Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pluto 's trip through Capricorn - how's it going?

Pluto slowly nears mid-sign Capricorn (it'll be around a year before Pluto reaches 15 degrees). I decided to re-read a 2-part piece by astrologer and historian Neil Giles, written some eight years ago, with Pluto about to enter Capricorn from Sagittarius.

Pluto in Capricorn - another kind of power

Powerful, hidden forces are the gift of this unseen and distant planet, elected by some in modern astrology to be the true ruler of Scorpio though tradition still accords that role to Warrior Mars. Pluto rules obsessions, driven behaviour, the subconscious and our deepest urges and desires. He is a god of hidden forces, of the depths where they gather and of their ruthless, irresistible or uncontrollable eruptions. He works secretly or for reasons concealed or unknown, sometimes even to himself. It's important to remember our discovery of Pluto marked the rise of Fascism and the Third Reich, and oversaw the experiments that created The Bomb. As Pluto's looming presence was detected, we split the atom, releasing its hidden forces, but we also discovered something about the makers of the bomb – ourselves. We discovered a shadow force in our nature that aspired to wield an ungovernable power, thus risking extinction by our own hand. From Hiroshima to the Cold War to the threat of nuclear holocaust, Pluto forced us to face a bomb inside us, one waiting to explode and unleash our hidden feelings or desires as we stood at the brink of global catastrophe, wondering if we could survive the war that no one might win.

Pluto is remorseless in his search to know where the limits lie and what the inner forces will do. He will persist in this until he knows what can be overcome and what cannot...... With this ruthless investigator at work, there will always be a death of the old, a transformation and a rebirth for Pluto is the god of elimination and regeneration, teaching us that all things that live must die and all things that die will live again.
Pluto, marker of generations, had spent the past thirteen years in Fire sign Sagittarius. Pluto's ingress into Capricorn marked its transition from Fire to Earth. The author's assessment of Pluto's journeys through Capricorn, in history, remain interesting, but I wondered how his predictions for 2008 onward have turned out, so far.
There will be powerful or dramatic events affecting travel, communication, transport and electric supply. Incidents with firearms and explosives will become increasingly prevalent. The volcano, the eruption, the fated event and the clash of arms and opposing ideas will walk with us until we can learn to communicate and function in such a way as to solve the problems of the abuse of power and refrain from the constant usage of abusive powers. With our 'dig it up', 'knock it down' and 'shoot it' mentality, we have treated every species, including ourselves and the Earth as an enemy to be beaten, an opponent to be overcome.

In such a pressure-cooker as this coming cycle, it may eventually occur to us as a species that we cannot continue trying to solve our problems with a bullying thrust of violent intervention. Just as we will have to look to alternative energy sources, we must also realize that we cannot keep building roads to the future by blowing up everything that gets in the way of our intended path. Obstacles to our desires are there to teach us, not frustrate us. It is time we learned that salutary lesson from Pluto. The sign of Capricorn teaches the proper sense of organization and responsibility required for effective social contribution. With Pluto in Capricorn in the coming era, the imperative is to learn how to make one, how to put aside the power-mongering and the drama and do something that works. The destiny that is written in the stars is also in our hands.
Let's see... "powerful or dramatic events affecting travel, communication, transport and electric supply. Incidents with firearms and explosives will become increasingly prevalent"?

Travel: a still lost huge plane (MH370) carrying hundreds of passengers, and another plane from the same airline shot down with all passengers lost not long afterwards. Those were, and still are dramatic events concerning travel. There have been others too, but I guess there have always been some such happenings, during any given time span, so not too convincing as being in any way representative of Pluto in Capricorn.

Drama in communication: the rise and rise of social networking and constantly updated smartphones! Dramatic, and potentially powerful! Yes, tick that box. One factor I see also as especially Plutonian is the implementation of Big Brother-like surveillance of our extended communication abilities.

Transport - see travel, I guess.

Electric supply: perhaps the ongoing spread of wind turbines and solar energy in the last few years fits this heading.

Incidents with firearms and explosives increasingly prevalent. Yes indeed! The bombing at the Boston Marathon, numerous mass shootings in schools, colleges, theatres...need I go on?

Opposing ideas: these have been with us always, so I don't see them as particularly in the realm of Pluto in Capricorn, though it's true enough that, in the USA especially, the divide of 1% vs the Rest of Us has become more sharply defined than before, first due to OWS activities a few years ago, then the current surge of support for Bernie Sanders' in the 2016 presidential campaign. Ever more right-wing stances by the opposing party, as time has gone on, add to the sharpness of this divide.

We can only hope that the second half of Pluto's journey through Capricorn will teach us the important lessons this author hoped for. We have been rather poor students thus far.

While on this topic I may as well add brief clips of other predictions from noted astrologers, culled from my archived posts from 2007:

Eric Francis :

"Pluto in Capricorn is, among other things, about massive changes to the structure of society. It is about the consolidation of corporate and government power to a degree that far exceeds anything we have seen so far."

