Tuesday, December 09, 2008


While surfing aimlessly around the net, I found the doggy zodiacal compatibility list which appears later in this post. The Obama family is looking to acquire a pet dog, one which doesn't irritate the young daughter's allergies, so choice will be limited. It's a near certainty that the president-elect is unlikely to give any thought to the astrology of the situation, but it provides a fun topic.

We don't have a dog, Chez Twilight, mainly because we like to be free to take off at the drop of a hat. But I do love dogs.

I think a Doberman would be a good choice for White House Pet. Their coat is short and sleek, unlikely to annoy allergy sufferers. They can be good guard dogs, but docile and sweet, if brought up to be so. I once, long ago, worked in a hotel where the owners kept a Doberman - he was a darling. When the owners went away, leaving me in charge of dog and hotel, Dobie would let me know when he was hungry by gently putting his mouth around my wrist and physically pulling me to the kitchens - a regular occurence. He loved people - all people except the postman!

Sweet story, from here:

This photograph shows a red Doberman kissing an exhausted fireman. He had just saved her from a fire in her house, rescuing her by carrying her out of the house into her front yard, while he continued to fight the fire. She is pregnant. The firefighter was afraid of her at first, because he had never been around a Doberman before. When he finally got done putting the fire out, he sat down to catch his breath and rest.

A photographer from the Charlotte, North Carolina newspaper, "The Observer," noticed this red Doberman Pinscher in the distance looking at the fireman. He saw her walking straight toward the fireman and wondered what she was going to do. As he raised his camera, she came up to the tired man who had saved her life and the lives of her babies, and kissed him, when the photographer snapped this photograph.

A few comments about the list below which comes from MSN Astrology: I'd swap the Taurus dog and the Leo dog around. I'd give Gemini a Jack Russell instead of a Border Collie. Jack Russells are live wires, sociable and highly intelligent. I think Border Collies a little too biddable for Gemini! Oh - Scorpio with a Chihuahua? I don't fancy that! Scorpio needs a big black dog - any breed as long as it's big and black and looks a little fierce.

My favourite breed, the Irish Wolfhound - a big, big gangling, hairy monster would suit Sagittarius - excess on legs, they make you smile just to look at them, and they can be such sweeties.

Here's the list from MSN Astrology:

"Friends Fur Ever - Finding Your Perfect Canine Companion".

The American Staffordshire Terrier (Amstaff for short) is a confident dog that makes a very loyal and devoted companion for the Ram. They have a rep for being slightly aggressive - something you can relate to! - but your dedication to training them correctly will make all the difference in their demeanor. Amstaffs are very trusting and amiable but can be stubborn at times; however, if you assert yourself like a true Aries can, they'll be your compliant companions.

Your ideal dog companion is the German Shepherd. This loyal and very intelligent breed is obedient and learns quickly, making them extremely easy to train; they also have a regal air about them that you admire. Some German Shepherds can be quite aloof and serious, like a lot of Taureans, but they are also known for being highly effective watchdogs, which helps put your security-conscious mind at ease.

The quick and agile Border Collie fits your personality perfectly. Highly intelligent and trainable, the Border Collie has lots of stamina and determination. They're also eager to please and very quick to learn, which makes them easily trainable and adaptable to your ever-changing world. Border Collies need a high level of mental and physical stimulation, just like you do, which is why they make a great companion for on-the-go Gemini.


The Labrador Retriever is your ideal dog, not only for its sweet-natured, loving, and loyal ways but also because they are wonderful family pets. Labs are extremely friendly and sociable with a mild manner and laid-back attitude, and because they love to join in a wide range of activities and have lots of love and affection to shower upon their family, they're the perfect companion to the family-centric Crab.

Grand in stature, the loyal and honorable Bullmastiff is your type of dog. This dog is huge, so you are sure to turn heads wherever you go, giving you both the attention you crave. But beyond their superficial appeal, they also have a great amount of loyalty and devotion and are cheerful, confident, and attentive pets - all characteristics that would make any Leo dog owner swell with pride.

The noble-looking Weimaraner is perfect for the Virgo with discerning taste. Weimaraners are very strong-minded and independent dogs, and because they have boundless energy, they can really benefit from the punctual walks that most Virgo natives are willing to give them. Sticking to a precise schedule also helps keep these dogs away from destructive behaviors they are sometimes prone to; once they know that they can depend on you, you will be able to depend on them to reach their full potential.

