Monday, August 03, 2015

Monday's Mulling Over: Icke & Wogan

Happy birthday Sir Terry Wogan! I'll not go into detail about Sir Terry because any stray readers from the UK will know him already, and y'all in America won't care much anyway. My post about Sir Terry, from 2009, is HERE. I will, though, treat us to a couple of videos of Terry/Sir Terry interviewing the one and only David Icke. The first was aired in 1991, the second 15 years later in 2006. We're 24 years on from the former and almost 10 years on from the latter does it all sound from this distance?

On the strength of these two videos, I have to admit that Icke's views aren't what I'd call too outlandish. Maybe I'm growing more eccentric myself in my (ahem) maturity!

What does anyone else think about David Icke? I've posted about him in the past HERE...and that post contains links to others.

I have to add, though, that in my view David Icke does tend to "over-egg the pudding" too often, but I guess he has to do so, in order to keep people reading his books and listening to his lectures.


mike said...

An interesting phenomenon of the past several decades has been the rapid development of quantum physics, with highly respected physicists performing experiments indicating that we live in a quantum multiverse very similar to that expounded by the old-age and new-age metaphysicists. The scientific results have been difficult to accept within the scientific community, but the interpretation of the data can't be ignored or explained any other way. Our notion of reality has been shattered. Apparently, our human consciousness plays a significant role in manifesting and altering reality, past, present, and future. The idea of consciousness residing in the brain has given way to the brain as a hard-drive receiver-perceiver of consciousness. Each of us and the world-universe we partake is a changeable construct.

Our American counterpart to Icke is probably Shirley Maclaine. Both had careers that gave them fame and both became spokespersons for new-age propaganda. Both have been ridiculed, mocked, and derided by the collective, yet highly regarded within their circles. There have been and are metaphysicists and new-agers that I appreciate, though I don't patronize any particular one. Likewise, there are several belief systems that are similar, such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Tao, et al. Even Dr. Seuss has a new-age flair!

I've mentioned many times in prior comments that I believe there is much more to reality than my five senses can detect. My personal experiences have taken me beyond what can be explained by normal means.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thank you for your thoughts on this. Yes, it's a popular pastime for some to mock and deride any proposition that isn't in line with what they are used to hearing or reading about. I used to be fairly cynical about David Icke myself a decade or so ago, but now, not so much. I did always feel that he was completely sincere and genuine in his beliefs though - no snake-oil salesman he. I just used to wish he'd be a little more circumspect on what he said or wrote for a wide audience. He has been brave though - braver than I'd ever be in talking about astrology to anyone other than those I trust to be amenable. :-/

I agree - there's stuff just beneath the surface of "normal" that remains in hiding until we, as a species, are better ready to deal with it.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Unexpectedly, right at the end of a mini-series (of just 6 episodes) we started to watch over the weekend, there was a mention of something not a million miles from what David Icke was talking about in the second video (the NWO kind of thing). Quite unexpected it was, and a bit out of place, because the mini-series was about a black jazz band in London, England in the 1930s (title: "Dancing on the Edge"). Right at the very end of the 6th episode, which is not part of the main plot, there came up a story of a prophecy and revelation relating to the same kind of thing, involving a tight circle of people who are the real power behind everything in the world. Maybe intended as a hook for a sequel - don't know. Fiction, but still, it felt like one of your quinkies!
(The mini-series is not bad, a bit turgid at time but very good and well acted on the whole - orginally a BBC production, shown in the US on Starz channel I think. It's new to Netflix this month.

Twilight said...

Meant to say - we watched the last episode tonight.

mike (again) said...

I've noticed the past several years that NWO pops-up in any number of incongruent topics as an explanation as to why things are the way they are. Once a conspiracy theory with little credence, it has become popularized as a pejorative attached to any economic, social, legal, and-or political topic with surreptitious outcomes. I remember when "Bilderberg" was a grand hotel, then transitioned to NWO known to a select few of the fringe, and now is mentioned often as a synonym for NWO. The old word was Illuminati. I've bought-in to the NWO.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ That's true, yes, NWO meddling is thrown around as culprit for many things people don't like - such as (in the US) oligarchy, money in politics, police violence, growing fascistic tendencies etc etc. As with astrology, NWO cannot be responsible for all difficulties and discomforts in our lives, but maybe there is a buried root of something - something akin to what people think of as NWO. All anyone, even the most stringent researchers can do is try to connect dots, sometimes connecting the wrong dots in the right places or the right dots in the wrong places. I reckon we do the same thing in astrology at times. Seeing patterns where they might not exist - or where sometimes they definitely do ;-)