Friday, October 30, 2015

Arty Farty Friday ~ Oleg Shuplyak, Master of Eye Trickery.

"Trick or treat" time will come around again tomorrow, so for this Friday's Arty Farty subject here's an artist who delights in giving viewers a treat by tricking their eyes: Oleg Shuplyak. He's from Ukraine, born on 23 September 1967 in the Ternopil region.
On first glance, Oleg Shuplyak’s dreamy paintings appear to be classically-styled landscapes, or portraits of figures from art, culture and fiction. On second glance, the optical illusions are actually both—classic landscape imagery and figures are carefully styled to represent eyes, noses, mouths and hair to their larger counterparts (who happen to be figures like Vincent Van Gogh, Charles Darwin and John Lennon).
See the two other paintings mentioned HERE.

Shuplyak must surely have been inspired by an artist from centuries past whose work has always intrigued me, too: Arcimboldo (see archived post HERE)

There's a selection of Oleg Shuplyak's work at, among other websites, Art Galaxie. Thumbnails there will enlarge by clicking on them. Google Image will bring up further examples of his work.

From YouTube:

It's occasionally an effort to get the correct focus (squinting will sometimes help a lot) before the trick becomes fully obvious.

.........Oleg Shuplyak lives and works in a small historical town in Western Ukraine called Berezhany. He basically lives as a reclusive artistic hermit.

Let's have a look at the artist's natal chart, perhaps his talent for eye-trickery will be reflected there.

Born on 23 September 1967. I've set the chart for 12 noon in Ternopil, Moon's position will not be exact and ascendant will remain unknown without a correct time of birth.

His natal Virgo Sun conjunct Uranus and Pluto has to be the first clue! Uranus, planet of the unexpected, and of invention; Pluto's transformative nature and unusual depth of scrutiny - all in meticulous Virgo - what could better reflect this artist's special talents? The Virgo cluster is flanked by a semi-sextile to Venus (planet of the arts) and Jupiter in Leo on one side and to Mercury in Libra on the other. Astrologers sometimes write that semi-sextiles are "uncomfortable" aspects. I don't agree - not in the case of every semi-sextile anyway, and not in this case. The planets flanking his Virgo cluster sextile each other and, I'd say help to harmonise the whole grouping. Neptune (imagination creativity), from 22 Scorpio, joins the harmony too with a sextile to the Virgo trio, but also forming a square to Venus/Jupiter. If seen in context of his specific style of art I could see that square as representing a challenge to a viewers' eye.

The artist's natal Moon position can't be properly established without a time of birth, but it's very likely to have been in Venus-ruled Taurus, and perhaps in trine aspect to at least one of the Virgo cluster.


Sonny G said...

His art is quite intriguing. makes you look very closely in order not to miss a single element..

Happy Friday Folks

mike said...

Re - Semisextile, from

"The 150 Quincunx And 30 Degree Semisextile (Inconjunct)

Robert Hand points out that ancient astrologers identified both the semisextile and the quincunx as 'inconjunct' aspects because they both divide the circle by 12, 1\12 and 5\12 respectively. The important point to note is that these once considered minor aspects show themselves repeatedly to reside among the ranks of the majors. They effectively link planets together in signs of different polarity, element and modality and general orientation. It’s a bit like fingers on a chalk board. The combination can make you cringe.

Some writers attribute adjectives such as 'friendly' and 'harmonious' to the semisextile, seeing it as a watered down sextile. Others associate both the semisextile and the quincunx with the strain and unease of a square. Again the best approach is to evaluate the aspect based on what two planets are being connected and how easy or challenging is it to accommodate for their needs and drives in the signs they are in."

His semisextiles have the Neptune square, Chiron lose yod (or at least inconjunct Venus-Jupiter) & opposition, and Mars quintile Uranus. There's likely to be further involvement with his natal Moon, both positive and negative.

