Monday, November 23, 2015

Music Monday ~ Welcoming the Travellin' Centaur

Sun moves into Sagittarius today for a month.

Sagittarius - what's not to like!?

 Sagittarius by Erté

This is a favourite sign of mine, not least because it's a travellin' sign and I've always had itchy feet, blamed on natal Venus in Sagittarius.

A favourite song or two to welcome in the travellin' Centaur:







Sonny G said...

While I have traveled, I've never been great at it:)

as a child I almost got sick:( car plane train bus- upset tummy personified~!

as an adult I have too much stuff to take with me. my own pillows and blanket- air machine or fan for white noise in order to sleep.. also, I find that when I actually get wherever I'm going it isn't as bright and beautiful as the photos I looked at before the fact. its always messier- dirtier and louder than I anticipated. yes ,, I'm picky I reckon lol
as for People in any area I've been too, they are always friendly and pleasant. In NY I have met some of the nicest folks anyone could ask for. I did there till I was 9- went back from 16 to 20 and have visited many times since.
I looked at my basic chart from astrodotcom and didn't see any sag, but ya'll know I don't usually know what I'm looking at :) however since my cap sun is only 2 degrees and that definitely makes me very early 1st decan of cap- perhaps sag has more of an influence than I realize.
Now as for Moving- that I can do, no problem~! In fact regardless of how wonderful a home may be- I will move in a heartbeat , giggle. To me that's the next great adventure.
as I have stated several times- I am 12/25/50 1:58am new York, ny.. Born in manhatten at City Hospital- though I have no idea what its called now.
so if ya see any sag in my chart please tell me where and then I'll go look up what that means..

mike said...

Sonny - OK, I fell for your bait! You have about 27* Sagittarius on your 3rd house cusp (ruler Jupiter in the 5th Pisces)...about 27* Gemini on the 9th house cusp (ruler Mercury retrograde in the 3rd Capricorn). Your 3rd house has Sun, Mercury Rx, and Venus all in Capricorn...your 9th house has Moon and Uranus, both in Cancer. Moon-Uranus are opposing Venus. Libra Saturn in the 12th house squares your planets in the 3rd and 9th, and rules the planets in the 3rd house in Capricorn.

As you wrote above, you are not one to find long distance travel (9th house)fun in reality, though it will always seem tempting and touches something emotional within you. You may have a nagging-longing that there is someplace special you need to find, far away. You may have strange occurrences or surprises. Long distance travel brings-out your homesickness (Moon rules 4th house of home), but it also touches something very emotional within you.

You will probably feel much better traveling long distance from your sofa at home, watching TV travelogues, though they will give you an urge to actually make the journey. I think that you will always find staycations more enjoyable and short-distance travel will typically work best for you...explore the sites near you. Leave in the morning and return at night. 3rd house rules short distances, siblings, neighbors & the hood, communication. You miss your routine when travel far away.

Transiting Pluto has just finished transiting your Venus and opposing your Moon. Pluto will conjunct your Mercury in a year. You've had a shake-up regarding communication, neighbors-hood, siblings, ideologies, religion, deeper emotions, short vs long distance, etc. Could be something related to a tremendous need to escape the confines of every-day life...a feeling of bondage to a and transformation may be involved, too.

Your 12th house Saturn may create a hidden or repressive feeling within you about all of the above. You may have a feeling that wherever you are, it isn't "right". Transiting Pluto would have conjunct your Sun and squared your Saturn 2008 through 2010, bringing changes to your 3rd house, and deep subconscious upwellings from the 12th house. Then T-Pluto opposed your 9th house Uranus, then Moon from 2010 until now, bringing changes to your 9th house, but via your 3rd house.

You've had some heavy changes that you may just now be realizing. Pluto aspects are difficult to detect when they happen, since they occur over a long period. I think that if you look back from 2008 to now, you have changed dramatically. Next on the list is Pluto conjunct your natal Mercury Rx, which is operative now through about 2019. You may be aware that your manner of expression, communication, educational concerns, siblings, etc are undergoing transformations. Mercury rules the 3rd house, so this is important. There may be transformative changes with neighbors-hood. I don't think this conjunction will be as strange as the last seven years have may enjoy some of these transformations...somehow empowering. Again, since your 12th house Saturn rules Capricorn and natal Mercury is in Capricorn, release any inhibitions from the past, or the deep, heeby-jeebies you may be sensing. Try to get in touch with any subconscious patterns that you may sense as surfacing. Communicate! Talk! Write!

mike (again) said...

