Thursday, October 15, 2015

Horoscope Under Microscope

Which planet or element is most prominent in one's natal chart? It's not just a question of natal Sun, Moon, or even counting the number of planets in each element. That, it seems, doesn't necessarily come up with the right answer, though in some cases it might. Position of the angles, and aspects to and from each, along with other considerations, could make significant differences. has a section under their Extended Chart Selection (linked in their sidebar), called "Pullen Astrolog" where, after having keyed in your birth data, you can go to Pullen's "Simple chart delineation" and scroll through a huge amount of of information about your natal chart. Eventually, after scrolling through reams of it, arrive at a group of statistics where the "strengths" of planets and the 4 elements in your natal chart are painstakingly calculated, expressed as percentages. This method didn't give results exactly as expected for me. Percentage-wise Mercury was "strongest" planet, Pluto next, then Uranus, Mars and Jupiter. "Strongest" sign Scorpio (huh?), then Aquarius, Aries, Pisces. Elements in order of importance natally: Water then Earth, Fire, Air.

Mercury's strong position near to the descendant angle, natally, accounts for its prominence, and Pluto's natal first house position made it runner-up, I guess. Not sure how Scorpio managed to beat the rest, sign-wise, though.

How about you - any surprises?


Sonny G said...

thanks Annie..

Much of what I read made perfect sense to me. I'll need to read it several times in hopes of fully understanding it.

this part is REAL~! since childhood I've understood I needed to be very careful where my mind focused- as it would surely manifest into this reality..
:::Moon in Cancer and 9th House: This person's emotional nature, moods, feelings,
and caring tendencies is introspective, emotional, protective, and wants
inner and outer security. Most often this manifests in the area of life
dealing with changes, exploration, and the breaking of routine. This is a
major aspect of their psyche!:::

I don't understand this part::

T-Square from Sat: 2Lib04'36" to Sun: 2Cap55'01" and Ura: 7Can38'26"
T-Square from Nep: 19Lib19'45" to Moo: 12Can22'23" and Mer: 17Cap54'42"
T-Square from Nep: 19Lib19'45" to Moo: 12Can22'23" and Ven: 12Cap56'06"

would ya'll mind telling me ? thanks in advance.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Those T-Squares, when shown on the chart look like red triangles linking two planets opposite one another to a planet that is square (90 degrees). In the first mentioned Cancer-Capricorn is the opposition (Sun to Uranus) and both Sun and Uranus make square (90 degree) angles to Saturn.

Similar for the others, the Cancer Cap providing the opposition (180 degrees) with Neptune square to both.

Take a look here for explanation of T-square formations

Did you scroll further down to see what planet, sign, element Pullen calculates as predominant for you?

Sonny G said...

I did read to the bottom of the page but am unsure as to the planets that are predominant..
I did go back and find the squares and what they meant:)

not sure if this link will work.

mike said...

Planet - Mercury ranks highest at 20.9%
Sign - Scorpio ranks highest at 24.4%
Mode - Fixed ranks highest at 48.7%
Element - Water ranks highest at 36.6%

I'm not sure how Walter Pullen determined the ranking algorithm. He provides free astrology software and maybe I'll download, read his explanations, if any are provided:

I could sure use some FREE software! His has been around since the early 1990s and has been reviewed as very good. I'm not sure if it is Windows 10 compatible, but I think it is, as he provides a Windows 8 option.

I utilize the old fashioned final dispositor(s) method to determine the dominant planet(s). Most astrologers know the ruler of each sign and any planet in a particular sign is ruled by that ruling planet. Find where that ruling planet is located by sign and repeat. Most astrologers will state that a person with Moon in Virgo has their Moon ruled by Mercury...but they will not usually determine where Mercury is by sign in that chart. I have Moon in Virgo, ruled by Mercury in Scorpio, ruled by Mars in Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius...etc.

If I remember correctly, Twilight, you have Mars and Jupiter as final dispositors; they are both in the signs of rulership...Mars in Aries, Jupiter in Pisces. These two planets rule all of your other planets and it is very important for you to monitor transiting aspects involving these two planets...transits to your natal planets and transit-transit aspects. There is a fabulous transiting Mars-Jupiter conjunction arriving in two days, at 14* Virgo that will affect ALL of us, but particularly you, with these two planets being your final dispositors. Do you have any aspects to this transit? Venus will conjunct Jupiter on the 25th, and Venus-Mars conjunction on November 2nd, at 24* Virgo. In effect from now through mid-November.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~Sorry, link didn't work for me. Scroll down (quite a long way, but not to the bottom) to the sections headed -

Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent

Sign: Power Rank Percent & Element Power Percent

Percentages are listed there.

Sonny G said...

is this the part you mean, Annie.. sorry to be a pest.

