellectual level . . . but you'd be missing something.

During Saturn's transit in Scorpio, I rediscovered and began to explore Jungian ideas and books about concepts like shadow, projection and counter-projection, and *persona*.

Your natal Pluto-Mercury conjunction and 3H Uranus in Scorpio all lend themselves to this kind of deep psycho-spiritual exploration and offer an alternative outlet for what might otherwise be obsessive thinking and/or a consuming need to know and control people and outcomes. I have a Mercury-Pluto aspect too, so I relate.:)

Look back to late 2014 when transiting Saturn touched the late degrees of Scorpio for more clues. And google everything: Saturn in Scorpio, transiting Saturn conjunct Uranus, natal Uranus in Scorpio, Mars conjunct Pluto, Mercury conjunct Pluto (in Libra) etc. I'd also recommend considering what your Aquarius Descendant says about your need (for space, autonomy, freedom, intellectual stimulation and guidance) within relationships ~ and why you might be unconsciously drawn to certain people.

As mike said, I also noticed your natal Venus in Virgo (opposite Ceres in Pisces) falls along this week's Full Moon, so it might highlight some of your sensitivities, particularly related to your health, personal boundaries and need for well grounded give-and-take within relationships. It's possible to strike a balance between a love of order, health and practical service and a more inclusive, unconditional and spiritual kind of giving. The two are not at all contradictory. Virgo/Pisces has been called the 'serve or suffer' axis.

As an aside, I wonder if you feel most as home near water, and if both music and water are very healing for you.

I'm NOT a professional astrologer and even if I was, it's impossible to know everything by looking at someone's chart. It's tough transits like the ones you're experiencing that compelled me to want to learn more about myself, using astrology as part of my toolbox. ***If not, there are lots of good astrologers out there who charge reasonable fees for sharing their years of study and expertise.***

Did you say you were involved in mentoring young people, or did I only imagine it? No doubt you have the potential to be *very* insightful. How you choose to use those insights is up to you.

All the best!

LB said...

Sorry Rash, I want to correct something I said. Your Uranus is in the late degrees of *Libra* (not Scorpio) and squares your Moon, so I'd suggest googling natal Uranus in Libra, in addition to the other aspects and transits mike and I have already mentioned.

Also, your natal Uranus is opposite your natal 8H Chiron in Aries. If it's any consolation, a lot of us (me too) have this last aspect, which can be challenging but also potentially rewarding, eventually. Chiron is the wounded healer and its opposition to Uranus can make us particularly sensitive, not just to our own pain but to the pain of others. The gift is that we sometimes find a degree of healing for ourselves when we're able to empathize and reach out to heal others, keeping in mind healing is not the same as cure.

Transiting Uranus is in your 8th house right now (which has a somewhat Uranus-in-Scorpio like feel), and is within a few degrees of your natal Chiron in Aries, so old wounds are probably being stirred up as Uranus sets off your natal Moon-Chiron-Uranus square. This could have something to do with your to need to feel safe, nurtured and at home with friends and within organizations/groups that share your ideals.

Take good care of yourself, Rash. It's hard to know from your comments, but if you have something physical or psychological going on (and I'm not saying you do), I hope you've considered seeking appropriate medical guidance. Astrology can be great for helping us to better understand ourselves, but sometimes all of us need more.

Rash said...

Mike~ Thanks again for your great motivational insight. You are right there was a difference of 15 minutes only :)

Truly things started changing in mid 2012 & seems almost everything in life has changed by now.

As per your advice I am now trying to recollect my memories to check repeated patterns of my life ( though still not found any:)

Loved your words of advice, " be attentive to the facts & surface appearances.."

Now just looking forward for 29th aug full moon to get some more clarity about my current dilemma.

Thanks a lot for your amazing support & help Mike.
You guys rock..!! God bless..!!

Rash said...

LB~ Sorry for the late reply. Was busy with medical tests & all. You are right :) I am really going through lot of health issues. I was hesitant to share as it feels little awkward to share everything here on open platform. Guess it all started in mid 2012 & gradually became worse. Been to so many specialists but no one understood the root cause of my deteriorating health. Internal system has almost shattered by now. Atlast by God's grace last month came across a specialist who understood the underlying cause & nature of my illness. Started the treatment a week before. Hopefully within nxt 2-3 months i will start getting some good improvement.

