Saturday, August 01, 2015

Fixed Stars in Leo - a few noticed in natal charts.

On I go, with a series of monthly posts on Fixed Stars in each tropical zodiac sign.

Data for Leo from Astroweb (HERE), showing star positions in 1900 in the left-hand column and in 2000 on the right.

All I can dredge up from my own natal chart is the first star in this list, Talitha, known to ancient astrologers as "daughter of the assembly". Talitha was a little more than a degree away from natal Pluto when I was born, in first, or maybe second house, depending on exact time of birth and house system used. The star is located on the front foot of the Great Bear star formation, Ursa Major.

Most interpretations of Talitha are variations on this one from Librarising HERE
Quiet, prudent, suspicious, mistrustful, self-controlled, great anger when roused; control of wild animals.
I like this one though, from an article at Lunarplanner about a couple of dwarf planets:
Haumea's North Node primarily conjoins Talitha, Iota of Ursa Major, and Kappa,which mark the forefoot of the Great Bear. I dub Talitha to be the protectress, guardian, and nurturer of humanity. This duo is also the Chinese "High Dignitary." Although minor stars, they should not be taken lightly, as they hold a principal office within the Bear. Of the Great Bear they are associated with the global scene and world powers. They inspire us to become a caring and nurturing force for each other, an enabling force that responsibly supports our emergence from darkness, dogma, and delusion, emergence from the limits and bounds created by selfish, fearful or controlling beliefs, a force that supports us to move into freedom and in greater personal fulfillment.

Enough about my own natal chart - what about some of these Leo stars in the charts of President Obama, or would-be presidents Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

Acubens, at between 12 and 13 Leo would have been close to President Obama's natal Sun and Hillary Clinton's Mars and Pluto, at their times of birth.

At Constellation of Words
One significance of Acubens is the enforced use of applied intelligence when finding oneself in combat at someone else's behest, as we may say the Crab's front leg finds itself driven on by the Mars Al Tarf on the back leg. But a generally more positive quality to read from Acubens is that of a sharp intellect and ease of coming to grips with problems, for which one might earn public renown. But, again there is the note of doing this under pressure of others demanding 'from behind'. [The Living Stars, Dr. Eric Morse, p.50.]

Donald Trump has Giansar close to Pluto natally.

From Terry Nazon HERE
Penetrating and analytical mind, travel and many friends, craft, ingenuity, and valour, but danger of robbery and accidental poisoning

And Alfard/Alphard (with Mars). At Constellation of Words:

Trouble and scandal through love affairs. Attachment to a married person.

ALSO Regulus at his ascendant! Hmm.
(From Terry Nazon)
The most Royal Star. Raphael, the Healing Archangel, the Watcher of the North. Nobility, ambition, alertness, great power, status, leadership, sudden downfall, accidents, violence.

Bernie Sanders has only one planet in Leo: Pluto at around 5 degrees - fairly close to Praesaepe when he was born. Main indications for this fixed star from traditional sources seem to be eyesight problems, but those come up regularly in respect of several other stars too. I tend to ignore this interpretation when considering people born 20th century or later. Praesaepe hasn't been seen as a fortunate star in general though. Maybe there'll be better indications from stars further along the zodiac.

Anyone else have anything of interest to report in this vein, either in personal chart or other charts we would recognise?


Anonymous said...

Some astronomical historical lore ...

Cancer was the sea-crab sent by Juno to rescue the Hydra fighting Hercules.
Of course, Hercules just stomped on the crab and up in the sky it went.
Leo was the Nemaean Lion which was killed by ... Hercules.
... Clearly Herc' has issues ...

Acubens is Alpha Cancri, 99 ly, a double star, white and yellow.
- Organized, forceful, speculative.

Alphard is Alpha Hydrae, 85 ly, a big orange star
- Dynamic, defiant, stubborn (mars) (caution must be used if Regulus is also aspected)

Regulus is Aplha Leonis, 85 ly, triple, white and lt blue.
- Pliny's "Stella Regina", very active in occultation.
- Usually they 'leave their mark' on posterity, but can suffer a downfall.