Planet: Position Aspects Total Rank Percent
Sun: 53.5 ( 4) + 18.1 ( 8) = 71.6 ( 5) / 10.7%
Moon: 60.0 ( 3) + 20.8 ( 6) = 80.8 ( 3) / 12.1%
Mercury: 45.0 ( 5) + 20.8 ( 7) = 65.8 ( 7) / 9.9%
Venus: 43.5 ( 6) + 30.6 ( 2) = 74.1 ( 4) / 11.1%
Mars: 25.0 ( 9) + 2.6 (10) = 27.6 (10) / 4.1%
Jupiter: 66.0 ( 1) + 21.5 ( 5) = 87.5 ( 2) / 13.1%
Saturn: 65.0 ( 2) + 28.1 ( 3) = 93.2 ( 1) / 14.0%
Uranus: 30.0 ( 8) + 36.7 ( 1) = 66.7 ( 6) / 10.0%
Neptune: 33.5 ( 7) + 21.6 ( 4) = 55.1 ( 8) / 8.3%
Pluto: 25.0 (10) + 5.7 ( 9) = 30.7 ( 9) / 4.6%
Chiron: 7.0 (11) + 0.0 (11) = 7.0 (11) / 1.0%
Node: 7.0 (12) + 0.0 (12) = 7.0 (12) / 1.0%
Total: 460.5 + 206.7 = 667.2 / 100.0%

Sign: Power Rank Percent - Element Power Percent
Aries: 7.5 (12) / 1.1% - Fire: 98.0 / 14.7%
Taurus: 16.6 ( 9) / 2.5% - Earth: 151.2 / 22.7%
Gemini: 61.3 ( 6) / 9.2% - Air: 213.1 / 31.9%
Cancer: 106.0 ( 2) / 15.9% - Water: 204.9 / 30.7%
Leo: 33.5 ( 8) / 5.0%
Virgo: 16.3 (10) / 2.4% - Mode Power Percent
Libra: 80.9 ( 4) / 12.1% - Cardinal: 312.7 / 46.9%
Scorpio: 14.0 (11) / 2.1% - Fixed: 135.1 / 20.3%
Sagittarius: 56.9 ( 7) / 8.5% - Mutuable: 219.4 / 32.9%
Capricorn: 118.3 ( 1) / 17.7%
Aquarius: 71.0 ( 5) / 10.6%
Pisces: 84.8 ( 3) / 12.7%
Total: 667.2 / 100.0%

Twilight said...

mike ~ Oh! Your ranking is similar to mine, though your percentages are higher.
Maybe we are astro-cousins (or something)!

The amount of info in Pullen's section is mind-boggling! His software would probably be too complex for me, but I'd be interested to hear how you get on with it if you download it.

Yes I've an Aries Mars and Pisces Jupiter. 14 Virgo is trine my natal Uranus at 13.51 Taurus, and 24 Virgo is conjunct natal Neptune 23.03 Virgo. Sounds good?

I know that proper astrology buffs follow their transits avidly. I don't because if it's a bad one I tend to worry too much, imagine too much, and more often than not the worry is not necessary at all. So I wait and look back. :-)

We are getting to around the time you suspected my "inheritance" might start to surface. Maybe that's what is around the corner, but I'm not counting on it. Only thing I've heard so far (the other day) is that the Yorkshire lawyer who was acting as go-between with the south of England lawyers is leaving his firm at the end of this month, and a new female lawyer will take over to watch over progress.

Twilight said...

Sonny ~ Yes - the percentages at the end of each line are the ones.
Saturn is highest with Jupiter and Moon not far behind.

Looks like Capricorn and Cancer are highest for sign; Air and Water for element. Cardinal for mode.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone look at the sign/house dispositer graphs Pullen option? Does it make sense to you?

mike (again) said...

Sabina - Yes, it calculates mine perfectly. I'm not used to the "wheel" method, but it reflects the actual "hierarchy" method in the two boxes above the "wheel". Pullman uses ONLY the modern sign rulers, ie Uranus rules Aquarius, Neptune rules Pisces, Pluto rules Scorpio. I always follow both old and modern rulers, ie Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Uranus, Pisces ruled by Jupiter and Neptune, Scorpio ruled by Mars and Pluto...I then select the one planet that has a path forward, should it have a path forward.

Twilight, using the Pullman method of final dispositors, you have the Moon disposited by Mars, and all but the Moon are your final sign dispositors, if that makes sense. I believe that you have Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus as final house dispositors.

mike (again) said...

On the "Extended Chart Selection" page:

Methods: Circular charts | Special charts | Ephemeris |Pullen/Astrolog
Please select the type of chart you want:

Select "Pullen Astrolog"

In the "Please select the type of chart you want:" pull-down menu, select the "Sign/house dispositor graph"

Sabina - The Pullen dispositors worked for me, but it provided different dispositors for Twilight than the Mars-Jupiter final dispositors by my method.

