Saturday, December 06, 2008

TAROT - No Drama Obama

I'm reading one after another blog, article or comment lately which try to spread a somewhat negative veil over the coming new administration under President-Elect Obama. It wouldn't bother me one bit if this pessimism came from dyed in the wool Republicans or conservative thinkers in other countries. Trouble is, a lot of it comes from the left. Even so-called "progressives" (a mis-nomer if ever I saw one) at Common Dreams lose no opportunity to write something negative about Obama these days.

I will not be disheartened. I went through a long doubting phase about Obama early in the election process, but came out the other side with unshakeable confidence in our soon-to-be president. However, I'm no expert in US politics. Perhaps I'm kidding myself. As a backup (or warning bell) to my own optimism I did a three-card tarot reading this week.

"Is any doubt and negative feeling about an Obama administration justified?", I asked. In the following order I drew:

Wheel of Fortune
8 of Coins/Pentacles.

Sigh of relief!

WHEEL OF FORTUNE a card of the Major Arcana, so a strong message here: signifies a change, maybe fated change, change in direction, new developments, greater perspective - things of that nature. (Said to correlate with Planet Jupiter in astrology.)

TEMPERANCE - another Major Arcana card: avoidance of excess, cooperation, compromise, patience, creating synthesis and balance. (Said to correlate with the zodiac sign Sagittarius in astrology)

....interesting point- Jupiter rules Sagittarius, so these two cards are linked.

8 of COINS/PENTACLES - Minor Arcana card representing dedication to duty, meticulous application to tasks, learning new skills and producing steady worthwhile results. (Coins/Pentacles correlate with the astrological element of Earth - practical matters, work, business, money-making - same as in astrology).

The three cards together indicate, to me, that my confidence in Obama is justified. He will initiate change in a steady, balanced manner, and dedicate himself to the job in hand. Results may not be spectacular or bear fruit overnight - but they will be worthwhile and solid.

Works for me! Even though my politics are far left of most people in this country, I understand that because we are presently sailing through a heavy storm, with no end yet in sight, we don't need petty argument and drama. We don't need lack of confidence in our choice of captain. A majority of citizens made the choice, and it irks me that they now try to discredit him. We need a captain unafraid of stress and hard work, a cool, clever mind, steady hands as he attempts to turn the ship of state around. I'm confident that in Obama we have all these things, and he deserves our support.


anthonynorth said...

I think the nature of politics over many decades has fostered not so much pessimism, as scepticism. I suppose it is all to do with this: yes, he could be the man, and I hope he is, but he still had to rise through the cesspool, and was seen as okay by them.

R Phoenix said...


I feel like Obama and the people are just forming a relationship and like most mature people, they tend to want to see how the relationship unfolds and plays out, how each partner is responsive to the needs of the other, respecting discernible limits and tempering expectattions. And most importantly, it needs to be reciprocal. Anything other than this is at the very best, a puerile form of infatuation and at the very least, unconditional idolatry.

Our suspicious nature has been exacerbated by eight years of The Neocon agenda and when Obama begins to surround himself with Clinton retreads, especially someone like Eric Holder, who helped pardon mega-criminal Marc Rich, then we begin make assumptions that we will be given more of the same.

I think some yardsticks and metrics are important to judging Obama and how effective he will be.

I know what mine are, but they may not match the criterion of his administration.

I would like a return to a sophisticated manufacturing base in this country and new energy and eco-tech could provide that. But I would be in favor of a vigorously stimulated private sector to bring that about. Will Obama do this? It remains to be seen.

Lastly, my metric for success would be to strengthen our sovereignty, reaffirm individual rights, and affirm true liberty, not the faux model that was foisted upon the world as cuthroat capitalism disguised as democracy.

Will Obama acheive this or will he move America, along with the rest of the world into a centralized, one world government?

I am in favor of unity and ironically, the reality is, is that we are already one and that we do not need social modification in order to acheive this, only the realization of our oneness.

But when we apply ideologies and labels like "social progressive" or "social conservative" they immediately mediate our ability to connect with one another.

These are very complex times and I think we all need to be vigilant, clear and firm in regards to new leadership and the direction of the country under Obama's direction.

If this is considered negative, then I am sure that anything more than this would fall into the extreme camp.

I'd like to see you do one of your tarot readings for Emmanuel or Biden, because their enrergy and input are critical to how Obama will lead.

Keep up the good work and the dialog moving forward.

Twilight said...

Hi AN ! ~~~ Yes, scepticism (or as the Americans spell it skepticism) is at the root of this.
It verges on paranoia at times though, and that ought to be avoided, at least until there is hard evidence that it's justified.

Let's give Obama a chance - that's my main criticism of current scepticism. He may have risen through the cesspool, there's no other way to get where he wanted to be. He's clever enough to have come through practically unscathed, I think.

Twilight said...

Hi Robert! ~~
Thanks for your long, thoughtful and well-informed comment.

You are in a much better situation than I to see drawbacks, because you've experienced many disappointments from several past presidents - all of which color your opinions.

I come (almost) cold to the scene, with only my UK experience of politics to measure by - apart from the last 4 horrendous Bush years.

I'm working mainly from the feeling I get from Obama when I watch him speaking, during interviews or in his set piece speechifying. I like him, and I trust him. I trusted Hillary Clinton too, and Joe Biden. I get a good "solid" feel from all three. I don't know Emanuel though. But, not to forget, he's working for Obama now, and I suspect Obama, while not aggressive will be a very firm, stubborn boss. What he wants WILL be done. (Fixed Sun and ascendant).

I'm not one of those Obama fans who thinks the sun shines out of him. Though being a Leo it actually does. ;-) I trust him, and for me that is first and foremost. Perhaps I'm being a little naive here - I can be, I know, but in some cases it's better than being cynical, expecting the worst (which I can be too at times).

I agree that the people must watch events closely - when events start to happen, after 20 January 2009.
As yet he's not even president, fostering a negative attitude which can spread like wildfire on the net, seems unhelpful, just adding to a gathering collective paranoia. That's why I try to be positive.

If Obama does something obviously against the interests of the people, I'll be one of the first to yell about it.

It's wise to wait for the show to start before reviewing it.;-)

I'll do some readings for Biden and Emanuel next week, out of curiosity, and as a double check.

R J Adams said...

Aha, waxing very nautical in this post, I note. I imagine you with you 'captain's cap' perched at a jaunty angle while writing it. ;-)
Maybe the scepticism you note is tainted by the horrendous state of the nation left behind by Bush and his minions. It's hard to imagine how Obama, or anyone else, can lift the country out of such mire.

Twilight said...

Hi RJ! LOL! I think I'm trying to ward off Mutiny on the (formerly) US Bounty ;-)

Yes, the sc(k)epticism is understandable, but an overload of negativity emanating from the public at large could tip the whole thing into being a completely hopeless case. Positive thinking can appear to work miracles.

There is still a chance to correct our course ;-), provided the man at the wheel remains COOL!

Ahoy there me hearty! ;-)