On the road again -
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is making music with my friends

And I can't wait to get on the road again.
On the road again

Goin' places that I've never been.
Seein' things that I may never see again

And I can't wait to get on the road again.
On the road again -
Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We're the best of friends.
Insisting that the world keep turning our way

And our way
is on the road again.
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is makin' music with my friends

And I can't wait to get on the road again.
On the road again

Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway
We're the best of friends

Insisting that the world keep turning our way

And our way
is on the road again.
Just can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is makin' music with my friends

And I can't wait to get on the road again.
And I can't wait to get on the road again. (Canned Heat) (Willie)

mike (again) said...

Sonny - A random thought...have you considered taking college classes? New methods of expressing yourself through creative writing or music? Involve yourself in local civics or neighborhood functions? By 2020, you will have evolved a new form of expression.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ You wrote In fact regardless of how wonderful a home may be- I will move in a heartbeat , giggle. To me that's the next great adventure. That was how my parents were too - mostly driven by Mum. They moved at the drop of a hat once they sold the bakery and freed themselves of years of hard toil. I'm different though - I love to move - as in travel - but moving all my worldly goods along with me to a new base doesn't appeal quite as much - I tend to become emotionally attached to my "base". :-)

I see mike has taken up the astrological banner and sorted out your Sagittarius bits - good show!!

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yep - that's a favourite song of mine - almost included it in the post but decided on Ramblin'Fever instead because it holds some fine memories for me. :-)

Sonny G said...

Mike... I cant thank you enough... as I get your comments by email- I am able to save it to read again..
On my way to the store but when I get back and settled, I'll respond more to your and Annie's comments..

thank you so much.

mike (again) said...

Sagittarius is also known for:

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Ah yes - that second song should have been my signature song, and signature song of anyone with a bit of Aquarius and Sagittarius in their nature.

Sonny G said...

you are spot on in your reading of my chart.

I will try to respond point by point.. though this comment may be LONG:)

For many years Long Distance travel FELT so exciting , then about 6 hours after I got where I had gone, I started to feel uncomfortable and by mid of the next day I was unhappy.. then miserable and I was packing up and heading home:) I got happier as every mile passed and by the time I could start seeing familiar road signs:: even 200 miles away:: I got thrilled. For me, the phrase- There's No Place Like Home, is a mental, physical and spiritual fact..

During the transiting Pluto you spoke of I got divorced and 2 years ago moved from the home I had been in the prior 15 years. The house was the longest I'd ever lived anywhere in my life and I think that only happened because several times, I changed it- inside and out. I mean took down walls and put up others, built on a great room in the back and added a 2nd guest room/office too. She looked nothing like her former self inside or out.. She went from the pitiful ugly duckling to the neighborhood beauty and that's not my ego talking, its fact. When I moved to this new townhome, I put her on the market for rent::no, couldn't give her up, she was my creative Joy,, the next morning while I was opening the first boxes here, the realty manager called and said he had 5 people who wanted to rent it immediately~!
The people who got her actually wrote me personal letter to promise they would care for her like one of the children, and they have.. I ride by weekly just to look and make sure she looks happy. If ever the day comes that she doesn't, those folks will be gone asap.
I've built 17 homes and remodeled 21 others. THEY are how I communicate:) and use my creative talents. It isn't just about how they will Look, its also about how they will FEEL when someone walks into them. With every nail and screw, every board and window, I pour my love into it. Knowing I will have to leave it in the hands of what I feel are its foster parents.. They are always mine. People call it building, I call it giving birth. oh sheesh, crying hard now so I'll come back and write me.

again- everything you said is exactly right in more ways that I can tell you..
be back later

mike (again) said...

