Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Relocation = New Horizon in Life & in Astrology

Relocation astrology is based on the theory that if one moves to live, permanently, in a location far away from place of birth, the "template" of angles and house cusps in the natal chart swings around, independently of planetary positions (which remain always the same), to provide what's known as a relocated chart. A substantial change in location of the chart's angles (at 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house positions) could present, at the very least, a change of outlook in the chart's owner. One's outlook is bound to change after a major permanent move, astrology or no astrology!

Using my own case as an example: I moved almost 5000 miles from England to Oklahoma. When relocated, my natal mid-ish Cancer ascendant falls now in late Aquarius or very early Pisces. I can never be exact because I don't know my exact time of birth. (I have natal Sun at 6.46/8 Aquarius). The move has placed natal 8th house Sun into 12th house, put Jupiter instead of Pluto in first house, possibly even right on the ascendant. Pisces used to lie in the mid-heaven area (with Jupiter) but Sagittarius is now there instead, with Mars, in last degree of Scorpio, the closest planet.

I'm still the same old me, but surrounded by different landscape, a different set of people, different benefits, different challenges. My natal Cancer ascendant is, and always will be a part of my personality. Cancerian characteristics didn't disappear the minute I arrived in Oklahoma! Most of my relocated chart is compatible with natal orientation, important planets remain emphasised but in different ways. I didn't choose the new location; one might say that it was thrust upon me, by fate, and that fate was kind.

Has having different signs at ascendant and mid-heaven changed anything for me? Maybe - a little. My relocated 12th house Sun has a rather doleful reputation...confinement, hidden enemies, self-undoing, loss....la-di-da! I choose not to believe that old fashioned stuff. The world has moved on from times when astrologers first came to those conclusions. It has been said that 12th house Sun is often found in the charts of writers. They spend much time alone, writing (not confined, mind you). That fits my present situation - blogging since 2006!

What I believe happens in relocation is that the fresh location adds an overlay, to highlight signs and/or planets and aspects which had previously been taking something of a backseat in the personality. Consequently the brighter light which, natally, had fallen on some signs/planets/aspects, becomes dimmer at the new location. Relocation simply causes re-orientation of the whole chart. I guess that transits to natal chart might be reflected more clearly, outwardly, in the relocated astrological house position, but retain some inner echo of natal house position. I have to admit to not having done much research on this particular point in my own chart, not being a keen follower of astrological house lore. Also, as the relocated Aquarius/Pisces cusp ascendant kind of matches my natal Sun which is semi-sextile-twinned by degree with Jupiter in Pisces - there's a similarity there to natal chart. I'm perhaps not the best subject for research into this particular corner of astrology.


mike said...

This is an interesting topic, Twilight! I've relocated around the USA too many times and with many miles between locales. Contiguous USA traverses four time zones, about four hours, so the shift in ASC and houses can only be about two astrological signs (each sign on the ASC changes about every two hours). I've read many astrologers' comments that support relocation astrology, but just as many that don't. One prominent astrologer states that a synastry chart should be erected using the relocated city's birth time and natal chart.

My move to CA shifted my houses by one sign, placing an emphasis on my fifth and seventh houses and the correlation was very amazing, in a good way. Moving from CA to TX shifted the houses back toward similarity to my natal chart. Due to the relocation to TX, I had an unusually drawn-out Saturn transit in the fourth house of almost five years, which definitely correlated to an abundance of serious, major concerns related to the fourth house (three years of transiting Saturn in the fourth when in CA, then relocated to TX putting transiting Saturn just entering the fourth once again).

Astro*Carto*Graphy and its variations of locational astrology is fairly new to the astrological tool kit. There are so many astrologers developing new techniques based on their studies that it's difficult for me to identify the useful and seemingly valid. A lot like synastry vs composite charting or the identification of aspect types vs harmonics.

I do agree with the essential premise of locational astrology in that there are places that resonate with me, both delightfully and frictionally. I'm slightly doubtful of locational astrology, due to my visits in cities which impart a wonderful "feel", but a few miles down the road, a different city with a distinctly opposite "feel"...I would anticipate more congruity. A few miles down the road isn't going to alter the relocation chart by very much at all, so why the intensely opposite reaction?

mike (again) said...

I'm a little delirious right now from chopping palm fronds and cleaning the bus stop that abuts my property. I'm always so discouraged by the debris that bus riders leave for their daddy to pick-up. Our storm drains discharge directly into the bay, so any bus stop debris ultimately is bay trash, if I don't clean.

Re your relocation to the USA. Does it coincide with transits to your natal 9th house? Uranus was perhaps in the vicinity at that time. Assuming astrology has a basis, a relocation should be apparent in the natal chart.

Also, locational astrology is often used with solar returns to adjust for a better year ahead. Oddly, the astrologer that pooh poohs (re)locational astrology DOES advocate taking a trip on the solar return to accommodate better house positions. Go figure!

mike (again) said...

Forgot to mention that I've lived in three locations on the west coast, two in WA state and one in CA. Each location was experienced by me very differently from the other two. Of course, transits to the natal chart would have been different, as each was experienced with a distinct time slice not to be replicated at the other locations. Latitude would alter the relocated chart's house positions slightly, but not nearly to the extent of longitude...all three locations on the west coast were reasonably within the same longitude west and produced similar relocated charts.

Twilight said...

mike ~ It's an interesting and yet a frustrating facet of astrology - yes. I think what it rests on is that mysterious factor of which we are ignorant: what really drives astrology - what is it really - if astrology works (and it does some of the time) why does it work? If we knew these things we'd have a better idea of how to look on relocation. I approach astrologers' takes on the topic keeping a pinch of salt handy, because nobody knows for sure. We can only go by personal experience, and not everyone has relevant personal experience of long-ish distance relocation.

Thank you for adding your own experiences, which do point towards "something going on".

You ask about transits/9th house and my relocation. Had to go check on the exact date - it was 24/25 October 2004 when I arrived here permanently. In natal chart Jupiter is in 9th house Pisces. At 24/5 Oct 2004 trans. Jupiter was in Libra exactly trining my natal Sun; Uranus was 4 degrees from natal Jupiter in Pisces. Pluto was still conjunct natal Venus in Sagittarius. Immigration legalities and organisation had been ongoing for months, of course, but 24/25 October was the "big day".

I trust your delirium has subsided. Have you experienced cooler temps yet? - We had our first cool day yesterday - needed long sleeves in the house, same so far today, but supposed to be warming up again later.

mike (again) said...

Townley essay on relocation:

Yes, I'm rested now. We had a very mild cool front pass through last week and the drier air was the big bonus! We have returned to the heat and humidity, with no cool fronts in the forecast. Showers that are now in New Mexico will arrive Thursday-Friday.

Not sure what to think about Sonny...she may be very delirious. The news isn't good for her region with the ginormous flooding. I believe she lives in North Carolina. Leave a comment, Sonny, when you find dry ground!

Twilight said...

mike (again) ~ Thanks for the link - I'll read it tomorrow, when mind is fresher. I'm straight from two very, very creepy X-Files episodes at present. :-/

Sonny will likely be without internet access, even if not in the worst hit area. I don't know which city she's near, or in. Hope we get a word from her soon.