Thursday, June 16, 2011

Astrologer's Words of Wisdom ~ Palden Jenkins & 2012

Palden Jenkins is based in the UK - if you're not familiar with the name, take a look at his bio and a few of his archived articles. A list of books written by Jenkins can be found HERE.

I'm quoting, below, from a 2002 piece of his from the website Cura : History and the Cycles of Uranus Neptune and Pluto. It's a long piece and takes a reader's close concentration, especially so due to the width of the text area. We bloggers get used to reading narrower text areas and become lazy, but it's well worth the effort to read this piece.

These words of wisdom come from the closing paragraphs of the article:
At present, many prophecy buffs look toward the year 2012 as a time of drastic change. Though end-of-the-world type anticipations might turn out to be exaggerated, there nevertheless is a Uranus-Pluto square from 2012-15. At a square, new impulses arising from a conjunction are put to the test - there is a manifestation crisis. The astrologically-logical likelihood for 2012 is that the paradigm-shift issues of the 1960s will be forced by circumstance to deliver their goods: ecological ideas, women's power and techno-globalism, to name but three bundles of issues, will probably have to handle an emergency. War, institutions and boundaries (Aries-Capricorn) are predictable front-runners for likely trouble. Knowing how things are nowadays, this aspect is likely actually to bring a hailstorm of major issues.

But the choices now are fundamental. We need to realise, for example, that war no longer resolves conflicts as once it did. This is now a pragmatic issue, not solely a moral one or the domain of lettuce-eating pacifists. In the twelve years up to this aspect, we possess the choice to make major proactive forward-steps, or to continue delaying and avoiding such challenges as long as possible. As in 1930, on the previous square, when economic and social crisis demanded drastic action, so around 2012 we tread perilous paths along which the choices we make might have enormous and rapid outcomes. Ten years after 1930 the world was at war. What will the world be like in the decade following 2012?

Since Planet Earth is a world of variety, a variety of things will undoubtedly happen. There will no doubt be both horrors and deeply moving breakthroughs, and (especially for reincarnate Mayans!) it could be the end and beginning of a new age - of some sort! However, this is a square, concerning concrete issues, and the Uranus-Pluto cycle began back in the 1960s. Perhaps the new age began back then, without our realising it, and perhaps, with visionary and bloody stuff included, the full variety is already showing itself.


Gian Paul said...

"Lettuce-eating pacifists". What about the Kurds? There are over 30 million of them, living in Iraq, Iran Syria, Turkey. Theoretically owning over half of all the oil in Iraq/Iran and then some in Russia (around the Caspian Sea).

If tey decide to join the "Arab Spring", all arms dealers of the wold will run to help them. Arms for oil, so to say. And business first...

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~~ Late to the party to day, I am!

More computer issues - and expenses. Spent 12 hours yesterday and 5 today with on-line techies.

Anyway - yes - remembering that Mr Jenkins wrote that piece nearly 10 years ago, he knew niothing of the Arab Spring then.

Arms for oil indeed. It used to be alms for the poor!