Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Do You Intuit ?

QUIZ : How intuitive are you?

I took the quiz and scored (37) in the area of level 2 "Social Intuition".

I've posted three times in the past on the topic of intuition, each post using some material from the other: one in 2007, then 2010 , the latest in 2015

Anyone else - on the quiz ?


mike said...

I scored 43, which is level 3, creative intuition. The questions were a bit too subjective for my likes, with several too vague or undefined. I'm probably plus-minus 5 or 6 points (more than likely minus).

I'm a sleep-on-it kinda guy. I've often been confronted with work-related problems seeking solutions. I've intuitively known that there were incorrect remedial proposals offered by others, but not able to immediately identify why I knew that. One or two sleep-cycles later, I usually could identify the source of error with a correction. This was particularly typical with "fire fighting"...manufacturing processing errors that were emergencies, with exorbitant sums of money on the line, and consequent interruption of product supply. I've been rewarded many times for my intuition! I've acknowledged my source several times to others, but working in a scientific discipline is not conducive toward allowances for intuition...LOL. I learned to keep it to myself.

I think we all have intuitive abilities, though our daily brain chitter-chatter permeates our lives, focusing our attention to the drab and mundane. Most of our daily lives are preoccupied with some form of media, usually digital-land internet and TV, decreasing-dulling our creative ability. Creativity and fantasy, realms of Neptune, come prefabricated nowadays.

Speaking of prefab fantasy, did you watch "Westworld" on HBO? I don't have HBO, but read-heard the series was very absorbing. Fashioned after Michael Critchton's 1973 film by the same name, which I have never seen. Have you?

I've not been using my Netflix streaming for some time. Spending too much time on the vagaries of the internet. I need to pull a hard-copy book from my pile of haven't-read and get busy.

The weather is more conducive toward hibernation with a good book, cup of steaming tea, and blanket. Cold today and much colder tomorrow with the arrival of a yuge, real, cold front. My sister in KS said their lows will be single-digit, so you will be close to that, too.

Twilight said...

mike ~ I agree that the questions could have been better posed. Like you my result could be several points off, one way or t'other. Social intuition does fit what I suspect I experience, more than any other category they outline. I've never been sure, though, whether it's really the result of accurate and careful constant observation and good memory as much as intuition. :-)

We no longer have HBO, ditched it over a year ago, so haven't seen "Westworld" series, but seen it mentioned here and there. I did see the old "Westworld" movie with Yul Brynner, a very long time ago, don't remember being too impressed with it.
Might be worth watching again though.

We're still Netflixing, with a bit of clunky Amazon Prime, some junk store DVDs and VHS tapes as well. I found a VHS set of "The Thorn Birds" on our last jaunt, watched it at the weekend, amazingly neither of us had ever seen it. I'd seen an odd episode, way back when, but never the whole thing. Enjoyed it. We're trekking slowly through "The Gilmore Girls" from pilot onwards, on Netflix. That's fun! And "Bones" too is okay, if a bit gruesome at times. Decent movies are hard to come by though, even at the cinema these days. I wanted to see "Arrival" but it didn't reach our town. It'll appear on Netflix somewhere down the line I guess.

Yes, the arctic blast is almost upon us - very chilly but bright today, tomorrow daytime temps not likely to be much more than a few degrees above freezing.

mike (again) said...

I see that your very own Okie Attorney General, Scott Pruitt, was selected as Trump's EPA dude. Bye-bye EPA, bye environment! Hello fracking, hello deep-water drilling, hello Oklahoma earthquake capital of the universe! My intuition is telling me some very bad things will happen. Trump's cabinet picks are indefensible for anyone with a shred of progressive-liberal notions.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I read that headline immediately before seeing your/this comment. This is definitely the last straw - even for me who was trying to remain willing to wait and see, with regard to the other nasty choices he has made, bearing in mind that a Republican is a Republican is a Republican. This one, though, is the death knell.

After Trump and his daughter had met with Al Gore the other day, I retained a tiny seed of hope - should've known better!

I've also read somewhere, recently, that our governor Mary Fallin has been chosen by Trump as vice-chair of some committee or other. He's rewarding the state for their loyal red-ness, I suppose. He forgets that, in the primaries, OK went for Ted Cruz and Bernie.