Monday, June 27, 2011

Music Monday ~ Untapped Talent: Landau Eugene Murphy

As well as being an American Idol junkie I'm a sucker for any kind of talent show, more especially any musical input. Ever since old radio days of my childhood, when I loved to listen to The Carroll Levis Discovery Show, back in England I've been hooked. When TV came along it spawned a whole range of goodies for me: Opportunity Knocks; New Faces; Search for a Star; Stars in Their Eyes; Popstars/Pop Idol/The X Factor; Fame Academy to name a few.

Maybe a skilled astrologer could pinpoint the source of this enthusiasm in my natal chart - I suspect it's linked to Jupiter in Pisces semi-sextile my Sun in Aquarius. But that's getting away from the reason I started on this tack.

Over the years I've waxed cynical about the way audiences are increasingly manipulated by shows' producers, but even knowing this, when an unexpected, totally untapped singing talent suddenly hits the screen I'm gobsmacked and hooked all over again.

On Wednesday evening last week, on America's Got Talent we had one of those gobsmacking moments similar to the one British audiences experienced a couple of years ago when Susan Boyle sang.

A 36-year old from West Virginia, gum-chewing guy with dreadlocks and an engaging smile, who has been washing cars for the past 10 years, never auditioned before, or sung before an audience came on stage and sang. I guarantee that he'll never wash another car, unless its his own !

As a longtime Sinatra fan I was a pushover, of course. But it was more than his Sinatra-like voice that attracted me - it was his whole demeanour. I'll bet he's a great guy, that was the feeling I got. I wish I knew his date of birth. Maybe it'll surface. If a passing reader knows it, do, please comment.

The Voice, another musical talent show on American TV at present is proving to be entertaining - though the contestants' talents are not exactly "untapped". The four who have battled through to next week's final are on a different level, they have past experience under their belts, already in the semi-pro category, looking for a big break. It's all good, but we don't feel gobsmacked, just appreciative of hearing some seriously talented singers who are new to us.


Anonymous said...

In search of recognition (of my astrological skills) I guess that your musical enthousiasm is more linked to your grand trine in earth signs than to Jupiter in Pisces, dear T.

Mercury in Capricorn, also connected to your Moon, makes a superb trine to Neptune in Virgo. The other trine to Uranus in Taurus speaks for your visible (and audible) preference of modern vs. classical music. Your Venus trining Moon likes exciting, not the soothing variety of music. Is Sinatra exciting or is it nostalgia? (Exciting nostalgia, that is?).

Only tell me if I am wrong...

Twilight said...

Anon - aka Gian Paul~~

Venus trine Moon sounds likely, GP.
Sinatra can be both exciting and nostalgic, sentimental, he could/can do no wrong in my book.
I enjoy some classical, but not the heavy stuff. Some jazz but not the screechy variety. Some pop/rock if the lyrics are interesting. And a few oddities.

How about you?

(Something odd about Blogger commenting just now by the way seems off-kilter)

Anonymous said...

I like music, more classical, Bach, Schubert, Rachmaninoff. Jazz, Fats Waller, Ray Charles, Ella, Oskar Peterson. Brazilian Chorinho (type of Bossa, more simple). Goershwin, Hungarian/Rumanian Gypsy (Django Reinhardt). Darvish and some Moroccan and Egyptian/Turkish music.

Not gifted to play any instrument. Lack of patience - Aries.

PS. Your idea of Jupiter in Pisces being the source of your musical leanings is not wrong. But unless you compose (would be news to me) the cocktail I suggested plus your Jupiter would reflect more the choices you offer on your blog. Chiers. GP

Mandy said...

Thanks for the video Pat (actually, the tears of joy I cried for this guy)! Ah, too much that you mentioned the show New Faces. That was my first 15 minutes of fame - my sister was performing with a choir and the announcer always sat in the audience. He happened to sit right in front of me for most of the show so I was on camera more than my sister! If we're talking about the same show - I think we travelled to Hamilton for the taping and it was somewhere around 40 years ago (not sure how long the show lasted, though I think it was for a while).

James Higham said...

"I'm up to here in bubbles"


Twilight said...

Anon/Gian Paul ~~

That's a classy collection, GP.
Some coincides with my own taste too. I love Django and Grapelli,
Bossa Nova, Ella.....

No I don't compose - I'm musically challenged apart from the listening. ;-)

Twilight said...

Mandy - Hi! I'm not Pat though ;-)

I have to confess that when I watched the video before putting it in my draft the other day I shed a tear or two, silly I guess.

You mention Hamilton, which sounds like Canada - so perhaps you had a Canadian version of New Faces ?
I was in England, back in the 1970s - maybe early 80s. I recall that New Faces there was presented by a female Marti Caine, I liked her a lot - a comedienne. She died far too soon.

Twilight said...

James Higham ~ the gum-chewing?..That annoyed the heck out of Piers Morgan (stuffed shirt that he is). lol!

Mandy said...

Twilight - my apologies. That's what I get for commenting when I should be in bed!

Unknown said...

Wow, what a voice from a guy you might expect to be more a Bob Marley than a Sinatra.

Great! I hope he does really well.

Bet his car wash is really popular if he sings like that :)

Twilight said...

Mandy ~~ :-)

Twilight said...

Rossa ~~ Yes! We're looking forward to hearing him sing again. They way they organise America's Got Talent leaves a gap of several weeks at this stage though, if I recall the order of biz.

Even if he doesn't get into the finals (he should), he's sure to get offers from some Las Vegas casino theatres I think, as well as recording deals.

Anonymous said...

It will certainly be interesting to see where this goes.


Twilight said...

anon/anyjazz ~~~ Yes indeed!