Friday, June 08, 2018

Arty Farty Friday ~ Returning to Alta Gahan's Classroom

During the week an e-mail I received reminded me, once again, of some old posts about an item I bought in a Texas antique store years ago.

"Remember your Blog of Alta B Gahan?
Yesterday, I visited her Winnetka School and thought you’d enjoy her classroom.
It’s because of your wonderful love of writing , that brought together this serendipity ...."

My original post about the item sparked interest from one or two people, including Wendy, who recognised the people featured in the framed item.

Rather than feature again all previous posts and comments, here's a link to my
all-inclusive blog post from last year, compiled after hearing from the same lady whose mail and the photograph attachment has inspired today's post:

Back to that House by the Side of the Road.

Wendy's latest e-mail enclosed this photograph; clicking on the first image should bring up an enlarged version, the second version is the best I can do on a blog page.

I get a warm feeling when something I casually wrote about years ago is remembered - "my living has not been in vain" - kind of.

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