Sunday, December 28, 2008

Favourite Articles, Elusive Authors.

The shank of year usually finds me dusting down my Favourites File, disposing of any items which no longer serve a purpose. In doing so yesterday I once again came upon three of my favourite pieces which have graced Favourites for several years, avoiding all past purges. These articles are, for me, the most engrossing I've read, yet the two authors, William D. Tallman and Ken Gillman, remain elusive. Why nothing further from them in astrology circles? Perhaps I'm not looking in the right places. Google comes up empty, that's a clue that perhaps one or both of these gentlemen have either retired, died or simply grown frustrated with astrology, and closed the door on it.

Here are links to the three favourite articles - highly recommended for a long slow read - not recommended for those in a hurry! I'm usually impatient with long dense articles myself, so it's even more amazing that I found these so valuable - a sign of true quality, I guess.

Twelve Gods and Seven Planets by Ken Gillman dates from 1997

A Rational Basis for Astrology and
Another Approach to Astrology by William D. Tallman these date from 1996 and 1998.


Brian said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these Samhita texts?

anthonynorth said...

There are so many great writers who I've googled and come up with virtually nothing. I guess some of them just don't like the internet.

Twilight said...

Brain - thanks for the link.

Twilight said...

AN ~~ That's another likely reason, yes!