Affectionate, gentle, and sweet, the Whippet is a charming dog with a peaceful demeanor. Whippets do like to run around and play, but they are also happy enjoying the creature comforts of home; this adaptability makes them more comfortable with your indecisiveness than other breeds may be. These dogs love the attention of their owners, enjoy interactive play, and will be sure to appreciate your creativity when it comes to finding activities you can enjoy together.

Perhaps, as a strong and powerful Scorpio, you don't picture yourself with any of the toy breeds, especially a Chihuahua, but you may be surprised to find that they are quite a good fit with the Scorpio personality. These little dogs are curious, full of confidence for their size, and they are very loyal to their families, demonstrating quite a jealous streak if another pet or person is getting more attention than they are. Sound familiar?

You need a dog that will roll with the waves, one who is as happy at home as they are on a road trip with you, and that dog is a Golden Retriever. This breed is popular for many reasons, among them being their social personalities and real passion for life. If you're up for doing it, so are they! Just make sure to enroll them in doggie daycare or get them a human or canine companion if you are gone a lot and can't take them with you as these pups do not like to be left alone.

The Pug is tenacious and devoted but also has a cheerful way about him, much like the typical Capricorn. These dogs do not need a lot of grooming or maintenance and can get along fairly well without a big yard in which to frolic, which allows you to be a responsible dog owner and still keep your hectic work schedule. Although Pugs can be quite willful at times, they will respond well to your methodical training methods.

OK, so you aren't the most likely of all the Sun Signs to own a dog, but those of you who crave a dog to call your own will want to consider the gracious Rhodesian Ridgeback. This is a breed of intelligence, which you can appreciate, and is also very independent and willing to follow the road less traveled with you. Just keep in mind that they have very intense sight and sound triggers, so they will wander off if something stirs their curiosity.

Faithful, affectionate, and maybe just a little lazy, the Saint Bernard is a huge dog with a huge heart - in other words, your perfect pooch. Saint Bernards are typically very calm, quiet, patient, docile, and loyal, traits with which Fish can identify. These dogs do need the companionship of their owners and are not suited to people with hectic, busy schedules, but compassionate Pisces is more willing than any other sign to accommodate the Saint Bernard's needs.


anthonynorth said...

I've never had a dog myself, but I've had many friends with dogs, and I prefer the big ones, too. One friend had some kind of mountain dog - can't remember the exact breed. It was huge, but so friendly. It often used to take me for a walk.

Wisewebwoman said...

It is a shame you can't have the benefit of a canine companion, T, as you strike me as a doglover par excellence!
I travel a lot with mine and have an affinity for collies though in my time I also had Lhasa Apsos which are one of the most intelligent breeds and fierce little guard dogs, as well as extremely long living.
Ansa, my current companion is a rescue dog and is mainly collie. She is extraordinarily intelligent, can actually anticipate both emotions and activities, and arrived in my life when I had firmly made up my mind that I had buried my last dog. Go figure.

Rossa said...

Not sure a Rhodesian Ridgeback is quite what I'd have in mind as a woman's best friend! More a labrador woman as I grew up with chocolate ones. Or a spaniel might be nice. My uncle had a couple of Rhodies, but he had a dairy farm so they were working dogs. Good gun dogs as he did a lot of shooting. Called them Buffy and Blunder, all muscle and lots of slobber!!

Seen anything about astro signs and cats on your wanderings? I've got 3 and would love to find out if we're compatible....lol. They say pets resemble their owners but I don't know what to make of a wuss puss (real scaredy cat and he's the biggest - a Maine Coon)and 2 Somalis, a cuddle monkey (climbs all over me and lurves a tummy rub) and a natural born killer (likes to keep his family well fed, not sure mice, small birds and baby rabbits are quite my thing)....Freud would have a field day.


Twilight said...

AN - mmm - there's something special to me when a big dog shows affection, and relates to me. LOL!
All dogs are nice, but big ones are extra nice.
WWW - One day, maybe. the other problem is the one you mention -losing them. Both I and himself are on the soppy side when it comes to stuff like that. I've had quite enough broken hearts, don't want to encourage another. ;-)


Hi Rossa

I've not met a Ridgeback as far as I remember, but from what I've read I'd like them, if brought up as a pet.

I'll look out for something about cats. Different breeds aren't quite as numerous or identifiable as dogs though - or that's how it seems to me. I like cats too, I admire their independence - very Aquarian!
But I love the more dependent and, loyal attitudes of most dogs. :-)

kerstin said...

Hey now, I have a 2y/o Rhodesian and he is definitely my best friend. A very loyal and fun loving animal if I should say so myself :)

Twilight said...

Hi Kerstin - glad to hear it -
Y'all enjoy one another !