Tuesday, November 03, 2015

"31 - Get Up and Run!"

I no longer contribute to any astrology message boards - not many have healthily survived the onslaught of Facebook. Noel Tyl's is one that has kept going, more thinly populated, but still alive. I wander in there occasionally to lurk awhile. (Do people still lurk, or has Facebook coined a new term for that non-active activity?) Anyway, a thread started by James Williams with the heading Age 31 ?! held my attention for a while.
"Was the year you turned 31 pivotal for you?!" Mr Williams asked.
If the above link doesn't work you could go to Noel Tyl's website and scroll down the list of discussions on the forum there.

I thought back in my own life to age 31, and did recall something interesting, if not exactly pivotal. (Pivotal = of crucial importance in relation to the development or success of something else.) Erm...well maybe it was - eventually!

I admit to not properly understanding all that was said in the fairly short discussion thread, some of it related to vedic astrology, which is where the root of this idea about age 31 originates.

At age 31 I first met the person with whom I would share the next 30+ years; I'd leave my job, move home and job more than once, but all this led, a few years later, to my long-term post in the civil service.

I'd already looked into transits in relation to this part of my life. Saturn was transiting Taurus, and met up with natal Uranus and South Node of the Moon at 13 degrees, exact in May 1970. Transiting Pluto conjoined natal Neptune around the same time, transiting retrograde Neptune conjoined natal Mars. Uranus had trined natal Sun from Libra, in April, then retrograded to the same trine in August. Something was goin' on, above and below for me! Whether any of it corresponds with vedic theories about 32nd year (or age 31 as we call it) I can't say.

Doe anyone else reading along have any outstanding experience from their own age 31 to contribute?

(Note: "31 - get up and run" is I understand, from an online list, how bingo callers are wont to announce the picking of that number.)


mike said...

I leave Vedic alone simply because I've chosen Western astrology and the two don't mix well. The changes you describe for your selected year of life are plausible due to the transits you provide. Saturn rules your 7th house (relationship & partners), Saturn and Uranus rule your 8th (change, sex, shared resources)...transiting Uranus (8th ruler) in Libra (4th house?) trine natal Sun (in the 8th house) = surprising, sudden changes involving home and shared resources, sexual relationships. Transiting Pluto (co-ruler of your 5th) and natal Mars (co-ruler of your 5th) involved with Neptune would imply dreamy romance, a new style of expression, and transiting Neptune was probably in your 5th house. Much more can be said of your transits, but that's enough.

Your progressed chart is telling, too...I think February 27th is your 31st progressed year. Your 29 & 30th year were instrumental to the changes occurring in your 31st, particularly with Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury colliding in your 9th house (P-Sun conj N-Jupiter, P-Mercury conj P-Jupiter...P-Venus conj N-Mercury in 7th, P-Venus in 7th trine N-Neptune in 3rd. More can be said, too.

As for my own 31st year, each year of my 20s and 30s were full of changes, so it would be difficult to select any ONE year as containing the most change. I wouldn't say that my 31st was the most active of the lot. Getting back to your previous post regarding semi-sextiles, I have a string of them from Leo through Scorpio, which has kept me busy with changes for most of my life, but my 31st year that string was not heavily activated compared to other years.

Twilight said...

mike ~ Yes, Eastern and Western astrology don't mix easily, as you point out, but to my mind, if astrology has validity (some or much) attempting comparison of the two systems ought to be capable of producing a perspective from which we can grasp ideas of what's actually going on (or if anything IS going on) - the "how and why" of it all - my constant query!

Thanks for your expansion of my own transits @ age 31. It was said in the thread that this age 31 thing is not about transits but more about houses. It must be mere coincidence that my transits fit the bill at 31.

One lady explained that in Eastern astrology, at age 31 it is "the maturation time of Mercury" - in a similar way to how Moon's nodes peak at certain times of life (around every 19 years). My natal Mercury was in 7th House - House of partnership (Western style) and fairly close to descendant angle, so in a strong position (Western). So maybe the 31 thing fits in that way, not considering any transits at all, just the fact that age 31 becomes a significant year for Mercury.

The same lady also pointed out that in Eastern astrology planets aspect houses significantly even if no planet is there.

Hmmmmm - The semi-sextile thing is a good example of how one rule is not a good fit for everyone, and how chart shapes (splash, bowl, bundle, see-saw etc) have an important bearing, in Western astrology anyway - as shown by your own experience. Whether that sort of thing carries over into Eastern I don't know.

mike (again) said...

Well, as we've discussed prior, when so many variables are involved, as with astrology, just about anything is possible...LOL. In my previous work-life, I performed statistical process control and it was surprising the number of times that, statistically, certain variables correlated, yet when experiments were performed, the correlation could not be verified. The obvious conclusion was that the variables selected were affected by non-identified variables. The same can't readily be done with astrology, since each person's astrology is unique. It'd be a different animal, if we could take the same, identical natal chart and have it played-out by many different humans. Instead, we analyze how one particular variable plays-out in many different natal charts, each unique, and make generalizations.

Vedic astrology uses sidereal positions, so the planetary aspects are the same as Western-style, but most planets and aspects will be in different signs (off by 23* currently). As your post indicates, there are different techniques used in Vedic astrology...phases of life are ruled by particular planets. Interestingly, several years ago, I read a Vedic essay indicating that I would be under a Saturn phase for approximately 15 years...from about 2000 until now...this was determined by the position of my natal Saturn and I don't remember the logic behind it. I would have to say that from 2000 until now have been very Saturnian years for me! I've tried to find that website since, but to no avail.

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ I do agree, yes. I recall commenting on a message board, long time ago, that in astrology it's possible to make anything mean anything. It pretty much is too, using all the many tools and methods available. I have, at times almost thrown in the towel and determined not to bother with astrology anymore - but I usually return, because, frustratingly there IS something in it - but just not everything.

The vedic system puts my Sun in Capricorn, with Jupiter in Aquarius - and in general the "feel" isn't a lot different.

The phases of life thing comes up in ancient astro too - there's the Firdar (originating in Persian astrology I think) - did a post on it a couple of years ago and an earlier one too mentioned in this link:


Then there are "the Parts" of Fortune etc.

It's like a never-ending board game - and that's been my thought for many years. Or maybe it's like a crossword puzzle where two or three (or more) threads clearly link up but the whole puzzle has a basic theme behind it. :-/