Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Homosexuality, Astrology, Prejudice.

The issue of identifying homosexuality in a natal chart, and the issue of homosexuality in general were mentioned, in passing, in comments here a few days ago. For any curious passing reader relevant comments are HERE.

My view is that gender cannot be identified in a natal chart, and neither can sexual preferences. To check myself - I could be wrong - I looked around the net for information and views.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: there's a mountain of rubbish out there the size of Everest!

I did come across a sensible and very detailed investigation of the topic at Astro-Revelations: Gay Astrology ?

The author's conclusion echoes my own. This is how the piece concludes after having examined written work by such luminaries as Liz Greene, Stephen Arroyo, Francis Sakoian & Louis S Acker, and several other professional astrologers ~~

In conclusion I would suggest that searching for a homosexual signature in the natal chart is a complete waste of time and quite irrelevant. This search in itself seems implicitly homophobic. There is absolutely no consensus of opinion amongst astrologers about it. The multitude of astrological signatures that have been suggested are just hearsay and are not backed up by any serious empirical evidence.

There is no evidence or authentic tradition that the hard aspects (square, opposition and sometimes conjunction ) between Mars/Venus and the outer planets are more likely to be linked to homosexuality than heterosexuality.

The fact that astrologers have suggested this link in the past speaks volumes about the prevalent ill-informed prejudices against gay and lesbian people.

Moreover, the search for an astrological signature for homosexuality presupposes that it is abnormal in some way. The fact that this search has been spectacularly unsuccessful speaks for itself. Sexual orientation like race, religion and gender cannot be detected in the chart; the chart does not judge whether a person is normal or abnormal and neither should we.

The same dynamics exist in homosexual relationships as well as heterosexual ones. The planetary energies are ultimately beyond gender and belong to us all.

Hear hear!!

What might well be identifiable in a natal chart is a predisposition to prejudices of one sort or another - prejudice against gays included. Look for narrow-mindedness, a judgmental nature, strictness, structure, regimentation = astrological Saturn and the way it relates to other personal planets.


Athan said...

''Moreover, the search for an astrological signature for homosexuality presupposes that it is abnormal in some way.''

I don't agree with that. In the same sense the search for ANY astrological signature in a chart would be abnormal and searching the meaning of things in life through astrology would be vain.But it is certainly not! Homosexuality has nowadays been something quite in the open and gay people are all around and I think it is quite natural (in terms of astrological thinking I mean) to search how this trait could be portrayed in a chart. Of course simplified statements such as Mars square Uranus equals gay are certainly NOT acceptable since aspects have a lot of ways to express their energy in a person's life and they don't mean just one thing.
My 50 cents..

Twilight said...

Athan ~~ Hi there! Thank you for your thoughts on this.

I understand your point of view, but am still of the view that, because gender cannot be ascertained from the natal chart - looking at a chart "cold" without knowing the identity of its owner -then it can't be possible to have a signature for homosexuality/lesbianism, or for heterosexuality or, for that matter, asexuality (a subject not often considered).

As far as I know, and I might be wrong in this, in most gay couples, who are established couples, there's one partner who's more "yin-ish" and one who's more "yang-ish" if you know what I mean. The makeup of the couple, their combined characteristics, remains similar to that of a heterosexual couple. That seems relevant to keep in mind here.

As you've pointed out, aspects and placements have a variety of meanings. Signatures for any sharply defined aspect of life are not easy to find in astrology, from what I've read. A chart might indicate a domineering personality, for instance, but to define more about its owner's sexual preferences isn't easy. That chart might belong to a woman, or a man, he/she might be hetereosexual, homosexual or asexual - how to tell ? And, importantly, why would anybody need to know? The person to whom the chart belongs knows.

These are my own views, and I do appreciate that others hold different ones. Thank you, again, for stating yours.