Transits can cause havoc with natal semisextile aspects, as a transiting planet favorably aspecting one, but negatively the other planet involved in the semisextile aspect. His natal Neptune is a good example, because it sextiles Uranus-Pluto, but squares Venus-Jupiter, which draws Uranus-Pluto into the square aspect. If his Moon should be in the third decant of Taurus, all havoc comes forth greatly impacting those semisextiles from Leo through Scorpio (opposition, trine, square, T-square, inconjunct). He experienced this lunar aspect once a month all of his life, simply due to the transiting Moon.

The link, above, does indicate astrologers are split on semisextiles and obviously you believe them to be positive. I am less inclined, as I've stated in other posts, because they can be challenging, too.

His work is clever and obviously well thought-out, but a bit too kitsch for me...reminds me of magazine cover art, when innuendo is desired.

mike (again) said...

P.S. - I should add that I have a similar string of semisextiles in my natal chart:
Pluto at 19* Leo
Moon at 19* Virgo
Neptune at 18* Libra
Mercury at 16* Scorpio (conjunct Sun 13*, Venus 11*)

Pluto is square my Scorpio planets, sextile Neptune, semisextile Moon
Moon is sextile my Scorpio planets, semisextile Pluto and Neptune
Neptune is sextile Pluto, semisextile Moon and Scorpio planets

To complicate the scenario, I have Mars at 29* Sagittarius and a N Node-Saturn conjunction at 28* Virgo, which places my Scorpio planets at the mid-point, semi-square. I also have Jupiter at 28* Aquarius, inconjunct N Node-Saturn, and sextile Mars.

An astrologer has to consider each individual aspect, but then incorporate the entirety of related aspects.

Transits making aspects to my string of semisextiles are interesting to say the least and can make a tremendous impact. One giveth, one taketh...LOL!

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Yes, I agree. I enjoy sorting them out.

Twilight said...

mike + (again) ~ Re the artwork - yes there's an element of kitsch I guess, but his cleverness just about balances that for me. I wouldn't necessarily hang one of them on my living room walls, but I enjoy looking at his paintings online.

Re the semi-sextile issue, I don't see it as always negative. It depends on everything else in the chart, the mix, the chart shape, lots of things. What's a good "rule" for one is meaningless for another. One could easily become paranoid if everything that isn't overtly positive is seen as negative. This is one part of astrologers' theories that irritates me. We can go only on our own experiences, which will always be different because our charts, and our life experiences are unique to us.

I take your point that transits might, at times, bring forth a kind of win-lose situation as they pass over one then the other semi-sextiled planet - but the winning and the losing could be quite minor things, not always big life enhancing or threatening/challenging stuff. Also, as I see it, no transit is ever entirely good or bad, even the worst Pluto transit eventually comes good (I can attest to that).

Another point worth considering might be the matter of each planets' strengths in our chart (as talked about in a post not long ago - re Walter Pullen's method.) If the semi-sextiled planets are not particularly strong in a chart, transits could be felt less if at all.

I like my Aquarius/Pisces semi-sextile (Sun/Jupiter), and I've another Saturn/Uranus in Aries/Taurus - my Sun's two rulers in different styles, and I can relate to both.

Sonny G said...

Though I don't know " what of mine is where " astrologically- except for the very basic parts I can give my opinion on negative versus positive times I've been through in this lifetime. They were all Lessons- some easier than other but Lessons to be learned from nevertheless.

In late feb. I landed in intensive care but do a medication given to me that tossed my sodium level to such a low degree is could easily have caused major organ damage in just a few more hours.. I spent 45 minutes in the emergency room and right up to ICU I went with tubes and all kinds of machines attached to me. Took 72 hours to get my sodium levels back up to even a reasonable place.. In that time many tests were taken and when I left there I had a diagnosis I wouldn't have had - as a Diabetic.. I had shown no symptoms of it during my physical the year before.
My BG was running in the 600's and my AC1 was 10.4== that's really HIGH folks:)
MY BP was also off the charts.
I came home and planned to fight both as if it was a war going on inside me for my life.. By late March I had my AC1 down to 5.2 and my bp running at 123/78 with only a few degrees difference from day to day.. The very negative experience caused by a pill I should NOT have been given- ended up giving me a quality of life I haven't had in 20 years. My astro probably said it was gonna be a terrible transit and while not pleasant- I am glad I experienced it..