Tick that box!

A period of some 12 to 14 years is involved in this transit of Pluto and Eric Meyers' interpretation could well form a stage two, to commence when other outer planets have moved on into new positions:

"When Pluto moves to the earth sign of Capricorn, our structures and institutions are bound to face upheaval and drastic change that will reflect the shifting spiritual and moral processes that are currently occurring while Pluto is in Sagittarius.

Leagues of people will be challenged to release attachments to paradigms and structures they thought were stable and enduring. Changes in government, education systems, infrastructure, organized religions and the general sociological organization of society could endure needed face lifts in order for our collective evolution to take its next step."

All kinds of scenarios could finally bring about a swing from corporate and government clamp downs of stage one, to the kind of collective evolution described by Eric Meyers. I may not be here to see Pluto move from Capricorn into Aquarius, but do hope to see some indication of how things are turning out before my final exit!

I liked Maya del Mar's attitude - she wrote:

"We are, in fact, fortunate to live in such an intense period of tremendous challenges, and tremendous opportunities. This is our chance to create a new and better world."


mike said...

I'd certainly place Michael Lutin's essay, written 2006, published January, 2007, in Vanity Fair magazine at the top of the list. As he indicates, the Capricorn-Pluto cycle last occurred during the birth of the USA, about 240 years previously, and the cycles go round and round, ever repeating, but ever different.

Pluto was at 15*33' when it turned stationary retrograde this past mid-April. The middle degrees hold particular strength, so the full force is upon us. The Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square disintegrated into the Uranus-Pluto square, but that's behind us now, mostly, but is slowly fading for the next year. Capricorn's ruler, Saturn, now in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter), is an influence to the current Pluto vibe, and Saturn is experiencing some stones tossed by Jupiter and Neptune. Religion, ideology, compassion, empathy, health, agriculture, environment, etc will be highlighted over the next year.

As we've discussed previously, Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto all convene in late Capricorn and early Aquarius in 2019-2020...just as Uranus enters Taurus and begins a square with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius.

No rest for the wicked.

mike (again) said...

Here's the link to Lutin's piece:

Twilight said...

mike ~ Thanks for the link - I think I had read Lutin's article before but re-read it just now. It's very good, though it is exclusively focused on the USA - nothing wrong with that - it's what we know best; and the link to 1776 is interesting. Still though, Pluto's transits, if they are detectable at all, are reflected throughout all of planet Earth, a paragraph or two on world-wide issues would entitle his article to a double gold star. :-)

Environmental issues, climate change in particular, affect the whole planet, maybe that's where Pluto's main transit through Capricorn the cardinal Earth sign can be best detected worldwide. As changes in climate affect more people more directly their attitudes, choices and actions will change - above and beyond what we already know about a communal turning against increasing corporate rule in some western countries.

No, no rest - there'll never be a time when all's well for everyone - there never has been and never will be - that wouldn't be life as it is lived, on Earth, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Yup,Capricorn will reach its official half late on next year, im feeling optimist, since we will finally have the "mature" , "official" side of Pluto in Capricorn, ive been doing theories, and all targets that it will all become super dry, like blank spot noise, a lot of "emptiness" sound, like, everyone, on the empty, working, we will be more workaholic than ever, BUT with a deeper sense, not just working to work, like on the first half. But dont be pessimist, i know it sounds pretty sad, but i also believe we will meet the "happy cappy" side of Capricorn that is barely mentioned, probably music will slowly change its beating archetype for something more crude and baritone, probably just empty single noises, would start to sound in the pop industry, like the new trends, of course they will still sing and dance but with a more dry beat, i dont know if im explaining it well, lol, but yeah, i also believe we will see the sadist kinda side of Capricorn, on the fashion and all that sht, all more crude and sadist, kinda dark, but not really dark, just sadist hehe, i bet scorpio plutos will love it, right now we are still on the late degrees of sagittarius archetype, just like the whole eighties sounded like what was created on the laast degrees of libra pluto, i mean not all sagittarius, of course its caprciron pluto, but i still feel the vibe of what was created on the leo decan of sagg pluto, R&B pop, hip-hop, all kinda banal and superficial, like dominering, bossy people, dominering on clubs, status, etcetc, music is all dance now but i feel it still has some r&b hip hop feeling on it, everything, and if you notice all this things always change about the first half of a pluto, at least on the last 3 decades, however all this things will start to show off by early 2016, and to be honest im starting to kinda notice it now by late 2015, virgo plutos are feeling more relaxed and like quitting their jobs to stay in house for the first time, no more worries finally, and scorpio plutos are kinda becoming insaner but also more horney, deep and crude, which is cool, cause theyre showing their true detroying forces for the first time, they are becoming aware of themselves and daring to do the things they always felt inside, same with sagg plutos, theyre showing their true cool nature they always hide

Twilight said...

Anonymous ~ Hmmm - hi there - interesting take on it! :-)