Monday, June 25, 2018

Music Monday ~ "Giving it some welly"

An expression sometimes heard in the UK, but I haven't it heard used in the USA: "Give it some welly", sprang to mind while I contemplated a post for this Music Monday.

There are times when I just want to listen to a singer who "gives it some welly!" For any stray passing reader not familiar with the expression, here's what Wiktionary has to say:
(Britain) To increase fuel or power to an engine, as to a car by depressing the gas pedal.
(Britain) To apply great physical effort to (something)
'Welly', by the way is short for wellington boot - the rubber boots worn for wet weather or for trudging through mud and dirt. This footwear was named for the first Duke of Wellington (see Wikipedia).

So...when I crave hearing, and feeling, a singer "giving it some welly" I go to these favourites:

And, mustn't forget another fave: Carlos Marin (of Il Divo fame) - he never does less than "give it some welly!"

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