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Goodness me! That must have been a scary time, but in the end beneficial because you'd learned from it. I don't understand the medical side involved, apart from BP issues, but it all sounds rather severe and dangerous. Happily, it seems you've been able to take control of it now - well done you!!

There might have been some astro transit involved - I bet the culprit was that Uranus/Pluto square, I think at around the middle degrees of cardinal signs (Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra). Mike will probably be able to fill you in on that.

Sonny G said...

Yes Annie is was dangerous and frightful. I hadn't been nor had any need to be in a hospital for almost 40 years- since the birth of my son in '78. as I said- my physical came out fine only months before. I had my bp checked and it was slightly elevated so the doc prescribed a fluid pill.. apparently it had an unual effect :: way to strong for my system:: and in 24 hours I was in bad shape. I called- they said those pills made people feel tired.. yea right,, well I didn't feel tired- I felt disoriented and even my speech was slow and I wasn't making sense when I spoke. anyway after talking to the nurse I said- OK and took the pills for 2 more days:( by the time I went to emergency I wasn't able to tell them what was wrong-- that's how weak I was and couldn't get my thoughts together at all.

again I think you're right about the cardinal signs all lining up about that time :) they sure threw me for a loop but with a good result which I lived to now enjoy. The road is often rockiest right before we hit the smooth soft grassy area..
I didn't follow the standard American diet to get well either- if I had- my numbers would still be way high.. It was time to seek and I did and with the help of many on the internet I found an answer. Is it easy- NO- but it works and I am the happy result.
My vit d and magnesium levels are also where they should be- Mike helped me find what I needed to make that happen..
all of this has also made another happy result as I am not of 1/3 the anxiety meds I was taking last year at this time.
I have learned- Good Health is a Gift we have to each seek out for ourselves . Doctors PRACTISE medicine and I don't wish to be one of their test subjects:)

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Thanks for explaining - sounds like a very bad time you had! Now for the good times eh?

VitD and Magnesium are two of my stand-bys also + Calcium. I'm not much into vitamins these days, but minerals are wise additions I reckon.

mike (again) said...

Sonny - We are lucky to have you here on Earth, girl! From an astrological angle, the sixth house rules health issues (and other stuff). If I recall, you have a very late Libra ascendant, about 27*, which puts 27* Aries as your descendant and the beginning of your 7th house. I'm not sure where your 6th house begins, but I'm pretty sure you will have the mid-degrees of Aries in your 6th house. You've had transiting Uranus in your 6th and as Twilight indicated, affected by the multi-years' Uranus-Pluto square. Uranus can bring issues to the light of day in surprising ways, as you found.

Your diabetes (Wow...blood glucose over 600!) can cause psychological issues, so be sure your previous bipolar diagnosis is accurate. Investigate the correlation of your psychotropic medication and increased blood glucose...many psychotropics cause a tremendous blood glucose increase in some individuals. And my cure-all, taurine, can decrease insulin requirements and stabilize some research online. Taurine is has no toxicity and is low-cost, available at most health food stores or online. Take three, one-gram doses per day (total of 3 grams per day).