Twilight said...

Sabina - In a word - no from me! It's all a bit "too much information". :-)

Twilight said...

mike ~ I gave wrong info - my head's spinning already! I have Saturn and Moon in Aries, Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Pisces. :-/

LB said...

Twilight ~ How interesting, thanks!

Planet - Venus ranks highest at 14.%1 (followed by Mercury, then Neptune)
Sign - Scorpio ranks highest at 16.5% (followed by Libra, then Taurus?)
Mode - Fixed ranks highest at 46.8% (I'm right there with you, mike)
Element - Air ranks highest at 31.3%

As usual, your post came at a good time. These past few days I've been reading about Jung's theories on the 4 different cognitive functions, which are said to represent the different ways each of us perceive and evaluate.

The two main ones for me seem to be intuition and thinking, not necessarily in that order.:)Some functions are more developed than others ~ and of course, I knew there had to be an astrological correlation, in my case, having something to do with the Nodes.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mike. (I, too, ref both ancient and modern rulers.)

Yes, Twilight, TMI encapsulates why I don't understand even my own chart ;P (That sounds crazy but this Virgo can't see the forest for the trees...)

Twilight said...

LB ~ Fixed is me too - 42.1%. :-)

Glad it was of interest and timely! Another dominant Scorpio by sign then (as opposed to Sun sign.)

LB said...

Twilight ~ Yes, *very* timely.:)

While the order remains the same, 3 of the percentages I listed are higher (Venus - 18.4%; Scorpio - 18.4%; Air - 33.3%) when fewer astrological points are included ~ specifically, Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta.

I wish Pullen allowed for BM Lilith's placement (True and Mean). Lilith is strong in my chart.

Off topic, but I don't remember if you've ever written about the movie "Predestination"?

mike (again) said...

Twilight - No problem with the wrong info. What I stated earlier still stands.

Sabina - I don't think Pullen had a choice in determining dispositors, as he programmed using C and C++ languages. Using two planets as co-rulers of one sign would require an "if, then, else" statement, such as found in the Pascal language. C and C++ have a "try" proposition, but not a good method of handling the result. I believe it was easier for Pullen to designate one ruling planet per sign and he chose the modern rulers. Like you, I personally don't recommend one modern ruler for those three signs, and Twilight's trail of dispositors is a good example why one shouldn't apply it.

Twilight & LB - Scorpio & fixed for wonder comments can reflect head-butting...LOL!

LB - You may be interested in PBS' "The Brain"...part 1 played last night and I thought it was excellent. It was about how each of us creates our own reality via our brain. Episode 1 is available online:

Twilight said...

LB ~ I didn't include anything other than the traditional set of planets, plus Chiron.
someday I'll try it again with other pieces of the puzzle included. BML is close to my natal Sun, but I've never really thought it relevant to me. :-)

I don't think we've seen "Predestination" - that one must have slipped past us. I shall watch for it on Netflix.

Twilight said...

mike ~ We can head-butt with the best of 'em but also soar like eagles if the wind is right. ;-D

LB said...

mike ~ I thought the same thing about the "head-butting".:)

I'd like to catch Episode 2 of "The Brain" when it airs, next Wednesday? The question posed in Episode 1, "What is Reality", is a good one. Not that long ago I freaked out when I woke up in a dream . . . it was as real as any reality I've ever experienced.:0

mike (again) said...

LB - "The Brain" is on right after NOVA, at 9 PM Wednesdays. I sure liked episode 1. I'd freak, too, if I woke-up in a dream...LOL...there's a novel that I can't remember author or title (duh!) about a fellow that every time he falls asleep, he wakes to a new life.

Here's an excerpt from Forbes about "The Brain":
"Some who watch will struggle with an inescapable conclusion: the 'you' at the center of your personal universe is inseparable from the wetware in your head. There’s nothing in the 'world out there' that comes to us without interpretation by the brain. And the level of complexity involved in interpreting what we think of as the simplest matters, like distinguishing between colors and estimating distances, is difficult to grasp. In some cases, as Eagleman shows, what’s in our head constitutes more of 'reality' than what exists outside us.

For example, we generally think of 'seeing' as the result of processing information that comes through our eyes, but the truth is that several times more of what we 'see' consists of information produced within the brain. All of us carry around internal models that the brain uses to construct, from endless perceptual fragments, what we call reality. In other words, much of what we experience of reality is, in Eagleman’s words, a 'beautifully rendered simulation.'

LB said...

mike ~ A "beautifully rendered simulation"? Hmmm. I'll look forward to watching next Wednesday. Thanks.:)