Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesday's "Why?" ~ The Vertex

Of all available explanations, I prefer Dr.Z's article on this topic: "The Vertex in astrology (or Destiny's Gate: the Electric Axis)" For me, this explains the Vertex better than anything I've so far encountered.

In a nutshell, the Vertex and its opposite point, the Antivertex form a sensitive axis in the chart, the Moon's Nodes form another similar axis. Sensitive axes are created when an astronomically calculated point crosses the Sun's path, the ecliptic. In the case of Vertex, it's when the Prime Vertical crosses the ecliptic. Metaphorically the crossing point could be likened to a live wire, which, if touched in a certain way will provide a response of some kind. Sometimes, when transiting planets or other points (eg the Moon's Nodes) pass over the Vertex point in a natal chart, I've found from my own experience, that it can be a likely time for some event of note to take place. That's not to say that it happens every time, but it does happen some of the time. I can give examples from my own lifestory....these cover a span of almost 40 years, so it's obvious that not every crossing of the Vertex heralds a significant event, but when it does, it's sure a life-changing one! (Diagram borrowed, with thanks, from
My Vertex is at 29.8 Scorpio, Anti-vertex point at 29.8 Taurus. Natal Mars lies at 28.54 Scorpio. Having a personal planet conjunct Vertex point could well account for all or some of the events below, or it could simply intensify the experiences.

Some identifiable life events of my own connected to the Vertex/Antivertex axis:

Final split with my first husband came as North Node of the Moon conjoined Antivertex point.

I met a long-term partner of 33 years as Neptune conjoined Vertex, we started to live together as Jupiter conjoined Vertex point in my chart.

I started my 24 year civil service career as North Node of the Moon conjoined Vertex point in my chart.

I met my present husband in person for the first time as transiting North Node conjoined Antivertex point.
Does any of that prove anything? Not conclusively, it does provide food for thought. The whole chart for each event would need to be thoroughly analysed, because there might well be other transiting planetary positions playing a part, both in my chart and those of others involved - but the fact remains that my Vertex point was definitely one factor in the mix. It has to be taken into consideration also that I have a personal planet, Mars, conjoining my Vertex point, which might mean that it's extra sensitive in my chart.

If a passing reader wishes to locate their own Vertex it can be done at after inputting birth data at "Free horoscopes", go to Extended Chart Selection and highlight "Vertex" in the list of options.


anthonynorth said...

Do I see a sense of alechemical processes in this, or am I imagining things?
It seems to me to be about the influence of polarities.

Twilight said...

Polarities, must be involved in the axes, AN, I guess, in that anything affecting one end of an axis, by transit, is automatically in opposition to a point across the zodiac, in a different but complimentary element Air/Fire or Earth/Water.

Alchemy baffles me, so I can't respond to that point. Ancient astrologers saw connections between planets and metals, but how they came to their conclusions I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done--the most straightforward approach to the Vertex I've seen in some time--Thank you for this


Twilight said...

Hi Julie - and thank you!

Rossa said...
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Rossa said...

Me again. Well that article on the Vertex was fun....thanks.

My Vertex conjoins my Natal Pluto in Leo, my 7th house and anti-vertex conjoins natal Venus in Pisces. Also within 7 degrees of my Chiron. The Pluto/Venus opposition is something I've been working with this year and it has had a BIG impact. Also got my Chiron return coming up shortly so that may have some extra "power"! It's all electric here.

Well I met one "love of my life" when the Sun was near my Vertex and his Natal Venus was conjoined mine, so that works. Will have to play around and see what else comes up.

Enjoy the Supermoon tomorrow....we're forecast for snow so it should be an amazing sight.

Twilight said...

Rossa - Oh my1 OOOPS! :-) Thanks for the alert about my astro link - I normally check them after posting- must have missed that one! I've amended it and deleted your relevant comment - thanks again.

Glad it was of interest - it's definitely something to keep an eye on as years go by.

I'll be watching for that Moon. We won't have snow, but I'll hope for clear skies. :-)