Saturday, February 07, 2009

Governor (Val) Kilmer?

Val Kilmer is said to be considering a run for the post of Governor of New Mexico in 2010 when Bill Richardson's term of office ends, with no opportunity to run again, due to term limits.
(See here.)

I took a look at Val's natal chart to see whether it resembles the chart of a potential State Governor. I was looking for administrative ability, enterprise, energy, common sense and the ability to appeal to a wide section of the population of New Mexico.

Oh yes! I see why a Governor's life and work might appeal to him. Sun conjunct Saturn, exact to 2 minutes of arc! Sun represents self, Saturn represents structure, law, authority figures, and suchlike. Classic!

It's a great pity there's no known time of birth. Val's ascendant sign remains a mystery, as does the exact position of the Moon at his birth; Moon would be in Aquarius somewhere though, whatever time he was born. Moon in Airy Aquarius, known for its analytical ability and logical thought processes, adds to Val's suitability for a post as Governor.

There's a stellium of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in Sagittarius. This blends the energy of Mars, communication abilities of Mercury and the expansiveness and generosity of Jupiter all within the Fire Sign Sagittarius, known for its geniality and appeal to the masses; it's also Jupiter's home sign, by the way. These Sagittarius planets warm and expand what could have been a rather cold and tight-assed personality. Here would be a source of his popularity with the inhabitants of New Mexico.

The Moon at 12 noon lay at 7.50 Aquarius, very close to the recent Solar eclipse point. Depending on his time of birth it could be even closer to that point. While a run for Governorship is still some time away, it might be that the recent eclipse will have some bearing on his decision making - whether or not he will run in 2010. That would mean complete change for him in all areas of his life. Eclipses are said by astrologers to be precursers of such changes.

Val's natal Uranus at 20 Leo will be hit by the coming Lunar eclipse on 9 February. Hmmm - I'll keep an interested eye on developments.

Val's appearance has changed since he first burst upon our silver screens. Will his public status change too in the near future?

I wonder.

I remember him best as Doc Holliday in "Tombstone" - brilliant performance, I thought.

He is reported to have commented that if he decides to run for Governor - he will win. From his natal chart, I'd say he has the makings of a good one. We shall see!


Wisewebwoman said...

Interesting, T. I was surprised to see he was going to be 50 this year.
Odd how that actor/politician thing seems to merge in the US. Unlike other countries.

Twilight said...

Yes, isn't it, WWW! I can't think of anything similar in the UK at all. Pity, 'cos John Cleese or Eric Idle would have made a great politician, and shaken 'em all up more than a little. ;-)

Wisewebwoman said...

Well, Boris does a fine, fine job as mayor, brings some well needed levity to the mayoral chains!!

R Phoenix said...


Watching the stand in for The Lizard King run for Gov would be a kick. Kilmer owns LOTS of land in New Mexico. He's also got a really interesting racial mix, including some Mongolian.

A friend of mine worked with him on the set of "The Island of Dr. Moreau" and had few flattering things to say about him.

I say why not?

Twilight said...

WWW ~~~ Oh yes - Boris. I only remember him dimly from a few appearances on UK TV as chairman of Question Time. I wonder if he'll go any further than mayor on the political scene in future years.

Twilight said...

R Phoenix ~~ I guess that Sun conjunct Saturn could give an initially negative impression, depending on the circumstances.
Also, we don't know his rising sign, which would add a lot to the picture.

From articles I've read it appears some people find him generous, hardworking,good to work with etc. while others have found the opposite. Such is life, Robert!

He might not be a warm and fuzzy hug-bucket but I bet he'd be a good administrator.

Rossa said...

Oh, so you get Batman and we get!

Boris was great this week when asked about why the tube and buses were not running. He said "it's the right sort of snow, just not the right quantity"

If you're wondering why that's funny, for years in the UK we have been fed all sorts of lines (if you'll pardon the pun) about why the trains can't run including the wrong sort of snow, too many leaves, sun overheated the points etc.

Boris is great fun. He ran a brilliant campaign in London similar to Obama in that he got out to the suburbs where his most likely supporters live and got them out there to vote, many for the first time.

'Red' Ken Livingston (who still hasn't got over it) concentrated on the inner city and got hammered.

Also Boris has a lot of support as editor of the Spectator, MP in Henley (had to step down when he won) and has appeared as Quiz Master on Have I Got News for You" a topical, very funny, news show and he's brilliant at it.

So don't worry, you can keep Batman and the Terminator, I'll take Boris anyday!

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~ lol! Yes I remember all that "leaves on the line" and "wrong kind of snow" malarky in my dys in the UK.

Oh - it was "Have I Got News for You?" - yes, thanks - I'd forgotten the name of that quiz show Boris chaired. I remember his brilliantly blonded hair most of all.

It'll be interesting to see whether Val Kilmer does decide to run for Gov. in New Mexico. It's a beautiful state - my co-favourite along with Colorado.

I wish Kris Kristofferson would come and run as Gov of Oklahoma -now wouldn't that be something! Much as they love country music around here, I bet they wouldn't vote for such a left-winger though. Sigh. Don't bother, Kris!