Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Swingin' On A (Fixed) Star

To date I haven't taken much notice of Fixed Stars in astrology, other than noting when nasty ol' Algol appears in a natal chart. Using Rob Tillett's article at Astrology on the Web, I recently spent a while with a copy of my natal chart checking whether any planet or sensitive point coincided with the position of a Fixed Star. I then compared traditional interpretations with my own reality.

Some interesting results emerged. If passing readers haven't yet investigated in this way, I'd recommend taking a look at the linked article, especially if there's something you've always felt was missing from your chart, or something slightly out of tune in standard interpretations of it.

Examples of my own findings:

I've often chewed on the fact that hardly anyone in my age group is interested in astrology, even other Sun Aquarians. Now I find that Fixed Star Toliman (also called Bungula) at 29.36 Scorpio is conjunct my natal Mars at 28.54 Scorpio ("Occult & philosphical learning, self analysis, honours, stubborn, cruel") I guess one takes the good with the bad, stubborn I may be but cruel I'm not, even though I say it myself!

My natal Jupiter at 6.03 Pisces lay conjunct Deneb Adige and Sadalachbia 5.16 and 6.43 Pisces (includes "astrology, writing, the public, other goodies, and The Star of Hidden Things")

After moving to Oklahoma, USA from Britain my re-located ascendant became 22.32 Aquarius very close to Sadalsuud at 23.46 Aquarius ("Astrology").

Although astrology has always seemed like a part of me, it only "came out" in public when I moved to Oklahoma, putting Sadalsuud on the ascendant, which is the "lens" through which I see and am seen.

I'm curious (as always) to know how and why the Fixed Stars were credited with representing the traits attributed to them. Perhaps ancient astrologers kept records of their clients' life stories and did some rudimentary research on the subject. Or perhaps the information was culled from some unknown source, handed down from an even more ancient set of astrologers. We'll never know.

In checking for significant Fixed Stars in a natal chart it's essential to know natal planets' signs and degrees. It's easy to find these by inputting birth data at astro.com. The natal chart is produced free of charge. If time of birth isn't known, it doesn't matter too much for this exercise. Position of personal planets will be accurate, apart from the Moon's position and the ascendant, so inserting 12 noon as time of birth will suffice.


Rossa said...

Hello Twilight,

I'm off to look for any fixed stars in my chart. May report back if there's anything of interest.

In the meantime, thought you might like to take a look at this if you want to see some really amazing photos of the Venus, Jupiter & Moon conjuction. Try these on the Skywalk blog taken by Martin an astronomer from Adelaide in Australia....Awesome!!



Twilight said...

Rossa ~~~ Thanks for the link - that's a great photograph.

As it happens, we went out later than usual last night to the supermarket and I noticed the configuration in the sky shining so brightly - it was frosty, which made the stars seem to sparkle even more than usual. Wonderful sight, I couldn't take my eyes off it!

Rossa said...

Did you scroll down for the close up photo?

I've had a look at my Fixed Stars and it'll take a bit of reading to get my head around the Fortunate v. Unfortunate aspects and one VERY Unfortunate (see below). I have 7 fixed stars exact on my Natal Planets and 5 more within 1 degree. Not sure I'll understand what influence there may be when aspected with each other. I already have 3 oppositions so it's a Hard natal chart to work with as I'm still a novice at astrology.

Apart from Fomalhaut (on my Venus) which you mentioned before in a post on the Royal Stars, I've also got Caput Algol (medusa's head) exact on my Natal Mars....there are times when I wish I wasn't so nosy !!!

Twilight said...

Rossa - Yes - great photographs!Thanks again.

Now - this is the problem with ancient interpretations, as those of the Fixed Stars almost always are. The words have to be watered down, diluted to fit the 21st century. We should take everything written about these stars with a large pinch of salt, because, as far as I know there has been no modern research to verify any of the ancient interpretations.

I suspect that ancient astrologers noted some "effects" of these stars in the charts of a few indivdual clients, many centuries ago when life was very different, and recorded them. We cannot translate them exactly in 21st century life - they might give us a whisper or a flavour - that's all.

I'd say that the so-called "unfortunate" stars are no more unfortunate than the so-called "unfortunate" or malefic planets (Saturn, Mars).
I've plenty of unfortunate ones in my own chart, and I've come this far unscathed!

As for Algol, I think I've written in previous posts that the star will appear prominently in millions of charts, but only a handful of people from those millions experience anything vaguely linked to its bad reputation. (eg: How many be-headings have there been lately?)

Perhaps, Rossa, when other planets transit your Mars/Algol position that's when you'll find more intense experiences than usual - something that might be worth watching.

Another thing - I think I read somewhere (in the linked article?) that aspects to other planets are usually not significant, it's only very close conjunctions between these stars and a personal planet which are of any interest in natal astrology.

In mundane astrology, perhaps it's different, I suspect it might be.

Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks for the link, T. I found my results quite amazing and focussed on both my positive and negative characteristics.

Twilight said...

Hi WWW - glad it was of interest. :-)