Twilight said...

Anon/kidd ~ LOL! Ol' Herc' certainly had issues. Nowadays they'd have had him on the psychiatrist's couch in no time flat!

Re Regulus - Let us hope that the only marks The Donald leaves on posterity are footprints walking away from presidential campaigns. :-/

Sonny G said...

Todays post is way beyond my astro understanding so I'll just read others comments..

I did want to get ya'lls opinion on something I read this morning and would like to get a more detailed explaination about.

from Lynn Hayes blog::

Saturn square Jupiter. Saturn is stationary now as it prepares to turn direct after a period in retrograde motion that began in March. This begins the challenging square between Jupiter and Saturn that will be in effect between now and June of 2016. I will be writing more about this cycle but you can expect to see a contraction in the global economy as Saturn creates additional restrictions while Jupiter attempts to continue expansion. There is a “double whammy” in effect right now since Saturn is in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, and squaring Jupiter – a double down of Saturn’s contraction pitted against Jupiter’s natural urge to expand.

how can I find out what the above means for Me-- umm, my chart I mean.

thanks in advance.

mike said...

I have Merack on my Pluto. Merak (from Nazon): Prudent, restrained, mistrustful, self-controlled (but angry when roused), love of command, power to achieve, good with animals. Nazon doesn't list Tania Boreal. I'm not sure how these two fixed stars blend with my 4th house Pluto in Leo, co-ruler of my Scorpio Sun.

Better explanation for both Merak and Tania at this link, but I can't seem to copy-paste correctly:

Astroweb saya that both fixed stars are said to be beneficial with "getting on in life" and particularly influential when conjunct Pluto. Yes, I've always been good at cutting my losses, moving-on, and looking ahead...LOL.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - You need to look at your natal chart and determine where the transiting Jupiter-Saturn action is occurring by HOUSE. The first square occurs at 28*17' Jupiter in Leo, Saturn in Scorpio. What house is 28*17 Leo (Jupiter's position)? What house is 28*17' Scorpio (Saturn's position)?

Twilight said...

mike ~ That sounds like a very decent starry "influence" to have natally! :-)

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ I shall leave it to mike to advise on your query. My only comment would be that it's best not to concentrate too much on stuff such as that square alignment now - but wait until well after it has passed, then look back to the dates on which it occurred and see whether anything out of the ordinary happened then. I find that is the preferable way to use astrology - otherwise you can find yourself worrying or anticipating stuff that never happens at all - astrology isn't 100% reliable all the time, at least using any interpretations we're able to detect....nowhere near!

Sonny G said...

thanks Mike- again-- beyond my knowledge..

thanks Annie:) I'll just be careful with money and do as you say as far as looking back at what occurred during that period.

On a different note::

I know You AJ and Mike use Netflix and I was wondering if you'd seen the series- Bloodline?? if so would you recommend it?

mike (again) said...

Sonny - No, I haven't viewed "Bloodline", but I've read good reviews.

I can highly recommend "Sense8", another Netflix original. Twilight cut it short, because she's a prude (LOL, Twilight, your words!). There is a sex scene in episode one that Twilight didn't like. The first two episodes are a bit weird and it takes some getting used to bouncing between the eight sensates. One sensate is a male-to-female, and has a lesbian relationship, another sensate is gay...the other six sensates are heterosexual. I found the "Sense8" series to be excellent, but each to their own.

Twilight said...

Sonny and mike ~ No we haven't sampled "Bloodline", so far. Yes, we did dump "Sense8"
after sampling part of episode one. LOL! I'm a prude in that I'm just not partial to having bare butts and boobs heaving around at me in HD for no apparent reason other than to titillate (no pun intended)viewers. :-D

We're making our way through "Longmire", and late seasons of "X-Files" interspersed with short episodes of the always wonderful "3rd Rock From the Sun" and "MASH". Also, outside of Netflix, we're still in the midst of some VHS tapes and DVDs of "Duchess of Duke Street", which is very, very good - it'll be high on my list of faves.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - I also recommend the "Sherlock" series with Benedict Cumberbatch. Netflix has three seasons and each season is three episodes.