I gave taurine to a neighbor that has type 1 diabetes, pancreas. She previously dosed insulin two to four times per day, depending on food intake. Many problems with hypo and hyper blood glucose stability. A1C about 10, lipidemia in the 400s and 500s. After taurine supplementation, she now insulin doses every five to seven days!!! Blood glucose about 90 to 100 for three or five days, then very slowly increases. She can eat something with sugar and her BP does not spike. Her A1C is 4.5 and lipids about 150!!! She never goes hypoglycemic now. Before taurine, she urinated ALL the time and drank water ALL the time. Her first dose of taurine stopped the urination-thirst. It took one month for taurine to have an effect on her blood glucose and insulin dosing. Taurine has completely changed her life...she's been type 1 for 30 years! She told her doctor that she was taking taurine, which is the reason for her vastly improved blood assays. He said that was wonderful, but asked no additional questions. She recently had trouble with her insurance company, because they monitor her blood work, and the blood work does not indicate she is diabetic. She has no pancreas! LOL.

mike (again) said...

Sonny P.S. - My neighbor has been on taurine for over two years now. She never traveled prior...too dangerous. She and her husband are currently on a three-week cruise...this is their third vacation this year.

Sonny G said...

I will order the taurine TONIGHT,, thanks so much..

you are so right about the mind meds. I am off the deseryl which was for depression- 100 mils a day.. changed from paxil 60 mils- raises BG badly- and now only taking 5 mils a day of celexa.. feeling good and able to think clearly.
I am surely a blessed person to have come through it with no permanent damage..
I'll go back in jan to have my a1C checked again and I would love to get a good report of 5 or below. thanks again for sharing your knowledge with me.
ps- I am taking the mag- calc- vit d and k you mentioned previously..

thank you both for your support and kind words. means a lot to me.

Sonny G said...

Mike.. pills or powder?? I don't want to order the wrong thing.. thanks

Anonymous said...

Ahh yes ... Holler-ween
The night all dogs look like the little Duke ...
Neptune-Ascendant (exact)


...all semisextile


Twilight said...

Anonymous/kidd ~ Ah yes, wee Duke, husband's son's dog (one of them) is a strange little fellow, very nervous. I think he doesn't like me very much, I must scare him, even when it's not Hallowe'en. :-/

Those are yours semis-sex's? - Hmmm lots! I just realised in looking at yours that I also have Mercury/Venus in semi-sextile Capricorn/Sagittarius. Hadn't even thought about that one before. :-)

mike (again) said...

Sonny - Either pill or powder form is fine...depends on which you can handle...some don't like swallowing pills. Taurine has minimal taste and readily dissolves in water, so bulk form shouldn't cause any problems, and it's about half the price of pill form. has pills and bulk...made in the USA. Here's the bulk: The bulk has a 1 gram measuring scoop. has both, too. Your local health food store should have it in stock.

Sonny G said...

thank you Mike..

I'll go to

my fav health food store closed in may:( after 23 years. I sure am gonna miss it.. Jackie wanted to retire and she was a sweet , well informed lady who made suggestions but never pushed a product. Those kinds of store owners are very rare..

I think I'll get a pill and powder form and see which is easier for me.
I do have a green veggie n protein shake mid morning so I probably wont taste the powder..
I'm so excited about this.!~ thanks again

mike (again) said...

Off topic - BTW my extensive blood work did come back this time! No thyroid panel is fine, so nothing aberrant there. Doctor doesn't think the thyroid nodule is a concern at this time, but should be monitored. Doctor was wanting this blood work to differentiate between a possible thyroid concern or something with the neck...endocrinologist vs ENT referral. I can now have a referral to an ENT, but declined, as I switch to Medicare tomorrow and it has prohibitive costs for me. My doctor said again that she didn't think my neck problem was life-threatening, as it originated four years ago and would have killed me by now, had it been serious. It was a relief to have the extensive blood analyses and the results were good...I'm healthy, but with a nagging neck issue...LOL.

Sonny G said...

So happy to hear you got a good report , Mike..
My daughter has 4 nodules on her thyroid gland- mri found them.. endo says they'll keep a watch on them as I'm sure they will yours.
It was a great relief to know hers were benign.
Happy Birthday to Ya~!! whenever it is lol

mike (again) said...

Sonny - Thanks! Here are two of the better reviews on taurine discussing the multiple benefits: