Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The reason I chose to rent a DVD of the 2013 movie Lovelace was curiosity - and because a 2009 post I wrote about Linda Lovelace and her natal chart continues to gather many hits daily. Total hits, according to Blogger stats today = 70,202. A continued surge of interest has no doubt been aided by the movie and DVD, but even before the film was released the post had continued to receive a much higher than average number of hits. Porn upstages astrology and politics - that's for sure!

Link to the post: LINDA LOVELACE ~ A Star is Porn
Comments there are worth a look too.

The real Linda Lovelace
The film Lovelace wasn't bad, but it was lacking in...I dunno...depth. I didn't learn anything from it, didn't acquire any insight into what made Linda tick. Amanda Seyfried was too pretty-pretty for the starring part, but she turned in a creditable performance. The film was clearly sympathetic to her plight, quite rightly so too. There could could have been more focus on what came after Linda's pornography days though. This part of the story was rushed through at a far faster pace than all the audience-titillating scenes. Perhaps the producers were trying to limit the film to a 90-minute run-time; an extra 20 or 30 minutes wouldn't have gone amiss, and could have resulted in a much classier movie. As it is, the film seemed like just another excuse to offer titillation to the masses.


mike said...

Hey, titillation to the masses sells big time, Twilight! People love being voyeurs into the base crevices of life...helps alleviate some of their own wanton experiences and desires...or gives them fresh ideas...LOL. Lovelace must serve as some sort of anthropomorphic, sexual archetype to have endured mass appeal for this many years.

Twilight said...

mike ~ It is surprising that Linda Lovelace hasn't become "old hat" by now isn't it? "Been there, done that..." etc. Maybe it's her turning away from porn and going in the exact opposite direction that has kept her a person of interest. Feminists are keen on that part of the story, while guys who still find Linda of interest could be like wee ones who love to hear the same fairy story read to them over and over again.