LB said...

Dubhe is conjunct my 12H Uranus, ruler of (and opposite) my Aquarius Moon and Chiron.

Some of the descriptions are pretty interesting, like the one I found here, which uses words like "wise", "arrogant" and "psychic" and mentions an ability to tune into "the collective unconscious":


Have you watched the series, "Downton Abbey", Twilight? I don't remember. My husband and I are hooked. Next up is "Duchess of Duke Street"!

Bob said...

Not "Downton Abbey" but still good. Anniversary today.

On the last day of summer vacation in 1962, friends Curt (Richard Dreyfuss), Steve (Ronny Howard), Terry (Charles Martin Smith) and John (Paul Le Mat) cruise the streets of small-town California while a mysteri… More

Release date: August 1, 1973 (USA) Sun at 9°17' Leo

Richard Dreyfuss as Curt Henderson, Ron Howard as Steve Bolander, Paul Le Mat as John Milner, Charles Martin Smith as Terry "The Toad" Fields, Cindy Williams as Laurie Henderson, Candy Clark as Debbie Dunham, Mackenzie Phillips as Carol Morrison, Wolfman Jack as himself, an XERB Disc Jockey, Bo Hopkins as Joe Young, Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Carlos, Beau Gentry as Ants, Harrison Ford as Bob Falfa, Jim Bohan as Officer Holstein, Jana Bellan as Budda, Deby Celiz as Wendy, Lynne Marie Stewart as Bobbie Tucker, Terry McGovern as Mr. Wolfe, Kathleen Quinlan as Peg, Scott Beach as Mr. Gordon, John Brent as Car Salesman, Del Close as Man at Bar (Guy), Johnny Weissmuller, Jr. as Badass #1, Susan Richardson as Judy, Kay Lenz as Jane, Joe Spano as Vic, Debralee Scott as Falfa's Girl, Suzanne Somers as "The Blonde" in T-Bird, Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids as Herbie and the Heartbeats

Twilight said...

LB ~ 2 out of 3 ain't bad for Dubhe (wish its name didn't remind me of the nickname of a certain former President of the USA ;-). I'd bet you're not arrogant!

I won't watch "Downton Abbey" - sworn off it for life, on principle! Too much emphasis on the upper claaarrses. :-) "The Duchess of Duke Street" has upper claarrs characters too, but the main character (based on a real life character) and backbone of many of its story lines, is from working class roots, and manages to bridge the gap between the two very different worlds as they were then. I bought the first series on VHS in a junk store very cheaply, then got the 2nd series on DVD via E-bay. We have 3 episodes left to watch - I'll be really sorry to have it end. It's one series I could just go straight back and watch all again! I hope you and Mr LB enjoy it - I think you will, once your ears are attuned to some of the accents.

By the way, the creator of "Downton Abbey" has a fairly minor part in "Duchess of D.St.", Julian Fellowes I think his name is (now a Lord too I think).

Twilight said...

Bob ~ American Graffiti? Can't remember whether I've seen it or not - if I have it'd be a long, long time ago. A few familiar names there, still, but a few others seem to have sunk without trace. :-/

LB said...

Of course you're right, Twilight ~ there's no denying Downton Abbey's plot lines involve the upper classes, even the episodes that focus on the (lower class) folks who work for them. And I'm sure things were frequently much harder than they're made out to be.

We've enjoyed "Lark Rise To Candleford" too; the series focuses more on hamlet and village life and people, less on lords and ladies. Also more idyllic than the books the series is based on, or so I've read.

We tried watching "The House of Elliott" but couldn't relate to either of the two main characters and so had a hard time genuinely caring about them.