Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Oscars, with customary razzamatazz, are to be awarded tonight. I'm rolling with the flow, and as much razzamatazz as I can muster. Below are my personal blogland awards, based on ....what else? The Planets! Hugh Jackman offered to come and present these, but then, sadly for me, found he had a prior engagement.

I'll avoid allocating Sun and Moon Awards - too contentious by far. I will say that ELSA deserves a strong nomination for both, for her stirling and on-going efforts on Astro Dispatch, throwing light on all our work.
See widget in sidebar.

My Mercury Award for enabling communication and learning at no cost to us goes to Blogger and Google both of whom we often take for granted. Without their continuing efforts we'd be much the poorer.

My Venus Award for beautiful writing style:

The Other Side of Sixty (Wisewebwoman) Link
Crow's Feet (Michelle) Link

My Mars Award for fighting spirit and unflinching opposition to the wrongs of this world:

Sparrow Chat (R.J. Adams) Link

My Jupiter Award for volume, quality, and quantity of excellent, thought-provoking content:

Beyond the Blog (Anthony North) Link

My Saturn Award for limiting the risk of virus and spyware contamination to our computers goes to all Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software developers.
Without the safeguards they provide, we'd be a mess!

My Uranus Award for reaching out beyond the obvious, putting a new twist on ancient materials goes to:

All those who blog, write, practice or teach astrology in whatever capacity.

From the communal work of these people, I'm confident that Carl Sagan's "something incredible waiting to be discovered" will, one day, emerge. Links to many of these astrologers and bloggers appear in my sidebar; many more are available via the Astro Dispatch widget.

My Neptune Award for imaginative, creative content often linked to photography:
Lost Gallery Link
Thinks Happen Link
(Both are by Anyjazz, who is aka The Husband/Himself )

My Pluto Award for penetrating insight, occasional dips into darkness, a tinge of the mystical:

Robert Phoenix- Astrology For The Now Age Link


Elsa said...

I am so flattered!! THANK YOU, Twilight! :-)

anyjazz said...

Thanks very much for this award.

I’d also like to thank my co-star Hallie Payne Yost and my director Perry O’Donnell. And my driver Irving Oliver Dyne. And my dietitian Patella Kneeley. And my hair stylist Orin G. Peale of East Clintwood. I know I’ve forgotten somebody. Oh yes, my wife. Without her, who knows where I’d be today? Or yesterday.

anthonynorth said...

Thanks so much for the award. I'm having my wife give me the red carpet treatment by proxy :-)
Much appreciated.

Wisewebwoman said...

*swept away*
*shuffles feet*
*Finds hammer & nail*
*Locates spot in hallway*
*hits thumb by accident*
*displays award with false modesty*
*sucks thumb*

Oh you shouldn't have!
*Turns spotlight on award*
Well, if you insist....
Thank you T!!

R Phoenix said...

I'd like to thank my mother who had the wisdom to hatch me at 11:55am, when Scorpio touched my ascendant at 28 degrees and Mars landed in my 8th house. Without these two aspects, Pluto would be something to run from instead of towards.

I'd also like to thank Elsa for picking up my blog while being so encouraging early on and Twilight's always much appreciated interest and support in my occasional dark musings.


Twilight said...

Elsa, Anyjazz, AN, WWW and Robert Phoenix ~~~~~

You're more than welcome - it's my teeny-tiny way of saying thank you for the entertainment, experience, and enjoyment I get from y'all's blogs.

(Y'all's blogs? - Did I really write that? I'd better watch myself - I'm turning Okie!)

Michelle said...

Wow, what delightful idea for awards and what a wonderful category to be selected for. :-D

Thank you Twilight! :-) I'll come grab it to put up on my blog tomorrow.

Michelle said...

May I take the entire award ceremony and pass on a few awards of my own? With full credits to you, the celestial creator, of course! They're too delightful to keep to yourself. ;-)

Twilight said...

Michelle - Why yes, of course, take whatever you'd like!
I'm pleased that you like the idea. :-)

R J Adams said...

An "Okie-Yorkie" - the mind boggles! ;-)

I'm truly appreciative of your flattery, Mistress Twilight, though I must confess to finding Mars a trifle disappointing since Lowell's famous canals were discovered to be non-existent. My plans to build a marina and flog narrowboat holidays to the Martians, were roundly dashed.

Notwithstanding, I shall proudly display this fine award on Sparrow Chat, for everyone to see and all the world to marvel at.

(Takes a bow and exits stage left).

Twilight said...

RJ ~~~ I struggled to decide whether you should be the 3rd co-holder of the Venus Award, to reflect times when you lapse into beautiful prose, but decided that, on balance, your strength (blog-wise) is in opposing the nasties in war-like fashion (very Mars).

Pity about the canals ! :-)

Michelle said...

Done. (with a few tweaks)

Twilight said...

Michelle ~~~ Looks good! Thanks for spreading it around some more!

graceonline said...

One of your Planetary Award recipients, Michelle of Crow's Feet, honored me with the Mercury award on February 24. Would you be so kind as to permit me to post a copy of the badge on my blog, with a link back to this post and credit to you, as well as a big thank you to Michelle, of course.

Twilight said...

graceonline - Hi there! Why, yes, of course! Feel free to do with it what you will. Congrats too, by the way! :-)