Sonny - Glad the interpretation "works" for you. I forgot to mention transiting Uranus in your 6th house, currently at 17* Aries, squaring your natal Mercury. T-Uranus has already made one pass, turned retrograde, and will be stationary direct the end of December @ 16*34'. The T-Uranus square N-Mercury will fade quickly as spring season begins. This square has been in effect since the beginning of 2015, so you should be used to the drill by now. Your string of planets in Capricorn were sq T-Uranus from 2011 until now, ending with Mercury next spring. T-Uranus formed a T-square with your natal Sun and Saturn for most of 2011 and 2012...that would have been the most stressful period for you. T-Uranus also squared your natal Moon and Uranus from 2013 and is ending now...there were times when T-squares were formed with your Capricorn planets. So, realize that all of the strange stuff of the last four or five years are concluding. You've mentioned that you've incurred various, surprising health issues...that's very typical of Uranus in the 6th house.

Uranus in the 6th house from

"Uranus Transits Through Your Sixth House: This is the house of employment and service. Uranus transiting here makes you more likely to quit your job. This is especially true if the job is routine, or you have to have constant supervision. Uranus will increase your desire for independence and for new, exciting things in the employment area. If you are the type who wants to keep things just as they are, Uranus increases the chance that you will be fired or laid off. Keep your resume updated when you see this transit coming. If you are an employer, the people who work for you will seem more rebellious at this time (remember, this transit can last for seven years). But this can help you if you have to hire hi-tech innovative types. Under this influence, these are more likely to be the employees you want. The 6th House also rules health matters. Uranus transiting here increases the chances that you will be attracted to new methods of staying healthy. Don’t jump. Uranus transits sometimes make us want to rush in. Some of those have not been proven yet, and it is not a good idea to use your own body for experiments. Remember what happened to Dr. Jekyl (all right, that was only a novel, but you get the idea). On the other hand, you may need to do something new regarding your health (like changing your diet) and you won’t want to. That’s when Uranus can do unexpected things, like a sudden illness, to give you a wake-up call."

mike (again) said...

Sonny - you feel now like a new and better you has been birthed over the last seven years? The transits of Uranus and Pluto to your natal planets has been fairly brutal and brought much chaos, but you should be realizing the benefits of all of this change NOW and feeling much renewal.

Sonny G said...


regarding your statement:::""Next on the list is Pluto conjunct your natal Mercury Rx, which is operative now through about 2019. You may be aware that your manner of expression, communication, educational concerns, siblings, etc are undergoing transformations. Mercury rules the 3rd house, so this is important.""

I have , as have others, noticed that while I am still as polite as possible, I am far more outspoken than I used to be and I stick to my guns a lot more. Not in a stubborn way but versus the vascillating I have been prone too in this life- that's almost stopped and I am firmer and more sure of myself.

as for college courses= in reality I have to admit I still have anxiety out in the world and limit my excursions to only a few hours . It seems that any more than that and it would mean I'd start to feel physically ill.
as for Learning, yes, your right. I would like to learn something new and have it be my next big adventure.. The home I am in now is decorated and designed as I want it to be in its main issues and of course it changes seasonally décor wise.
Hard to explain but I'm sure if you've visited my blog you've seen what I am speaking of..

as for dietary changes I made those in late feb of this year when I was diagnosed as aa type 2 diabetic. I made changes with a vengeance:) which is how I got my ac1 number from 10.3 to 5.7 in less than a month. speaking of that-- I have noticed a 5 to 7 point drop in my daily blood checks since about the 4th day of the 3000mg of Taurine you suggested. so thank you again for that helpful advice. It really does work~!
I absolutely DO feel like a new and better me in every way. During the chaos bad changes happen slowly so they aren't as noticeable as they should be.. Once my diet changed and I started taking the proper supplements if when I realized how bad things had gotten. I feel I have a new lease on life and one I can continue to participate in making happen day by day.

blood sugar and blood pressure are at levels of a 30 year old and I just feel happier and in better control of my emotions.

more god news is after years of trying to deal alone with my vision issues by wearing reading glasses that had gotten to the 3.50 size:( I finally went to a wonderful eye doctor and got a prescription for glasses,, omg. I CAN SEE.. its like a miracle. now I do still have to wear reading glasses ::only 1.25 though and that's for small print.. 3 weeks ago I went back and was fitted for contact lenses. It took trying out a few brands to get the right ones for me visually and comfort wise but I did and I couldn't be happier with them.
YES I'm vain lol and wearing glasses out in public wasn't a favorite thing of mine.
Now for the not so happy news- after being checked by 2 specialists- it appears that a hip replacement will be required if I am to ease this constant pain and be able to walk normally again. I hear lots of good and bad stories online and in person about this and haven't yet decided IF I can do it.

truly I don't want to annoy you with astro questions and I wont - except for::

if I do decide to have the hip surgery could You and Annie help me with When would be a good time to have it done for the best outcome? I know there is such a thing as Medical Astrology and I will look around to see if I can find an answer to this question.

