Thursday, December 08, 2016

Bernie's Long Game ?

Many commenters around the internet are still holding a grudge about Senator Bernie Sanders' support for Hillary Clinton, after his defeat in the primaries. Whenever his name is mentioned in a news piece, on certain websites, a chorus of, in my opinion, highly inappropriate and thoughtless derision ensues.
It was good to read this exchange on naked this week.

Fiery Hunt - December 5, 2016 at 3:11 pm:
Re: Bernie
I don’t care that he endorsed or campaigned for the Almost-Queen. He’s still the only politician talking about what’s really going on in America. And he’s not shy about calling it what it is. A big festering corruption cesspool. And he’ll always have my respect for that.

Reply - uncle tungsten - December 5, 2016 at 11:46 pm
All the more power to his mind and voice, I say. I perceive he plays a long game and immediate issues do not stampede him to hasty judgements/actions. There is much water and tears to flow along the stream in the next two years and I am sure Bernie Sanders and supporters will be there to move the stepping stones deftly into position where and if they can.
He has an aura of the aikido master about him and we would be wise to learn the moves and hear the strategy.

The exchange was prompted by a link at the website to a piece about Senator Sanders' recent speeches including one in San Rafael.

For people who are distressed by Trump’s election, Sanders had some disturbing news: things could get worse if campaign finance laws are weakened further.

“The reality is that this country both politically and economically is moving toward an oligarchic form of society where a small number of very wealthy and powerful people control our economy and our political life,” Sanders said.

“So what we have to do,” Sanders said, “is create a strong grassroots movement where we bring people together to fight not only for social justice, not only for environmental justice, but for economic justice as well. But here is where it becomes difficult.

"It is very easy for many Americans to say, I hate racism, I hate homophobia, I hate sexism", Sanders said, but it is a little bit harder for people in the middle or upper middle class to say, maybe we do have to deal with the greed of Wall Street.

“One of the things I’m trying to do,” Sanders said, “is to figure out a way to radically transform the Democratic Party from a party led by a liberal elite to a party led by working people and young people and people who really want to transform society.”


mike said...

Bernie and Trump rose from the same root-cause, but representing opposing ideologies. They are both reminiscent of fairy tale and mythological archetypes representing the forces of good vs evil...protagonist vs antagonist story themes. The Shiva and Vishnu of the Hindu, universal forces. The planetary, astrological byline and interaction-interplay of the non-personal planets, Jupiter outward, that shift social awareness and consciousness.

We are participants in a topsy-turvy, political world right now. Things change on a weekly basis, further denigrating the already devastated political landscape. Ethics erode daily, at least from my liberal vantage. It seems that any of the major players of the 2016 election have been and continue to be severely pummeled from one side or another, yet revered by their cohorts.

Bernie bolstered his name into the mainstream and demonstrated his integrity and convictions. He's a mirror opposite of P-elect. In so many ways, it's perfect that Bernie is exactly where he's at, as he's become a powerful, popularized, socialist senator like never before! Bernie isn't going away...he sees his cause as a conductor and he has a band readily in tune with his harmonics. Bernie will be a a constant irritant for Trump's derision.

I've mentioned so many times that the 2016 POTUS-elect will have a most difficult time based on astrology alone. For that reason, it's better that Bernie operate on the sideline and he may actually achieve more as a Trump antagonist.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Well put! We're lucky to have Bernie's voice out there. He's the one constant bright spot amid rapidly enclosing gloom.

R J Adams said...

Good luck to him. I'd like to see him do it, but I fear it's gone beyond the possible. I hope I'm wrong. Trump supporters are in for a big shock if they expect Trump to hold to his election promises. Latest: he's just named fast-food exec Andy Pudzer as head of the Labor Department. Anti-minimum wage, anti-union, anti-worker's rights, etc, etc..
It gets worse!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Yes, Trump seems to be deliberately finding the absolute worst possible people for important positions in his to-be administration. As mike said a few posts back, it could be that Steve Bannon is egging him on in that direction. I wouldn't be a bit surprised.