Friday, December 30, 2016

Arty Farty Friday, Saturday and Sundry New Year Babes

J.C. Leyendecker, one of the USA's hugely talented early 20th century illustrators, had a regular "gig" providing pleasing and apt illustrations for the Saturday Evening Post. (There's an old post partially on Leyendecker HERE.) Particularly memorable were his New Year covers. These depicted the incoming 12 months as a wee baby, appropriately occupied to indicate whatever was expected to be prominent in the year ahead.

I've captured a few images of Leyendecker's New Year babes and wonder if, because history is said to rhyme, any of them would, rhyming-wise, be appropriate to what lies before us as we trundle, dazed and confused, into 2017.

The general idea

 Middle East Concerns?

 New Infrastructure jobs?

 Attempt to capture peace?

 Bringing jobs back to the USA?

 Ready for climate change?

 Ready for a painful landing?

 Under the iron grip of....?


 Always my favourite!


R J Adams said...

Happy New Year to you, Twilight and AnyJazz. I've given up posting - at least until tomorrow!

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ Hey there RJ! (Your comment echoes through the empty halls of LCOTE!)
And A Happy New Year to you and Mrs RJ too!

Giving up posting might seem like the best plan in these days of Facebook and Twitter takeovers - and yet the habit is hard to break. I shall continue a while longer, even if only to please myself - a good enough reason I reckon! :-)

Bob said...

My wishes for a healthy and safe year for you and Any Jazz. I don't post much but come here every few days to scan and read. Expand my wishes to all.

Missing Mike's posts but understand his taking a break as I have curtailed my own internet participation dramatically in recent years.

When I say or think I am going to be 76 I don't feel old but when I say or think I am going to be 4 years away from 80 I do.

I wonder if trump's term in office is going to have younger ones going Gray too soon (Grey for the English amongst ya).

Twilight said...

Bob ~ Hey there! Nice to see you. A very happy New Year to you too!

Age is only numbers (or so I tell myself!) I'm a teeny bit ahead of you, and anyjazz is a teeny bit ahead of me, but we're all on much the same level - oldies of the internet, keeping up in some respects, often better than some of our contemporaries - at least those left on planet Earth.

From the hysteria goin' on online during past weeks some of the younger folks are going to give themselves more than grey hair if they don't calm down!

It's always good too see you, whenever you pop in here. I sometimes see your posts at Starlight News, but the politics there (when Clinton was still "a thing") irritated me no end, otherwise I might have joined in. :-)