Where's Edger Cayce when I need him? lol lol

mike (again) said...

Sonny, thanks for the details! Sounds like you're doing fine. I don't know how the taurine will work for you, but the neighbor I told you about, a type 1 with no pancreas, stopped the frequent urination-thirst immediately, then a month later, her blood sugar stabilized. She used to take two or three injections of insulin per day and now takes one injection every five to seven days, depending on her food intake.

Some unsolicited advice I have regarding your hip surgery, make sure you've examined all possible situations that may impinge on that hip, meaning how you position your body at various times of the day-night that could contribute to repetitive stress on your hip. I have arthritis and I've already had cartilage surgery on one knee 20 years ago. I have no cartilage in my jaw joints. I developed a chronic, severe pain in my right hip fifteen years ago and surgery was imminent. I found that how I got in and out of my car was the culprit! I always put my right leg in, then used it to position my body into the car. The more ergonomic way is to sit on the seat facing out, then swivel in to position.

A neighbor was about to have her lower spine fused due severe sciatica and hip problems. She had steroid shots every several months to lessen the pain. I told her about my experience with the car and encouraged her to examine everything she did daily, including her sleeping habits. Women in particular may benefit from a sleep pillow between the knees. She made a number of changes. She's very short, so she purchased a step for her very tall SUV to make entry easier, and she swivels in now...previously, she was doing what I did, by using her right leg in first, then using that leg to assist her body in to the car. She changed her mattress to firmer. She started treatment-adjustments with a chiropractor. No pain now she says and no surgery!

If you should plan surgery, they say do it well-prior to a full Moon to reduce bleeding and swelling. No adverse aspects from transiting Mars. The hips are ruled by Sagittarius [ ]. Saturn and Capricorn rule bones and joints.

BTW - there will be a full Moon in Capricorn-Cancer on your birthday. The Sun will be conjunct your Sun (3rd house), opposed the transiting Moon in Gemini (9th house), and this will set-up a T-square with your Saturn (12th house). This needn't be negative, but something indicative will occur. It also indicates that your year ahead will have this effect. Perhaps a clearing of the emotions and-or a conclusion to something long-term. Read my first comment, above (Nov 23, 10:42 AM).

mike (again) said...

Sonny - very last "BTW", I should have said that the transiting Moon is in CANCER, 9th house. Everything else is correct.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - You haven't said whether you are insulin-dependent. If you are managing your diabetes by diet and exercise, taurine supplementation will lessen spiking of blood sugar and you should find that your fasting blood glucose is in the range of 95-105...the upper normal for fasting blood glucose is 99, but taurine may push the number slightly above normal, because it keeps blood glucose steady...fasting will not push the number down very much. Congratulations for halving you should go down further with taurine.

Sonny G said...

I'll definitely be using your method to get in and out of the car Mike. every little bit helps where this pain is concerned.

again,, I am saving all your comments to read again.

NO, I am type 2 diabetic and because I was able to get my numbers down to normal range I haven't had to increase my metformin// I take the minimum dose 500 mg.s a day.. If I can keep my numbers where they are now I will never have to be on insulin.. In the hospital my pancreas was functioning at about 24 percent- that's bad:) now its functioning at 80 percent- hence the ac1 number being at the 5.3 to 5.7 range.. I only consume 20 carbs per day-- not the 40 carbs per meal the Diabetes assoc. recommends. That along with my supplements- and now adding the taurine and olive leaf extract -plus vit K is keeping my numbers stable , just like a normal persons. In fact my spikes::2 hours after meal: are lower than the average persons. I am thrilled and feel so fortunate as I know the numbers I see daily is something many diagnosed diabbetics never have or will. dare I say- I have partipated in my own Miracle. least that's how I feel about it.

PS- I have noticed something else since taking the taurine-- NO NITEMARES~!! which have plagued me several nights a week for years.. I sleep well and peacefully. its amazing