The way you have described & relate my aspects made me so surprised! ! I wonder how someone can know me so well!!! May be because we share some common planetary positions in our natal charts but its a great feeling when someone understands exactly what we are going through.  Thanks LB.!!

Late 2014 was disastrous for relationships. I broke completely,  went into severe depression too.
Yeah.. music & nature ( water, greenery, hills and mountain ranges) are so healing & makes me feel alive.

Also you imagined absolutely true :) I was involved in teaching young college gals. Love to help and serve people. Right from the young age Its my dream to completely get into an unconditional selfless services for the needy souls. No doubt helping others heals me deeply. No matter how much pain i have in my heart, it gives me immense pleasure to support and care for others. May be I am more on giving side thats why people take me for granted in relationships.

Lot many things you have mentioned about me are absolutely correct. But writing everything here is not easy for me. Could you please share your email id so that I can discuss more comfortably.? Will google the positions and aspects you have suggested me to understand more.

I am truly touched by your sincere efforts and deep understanding you have provided regarding my problems. Thanks LB!!
Thanks you so much..!!
Stay tuned & God Bless You Always.!!

LB said...

Rash ~ You're welcome. I'm glad you found our comments helpful. When you google things, remember I goofed when I spoke about Uranus in Scorpio (sorry). Your Uranus is in Libra in either the 2nd or 3rd house, depending on which house system you use. Based on your descriptions both seem to fit, so I'd suggest reading up on both.

Transiting Jupiter has just left your natal 12th, crossed your Ascendant and entered your 1st house, which in some ways can feel like being born again or suddenly awakening from a long, deep sleep or period of confinement and isolation where you've been invisible and now are seen once again. Hopefully as you adjust (and your new doctor may help), you'll begin to feel a bit lighter during the next few months, more hopeful (or at least resilient) in your outlook. Go slowly though, and allow yourself to fully integrate all that you've learned.

Saturn in Scorpio (and squaring anything in Leo) has been hard; we're all experiencing it to some extent. This too shall pass ~ very soon, transiting Saturn will leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius with something new to teach us. And the Uranus transits and progressions you've been experiencing can be unsettling too, on a lot of levels. It nothing else, Uranus shakes us loose and wakes us up, usually with a jolt or series of jolts.

No doubt you have much to offer the world, especially as you learn the delicate dance of give and take and how to establish healthy boundaries within relationships . . . it's a dance I'm still learning and I'm quite a few years older than you are. It's also why I hope you understand why I'm not comfortable emailing. Whatever qualities you see in me or believe I can offer, exist within you.:)

Take care Rash, and God bless.

mike (again) said...

Rash - I wish you the best with your medical treatment! Please keep us posted regarding your improvements. Twilight runs a good show here and there's typically something to learn and consider regarding astrology, so I hope you keep visiting and commenting.

Rash said...

LB~ Thanks for boosting me to look inside for the qualities i possess to know more about the puzzles of my life. I do understand your uncomfortable zone for not sharing your email id. I am also still trying to learn those difficult steps of dancing of balancing give & take & establishing healthy boundaries in relationships. Sometimes I wonder when will I grow up to put mental barriers not to believe everyone and maintain strict extremities! ! Well surely life itself will perfect me in this art of dancing one day :-)

Will explore more about my chart as per your suggestions and advice. Thanks for your good wishes & support.

You too take care & God bless you LB. .!!

Rash said...

Mike~ Thanks man! Thanks for your kind gesture & sincere wishes. I will surely keep updating you with my health improvements.

The way you guys responded and helped me reflects the purity of your heart & goodness of your character. So will keep reading this blog posts and stay in touch with you guys to learn more.

I would like to thanks and appreciate the efforts of Twilight for putting her time and energy to help us all.
Keep the zest guys..!
God Bless you All..!!

mike (again) said...

Rash - Not sure that you'll return to this comment section, but I think I should make an additional comment regarding your current dilemma. You state that you don't have recurring themes in your life, but you counter that with, "...I am more on giving side thats why people take me for granted in relationships."...or, "In relationships too people took advantage of my innocence and I have been used, & cheated by the ones I love." This DOES appear to be a repeating pattern for you and I suspect there could be related issues, too, perhaps resources, worth, self-worth.

Rash said...

Mike~ yeah.. very true. Thats a repeated pattern. I missed looking at this side. Thanks for reminding me and for guiding me to focus on every each and every sphere of life.
Have a good day :)