Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Movie Mistakes or Ad Libs Can Become Movie Hightlights

There must have been hundreds of these, over the years; those listed below are a few I easily recall.
When Dustin Hoffman says his iconic, “I’m walkin’ here!” line in “Midnight Cowboy,” he is said to have been actually almost hit by a New York taxi. Neither the experience nor the line was supposed to happen.

In the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, there is an iconic scene in which a sword-wielding man in black appears out of a crowd, does some complicated moves with his sword, and the feeling is that we were going to see a major duel with Indiana Jones. Indiana (Harrison Ford) rather casually draws his gun and shoots the guy. The story goes that actor Harrison Ford got tired of re-shooting the scene many times and pretended to shoot the guy.

In Roman Holiday when Audrey Hepburn appears afraid after seeing Gregory Peck apparently missing a hand after placing in in The Mouth of Truth, it turned out to have been a prank played deliberately on Audrey by Gregory Peck. It was not planned or scripted for the film. Peck told the director he wanted to pull a secret prank on Audrey. Audrey Hepburn’s terrified countenance was genuine or, one would suspect, at least the result of an unexpected change in the script.

In Pretty Woman, when Richard Gere's character presents Julia Roberts' character with a necklace, she was supposed to just lift it out of the box. He snapped the lid closed, and Julia Roberts laughed. That was a natural reaction, the director loved it, and it has become a well-remembered scene from that movie, but was never supposed to happen!

In Monty Python and the Holy Grail, John Cleese was supposed to say, in the part of The Enchanter, a really long and complicated name (classic Python) when King Arthur (Graham Chapman) asked. Cleese allegedly forgot the scripted lines, paused, and just said "There are some who call me... Tim" - and the scene continued.

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