Thursday, December 15, 2016

Rushin' to Conclusions ?

VIDEO:Is There a Russian Coup Underway in America?
Why we urgently need a special prosecutor to investigate Russia’s meddling in the election
Show Credits: The Closer with Keith Olbermann Released on 12/12/2016

Dearie me! Mr Olbermann needs to go lie down in a darkened room!

Alternatively, there's this:

Blatant CIA Lies Undermines Credibility Of Russian Hack


mike said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many things not to like about our petulant, soon-to-be POTUS. What's one more? He's the master of chaos.

The Keith Olbermann link connects me to the site, but no video is available...could be my computer.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if Russia-Putin crafted this espionage. Someone did, as the leaks surely occurred. Someone or other is playing the USA like a fiddle. I suspect that this incident is a well-devised plan to throw us into further division and disarray, which it is achieving. It appears that the intent was to "get" Clinton, though the end result may be to "get" Trump, and that may be the plan...or the atmospherics of nuking the USA election in its entirety. Could be an inside job or an outside job.

Trump doesn't like the fact that he lost the popular vote. The big reveal (reality programming at its best) is now one of a deceived and toyed-with electorate that taints Trump's victory, perhaps making it ill-gained. I'm sure Trump's exceedingly bloated ego isn't taking this well.

I didn't understand why no one was questioning the WikiLeaks release of emails at the time it occurred. The content of the emails wasn't that earth shattering, but it provided enough fuel for the Hillary haters and in-betweeners to focus on the emails rather than the theft of the emails, or anything of substance that counted. Suppose that we live in an era where theft and divulgence by hacking is customary and accountability is forsaken.

Some entity knew the gist and psychology expressed in an excerpt from John Townley's "America In Disarray": "...the easiest and worst conclusion that an estranged and self-absorbed people can come to is that government itself is not necessary, or that just anyone you elect would be better than what’s there already, regardless of actual qualifications. That makes easy pickings for would-be autocrats who can stir passions while disengaging real thought, turn voting into an explosive emotional statement instead of a carefully-considered social responsibility."

Whoever is behind all of this is playing on American emotions and stupidity, and has succeeded.

I wonder what will happen in the next episode.

mike (again) said...

BTW - I was called by my city's reverse alert system at 1:30 AM, notifying me that a toxic chemical was accidentally injected into our water system and to not use any tap water. I don't think that the chemical has made its way to my section (based on previous water problems...usually takes a day), so I stock-piled as much tap water as I had pans. No idea yet how severe this situation is...information is lacking. I've been up most of the early morning. Are we going the way of Flint, Michigan? Maybe worse?

Twilight said...

mike + (again) ~ Re your Flint-ish event - that's dreadful and so dangerous! I hope you get more information later in the day - and a few naps too. Stores will be experiencing a rush on bottled water, have you easy access to stores?

I've never been able to drink our tap water, since my first days here - it upsets my stomach, plus - we used to receive regular information telling that there was something amiss in our tap water content, though nothing harmful to health it's not 100% as it ought to be. So we have had to buy bottled for drinking - we buy gallons (spring water) and use washable glass bottles to decant, to save on re-cycling. Pain in the ass!

Regarding the Keith O. video - it does takes a little time to load up, or it might be helpful just to 'Google' his name and the title of the video.

As you said, leaks of e-mail did occur, whether inside job or outside job. Nothing world-shattering was revealed, but it did expose some underhand doings regarding Hillary Clinton's team's working against her co-Democrat candidate Bernie Sanders. For me, that turned me further against Clinton than I'd have been without knowing about it - but didn't entice me to vote for Trump! My vote wouldn't have made a difference anyway - OK was always going to go Republican. Whether enough voters in swing states felt as I did, and decided to vote for Trump will remain speculation only.

There has been no evidence of hacking in the sense of hacking voting machines - apparently all the hoo-haa is all about the e-mail leaks.

I'm getting a funny feeling that Trump is doing his darndest to get thrown out in some way. His picks for his cabinet and other posts are just so obtuse. I'm wondering if he realises he's in too deep, yet his egotism wouldn't allow him to step down at any time, but if he's forced out in some manner, at some point, he'd have an excuse and someone to blame. Speculation, again, but his picks are getting more gross and obtuse as days pass.

mike (again) said...

Hhmmmm..."Trump's Men In Moscow: Trump Disciples Suddenly Showing Up In Russia"

mike (again) said...

I see we've already made national news on Fox:

Too bad that we Americans can't trust our tap water anymore. Didn't know you had concerns with yours. You live about-and-around fracking country. Did you see that the EPA is now suggesting there may be a connection? A shift from their previous denial.

I did go to the store early this morning, but I already knew water had sold-out hours prior. I wanted a gallon of milk...LOL. More water is to arrive, but the parking lot was full of expectant purveyors of water. Businesses are shuttered and schools are closed...everyone stuck at home without water.

It occurred to me, like you, that perhaps all of this jingo we are hearing is an escape hatch for Trump. Or maybe others, such as Pence's gang, devised this as a means to get Trump out and some right-winger-religious fanatic in the oval orifice. However, I am more inclined to think that Putin is having his way...look at the Syrian conflict with Putin's support of Assad, and the Ukraine takeover...definitely antagonistic toward what was once American values, though I'm not sure what American values means anymore. To obfuscate things more, the Aleppo conflict has recently maximized this past week and there is a strong call for American intervention, which means going against Russian interests. And the Chinese are never too happy with us, either, nor N Korea. Perhaps a consortium of nations are colluding our demise.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Maybe the National Guard will bring tankers of water to the city. Seems as though that's what's called for now - especially as some of the news now on line says also that the tap water is not to be used for bathing. Any luck buying more yet?

I'm totally confused about the Syria issue. I gave up on Middle East issues decades ago, and though I've tried to get my head around this, I just can't (or won't).

Electoral College meets Monday, I think. Maybe things Trump-wise will settle down a little, after that, if they elect Trump, that is. If they flip, who knows what'll happen next!