Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Michele Bachmann & The 2012 Facade

"We cannot risk giving President Obama four more years to dismantle our nation. We must act now," Michele Bachmann said in a fundraising letter sent within an hour of her entrance to the 2012 Republican field of candidates for nomination. "That's why I've made the decision to get in this race."

Yeah, yeah yeah...underlying text: "...we can't risk President Obama dismantling our nation - WE wanna do it!"

I'm sickened by the whole political set-up in the US. It's rotten to the core.

The people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 were clear about what they wanted, they believed in him and in what he said he'd do, if elected. They (or we, because I was fooled too) should now realise that voting for what we want, even with a fairly strong majority behind us , does not bring change.

The system is rigged.

Obama lied to the people. Little, if anything is different from the situation under G.W. Bush, the most villified president in decades. We are now in more wars than in Bush's reign. Many of Bush's advisors also advise Obama. Guantanamo is still open. Tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%. Nothing substantial has yet been done to regulate financial companies. No improvement in education. Healthcare "reform" is a thinly hidden gift to the insurance companies. Medicare and Social Security are now vulnerable, and the Prez , given a chance, is quite likely to weaken both.

In November 2012 people of the USA will be voting for "a personality", a figure-head no more than that. The same backroom manipulators will continue calling the shots.

Bearing that in mind, I'll take a quick look at the natal chart of Ms Bachmann, latest entrant to the Republican race for nomination, and try to retain some level of respect, rather than take the path of ridicule which appears to be a fairly common one.

Born 6 April 1956 in Waterloo, Iowa. Chart is set for 12 noon as time of birth ian't known.

Sun and Mercury in Aries. Moon, if born before 11 PM, in Aquarius, otherwise in Pisces. No time of birth is available, yet, so ascendant is a mystey, and exact position of Moon unknown. Still, we can glean the picture of an energetic, somewhat aggressive person, not only from her Aries planets but also from some oppositions:
Mars-Uranus; Venus-Saturn; possibly Moon-Jupiter/Pluto.

If Moon was in Aquarius - there's her pull towards a career aim of what she sees as social reform.

Mars, ruler of her Aries Sun, lay in conservative Capricorn, in square aspect to her Sun/Mercury, and as already mentioned, opposing Uranus (i.e. opposing anything that smells even vaguely modern or futuristic).

In May Alex Miller wrote a Glactic Profile of Michele Bachman, which I recommend for some deeper insights.

I'll just add that transiting Uranus, planet of change, will be in the area around Ms Bachmann's natal Sun/Mercury in 2015/16, with Saturn in trine from Sagittarius. I see that as an indication that, though her attempt this time around will likely prove unsuccessful, the 2016 election could turn out to be, for her, another kettle of fish altogether. If Barack Obama retains the presidency in 2012, it's highly likely that a Republican will succeed in 2016: pendulum swings. Ms Bachmann will have had four more years to hone her skills and grow some gravitas. What could be more newsworthy, and an attractive proposition for "the manipulators" in the backroom, than a first female president following on from the first African-American president?


Gian Paul said...

Reading your comment, T. (disillusioned as you say about politics in the US - but where else is it better???) I had to think (i. e. you made me think "how nice of you, making various people think!" that, now more seriously, there is a great "Macchina" (Michelangelo's expression, Magnus Macchina) at work. Always. So people believe in Kings, Seigneurs, Obamas, Bushes, Clintons, who knows now in Bachmans or Palins (soon?) etc. ad infinitum.

The Macchina of human blindness is probably the only "Perpetuum Mobile" so far proven to be really functioning. Plato, in different ways, said the same.

James Higham said...

Great. I'll add that to the post coming up on the 19th about her. Seems she has people talking about her.

Twilight said...

Gian Paul ~~ Yes. that Great Machine has been grinding for centuries in the background hasn't it?

Where else is it better? Good question. If we were much younger and in possession of easily marketable skills I'd be pushing to try for New Zealand - maybe.

Too late, too late. This is where destiny dropped me off. So be it.

Twilight said...

James ~~~ Look forward to reading your take.

Gian Paul said...

Had to laugh reding your idea of New Zealand possibly being a "better place, politically". Here's why: there are more sheep living in NZ than humans, i.e. real sheep who are not expected to "vote for a leader".

And patietly they "give their famous wool". Must be a good place, as you say.

Twilight said...

LOL! Yes. Better sheep than sheeple. ;-)