Sunday, November 01, 2015

Senator Sanders' First TV ad.

The first TV ad. of Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign, due to air today in Iowa and New Hampshire:

Good one, Bernie!


mike said...

I suppose I'll be your only commenter on this post, Twilight! Yes, nice advertisement. He recently said that he would immediately end the federal marijuana prohibition, which is long past-due.

I'm always amazed when I hear that his biggest problem is his socialist attachment and America CAN'T have a socialist-leaning president...tantamount to a stake in capitalism's heart. It's always forgotten that the largest socialist program EVER in the USA (and probably globally) was under Republican-Bush-the-junior in 2008's financial and automobile bailout. TARP and quantitative-easing have cost extant and future taxpayers at least 4 trillion dollars, not counting interest!

Anonymous said...

Politics ...
... A life of Mud, Threats and Smears ...

Go Bernard!


Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes, we're his only cheer-leaders around here - oh - but I see Mugsy has joined us! Yay!! Good-oh!

Bernie has also said he's in favour of abolishing the death penalty - another big plus for him in my book (it's full of 'em already!)

I read a comment at Common Dreams not long ago today from someone who had watched "Meet the Press" this morning. The commenter said :

On Meet the Press today they talked about the ad after showing it. (Well, kind of showing it, more on that in a bit.)

Their critique was that Sanders was going all soft and bio oriented instead of being the tough guy who speaks out on specific issues. Their analysis was that Sanders had been hurt by HRC's sexism attack and was feeling his campaign was in retreat and he needed to sell himself as "not crazy" but a normal, nice guy. They also said the debate was bad for him because his "angry demeanor" and "looking old" in the debate turned off people because he "didn't look presidential."

But here's the thing. They only showed part of the ad. They cut out all the parts where it had the specific issues he supports and cut out the part where he speaks himself. {rolls eyes}

So I replied and said something along the lines that that's what we'd expect from such programmes, who are probably trying to dampen enthusiasm for Bernie's campaign at request of DNC and establishment figures. And that should be telling people something about how rigged/corrupt the system is now.

Twilight said...

Anon/kidd/Mugsy ~ LOL! Ain't that the truth! We, are very happy to have you helping us hold up our support placards, Mugsy :-)

R J Adams said...

I can still cheer from a distance.

Twilight said...

RJ Adams ~ We hear ya! Thank you! :-)