Friday, February 27, 2009

Cause and Effect ~ Part 2

Still chewing on the issue I mentioned a few days ago at "Cause and Effect", regarding a disruption in sleep pattern, perhaps caused by Mars transit of natal Sun, I remembered something in a book, "Blinded by Starlight" by Frank McGillion. It resides in a prominent place on my bookshelves. There's a post about the book from my early blogging days HERE.
From that post, an extract from Garry Phillipson's review:
"The book's central thesis is as follows -

The pineal gland is an important factor in the way we perceive the world and act in it; the pineal produces its effects by secreting melatonin; it has been demonstrated in laboratory conditions that magnetic fields and exposure to light affect the production of melatonin; therefore anything which affects light levels or changes magnetic fields on Earth (which of course includes some celestial phenomena) may be linked to human character and behaviour; if scientists were less blinkered they would pursue research into correlations between celestial and terrestrial influences; the pineal gland is a promising place to start such research, because by examining responses in the pineal to celestial phenomena we could, so to speak, cut out the middleman - avoiding the need to isolate significant behaviour patterns in large groups by going directly to (some of the) causes of that behaviour - light and magnetic fields, and their effects on the pineal..........................."

Using the book's index, searching under "Mars", I came upon a few interesting points.

In alchemy, Mars traditionally links to iron, silver to the Moon. In chemical experiments, when solutions of silver salts are mixed with solutions of iron salts, iron displaces the silver from solution because it is more active chemically. However, when Moon and Mars come into certain degrees of angular contact the reaction appears to slow down.......the author writes:
" what are we to make of this. If these experiments are accurate, and the planets are in some way altering the chemistry of metals in 'sympathetic' manner, it would quite literally transform our view of things.......Many have reported positive results that appear to justify the claim that there's some mechanism whereby planets can seemingly influence the chemical activity of metals in solution, be it subtle planetary rays, an unconventional, or hitherto unknown form of electromagnetism, some sort of symbolic correspondence, or wishful thinking."

So ...... because iron is one of the major factors required for the production of melatonin, and melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, supposing Mars can, in a subtle way, influence the chemical activity of iron, could there be a knock-on effect in the control of the pineal gland function ?

Then.... from Wikipedia's page on the subject of melatonin, it appears that this is a significant ingredient in the regulation of sleep cycles.

Treatment of circadian rhythm disorders
Exogenous melatonin taken in the evening is, together with light therapy upon awakening, the standard treatment for delayed sleep phase syndrome and non-24-hour sleep-wake syndrome. It appears to have some use against other circadian rhythm sleep disorders as well, such as jet lag and the problems of people who work rotating or night shifts.
Taken 30 to 90 minutes before bedtime, melatonin is put into the blood earlier than the brain's own production and acts as a mild hypnotic.
A very small dose taken several hours before bedtime in accordance with the phase response curve for melatonin in humans (PRC) doesn't cause sleepiness but, acting as a chronobiotic, does advance the phase slightly and is additive to the effect of using light therapy upon awakening."

I'm not certain exactly where all this has taken me. There are pieces of a puzzle here that are capable of being put together in such a way as to give a reason for my wakefulness when Mars is around natal Sun. I might well be open to ridicule here. Never mind. A bit of ridicule never did anyone any harm!


Wisewebwoman said...

Some of us are more sensitive to outside effects than others, T. If the moon can have such a profound effect on sleep patterns and personality, why not other and more powerful celestial bodies?
Our knowledge is so tiny, the universe so vast.

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Yes. So much for humans to learn, so little time....

Shawn Carson said...

Years ago, as my wife was experiencing an irregular menstrual cycle, she picked up a book on something called light therapy. As per their instructions, we made sure that our bedroom was absolutely pitch dark at night. Her cycle quickly returned to normal, and, shortly thereafter, she became pregnant with our youngest child. This last effect may have been related to her recent conversion to Catholicism, if you know what I mean...
Mars transiting your ascendant is also good for about a 3 day burst of energy.

Twilight said...

Hi Shawn ~~~ Interesting! Thanks for sharing. :-)

Ah yes, I can see why Mars/ascendant might stoke things up a bit. It'll be around my re-located ascendant in several days' time - I'll watch for any effect.
Hope the sleep pattern doesn't go awry again though!